14 U.S. Code § 87 - Icebreaking in polar regions

The President shall facilitate planning for the design, procurement, maintenance, deployment, and operation of icebreakers as needed to support the statutory missions of the Coast Guard in the polar regions by allocating all funds to support icebreaking operations in such regions, except for recurring incremental costs associated with specific projects, to the Coast Guard.

(Added Pub. L. 113–281, title V, § 506(a), Dec. 18, 2014, 128 Stat. 3060.)
Prior Provisions

A prior section 87, act Aug. 4, 1949, ch. 393, § 1, 63 Stat. 501, related to color and numbering of buoys along coast, or in bays, harbors, sounds, or channels, as indicating whether such buoys were to be passed on the starboard or port hand and prescribed the coloring for buoys in channel ways, prior to repeal by Pub. L. 94–546, § 1(6), (7), Oct. 18, 1976, 90 Stat. 2519.

Incremental Funding Authority for Polar Icebreakers

Pub. L. 114–120, title II, § 207(a), Feb. 8, 2016, 130 Stat. 37, provided that:

“In fiscal year 2016 and each fiscal year thereafter, the Commandant of the Coast Guard may enter into a contract or contracts for the acquisition of polar icebreakers and associated equipment using incremental funding.”