Sec. 451. Short title; Congressional declaration of policy. 452. Repealed. 453. Registration. 454. Persons liable for training and service. 454a to 454d. Omitted. 454e. Volunteer service of physicians and dentists; minimum period. 455. Manner of selection of men for training and service; quotas. 456. Deferments and exemptions from training and service. 457. Repealed. 458. Bounties for induction; substitutes; purchase of release. 459. Separation from service. 460. Selective Service System. 461. Emergency medical care. 462. Offenses and penalties. 463. Nonapplicability of certain laws. 464. Repealed. 465. Notice of requirements of Act; voluntary enlistments unaffected. 466. Definitions. 467. Repeals; appropriations; termination date. 468. Utilization of industry. 469. Savings provisions. 470. Effective date. 471. Authority of President to order Reserve components to active service; release from active duty; retention of unit organizations and equipment. 471a. Procedural rights. 472. Period of increased service applicable to all personnel. 473. Regulations governing liquor sales; penalties.