Sec. 1811. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 1812. Management. 1813. Definitions. 1814. Insured depository institutions. 1815. Deposit insurance. 1816. Factors to be considered. 1817. Assessments. 1818. Termination of status as insured depository institution. 1819. Corporate powers. 1820. Administration of Corporation. 1820a. Examination of investment companies. 1821. Insurance Funds. 1821a. FSLIC Resolution Fund. 1822. Corporation as receiver. 1823. Corporation monies. 1824. Borrowing authority. 1825. Issuance of notes, debentures, bonds, and other obligations; exemptions. 1826. Forms of obligations; preparation by Secretary of the Treasury. 1827. Reports by Corporation; audit of financial transactions; report on audits; employment of certified public accountants for audits. 1828. Regulations governing insured depository institutions. 1828a. Prudential safeguards. 1828b. Interagency data sharing. 1829. Penalty for unauthorized participation by convicted individual. 1829a. Participation by State nonmember insured banks in lotteries and related activities. 1829b. Retention of records by insured depository institutions. 1830. Nondiscrimination. 1831. Separability of certain provisions of this chapter. 1831a. Activities of insured State banks. 1831b. Disclosures with respect to certain federally related mortgage loans. 1831c. Assuring consistent oversight of subsidiaries of holding companies. 1831d. State-chartered insured depository institutions and insured branches of foreign banks. 1831e. Activities of savings associations. 1831f. Brokered deposits. 1831f–1. Repealed. 1831g. Contracts between depository institutions and persons providing goods, products, or services. 1831h. Repealed. 1831i. Agency disapproval of directors and senior executive officers of insured depository institutions or depository institution holding companies. 1831j. Depository institution employee protection remedy. 1831k. Reward for information leading to recoveries or civil penalties. 1831l. Coordination of risk analysis between SEC and Federal banking agencies. 1831m. Early identification of needed improvements in financial management. 1831m–1. Reports of information regarding safety and soundness of depository institutions. 1831n. Accounting objectives, standards, and requirements. 1831o. Prompt corrective action. 1831o–1. Source of strength. 1831p. Transferred. 1831p–1. Standards for safety and soundness. 1831q. FDIC affordable housing program. 1831r. Payments on foreign deposits prohibited. 1831r–1. Notice of branch closure. 1831s. Transferred. 1831t. Depository institutions lacking Federal deposit insurance. 1831u. Interstate bank mergers. 1831v. Authority of State insurance regulator and Securities and Exchange Commission. 1831w. Safety and soundness firewalls applicable to financial subsidiaries of banks. 1831x. Insurance customer protections. 1831y. CRA sunshine requirements. 1831z. Bi-annual FDIC survey and report on encouraging use of depository institutions by the unbanked. 1831aa. Enforcement of agreements. 1832. Withdrawals by negotiable or transferable instruments for transfers to third parties. 1833. Repealed. 1833a. Civil penalties. 1833b. Comparability in compensation schedules. 1833c. Comptroller General audit and access to records. 1833d. Repealed. 1833e. Equal opportunity. 1834. Reduced assessment rate for deposits attributable to lifeline accounts. 1834a. Assessment credits for qualifying activities relating to distressed communities. 1834b. Community development organizations. 1835. Insured depository institution capital requirements for transfers of small business obligations. 1835a. Prohibition against deposit production offices.


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