SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 661. Congressional declaration of policy. 662. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER II—SMALL BUSINESS INVESTMENT DIVISION OF SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 671. Establishment; Associate Administrator; appointment and compensation. 672. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER III—INVESTMENT DIVISION PROGRAMS
Part A—Small Business Investment Companies

681. Organization. 682. Capital requirements. 683. Borrowing operations. 684. Equity capital for small-business concerns. 685. Long-term loans to small-business concerns. 686. Aggregate limitations on amount of assistance to any single enterprise. 687. Operation and regulation of companies. 687a. Revocation and suspension of licenses; cease and desist orders. 687b. Investigations and examinations; power to subpena and take oaths and affirmations; aid of courts; examiners; reports. 687c. Injunctions and other orders. 687d. Conflicts of interest. 687e. Removal or suspension of management officials. 687f. Unlawful acts and omissions by officers, directors, employees, or agents. 687g. Penalties and forfeitures. 687h. Jurisdiction and service of process. 687i, 687j. Repealed. 687k. Guaranteed obligations not eligible for purchase by Federal Financing Bank. 687l. Issuance and guarantee of trust certificates. 687m. Periodic issuance of guarantees and trust certificates. 688. Repealed.
Part B—New Markets Venture Capital Program

689. Definitions. 689a. Purposes. 689b. Establishment. 689c. Selection of New Markets Venture Capital companies. 689d. Debentures. 689e. Issuance and guarantee of trust certificates. 689f. Fees. 689g. Operational assistance grants. 689h. Bank participation. 689i. Federal Financing Bank. 689j. Reporting requirement. 689k. Examinations. 689l. Injunctions and other orders. 689m. Additional penalties for noncompliance. 689n. Unlawful acts and omissions; breach of fiduciary duty. 689o. Removal or suspension of directors or officers. 689p. Regulations. 689q. Authorization of appropriations.
Part C—Renewable Fuel Capital Investment Pilot Program

690. Definitions. 690a. Purposes. 690b. Establishment. 690c. Selection of Renewable Fuel Capital Investment companies. 690d. Debentures. 690e. Issuance and guarantee of trust certificates. 690f. Fees. 690g. Fee contribution. 690h. Operational assistance grants. 690i. Bank participation. 690j. Federal Financing Bank. 690k. Reporting requirement. 690l. Examinations. 690m. Miscellaneous. 690n. Removal or suspension of directors or officers. 690o. Regulations. 690p. Authorizations of appropriations. 690q. Termination. SUBCHAPTER IV—STATE CHARTERED INVESTMENT COMPANIES AND STATE DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES 691. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER IV–A—GUARANTEES
Part A—Commercial or Industrial Lease and Qualified Contract Guarantees

692. Authority of Administration to guarantee payment of rentals by small business concerns under leases of commercial and industrial property. 693. Powers of Administration respecting loans; liquidation of obligations through creation of new leases, execution of subleases, and assignments of leases. 694. Repealed. 694–1. Planning design or installation of pollution control facilities. 694–2. Revolving fund for qualified contract guarantees; investment of idle funds.
Part B—Surety Bond Guarantees

694a. Definitions. 694b. Surety bond guarantees. 694c. Revolving fund for surety bond guarantees. SUBCHAPTER V—LOANS TO STATE AND LOCAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES 695. State development companies. 696. Loans for plant acquisition, construction, conversion and expansion. 697. Development company debentures. 697a. Private debenture sales. 697b. Pooling of debentures. 697c. Restrictions on development company assistance. 697d. Accredited Lenders Program. 697e. Premier Certified Lenders Program. 697f. Prepayment of development company debentures. 697g. Foreclosure and liquidation of loans.


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