Sec. 1989. Purposes. 1989a. Statement of the Congress. TITLE I—UNITED STATES CITIZENS OF JAPANESE ANCESTRY AND RESIDENT JAPANESE ALIENS 1989b. Short title. 1989b–1. Remedies with respect to criminal convictions. 1989b–2. Consideration of Commission findings by departments and agencies. 1989b–3. Trust Fund. 1989b–4. Restitution. 1989b–5. Board of Directors of the Fund. 1989b–6. Documents relating to the internment. 1989b–7. Definitions. 1989b–8. Compliance with Budget Act. 1989b–9. Entitlements to eligible individuals. TITLE II—ALEUTIAN AND PRIBILOF ISLANDS RESTITUTION 1989c. Short title. 1989c–1. Definitions. 1989c–2. Aleutian and Pribilof Islands Restitution Fund. 1989c–3. Appointment of Administrator. 1989c–4. Compensation for community losses. 1989c–5. Individual compensation of eligible Aleuts. 1989c–6. Attu Island restitution program. 1989c–7. Compliance with Budget Act. 1989c–8. Severability. TITLE III—TERRITORY OR PROPERTY CLAIMS AGAINST UNITED STATES 1989d. Exclusion of claims.