15 U.S. Code Chapter 15 - ECONOMIC RECOVERY

SUBCHAPTER I—GENERALLY Sec. 701 to 712. Omitted or Repealed. 712a. Limitation of obligations for administrative expenses of certain agencies; limitation on life of certain agencies. 713 to 713a–3. Omitted or Repealed. 713a–4. Obligations of Commodity Credit Corporation; issuance; sale; purchase; redemption; etc. 713a–5. Exemption of Commodity Credit Corporation and its obligations from taxation. 713a–6. Sale of surplus agricultural commodities to foreign governments. 713a–7. Exchange of surplus agricultural commodities for reserve stocks of strategic materials. 713a–8. Omitted. 713a–9. Reimbursement of corporation from funds of Government agencies for services, losses, operating costs, or commodities purchased. 713a–10. Omitted. 713a–11. Annual appropriations to reimburse Commodity Credit Corporation for net realized loss. 713a–11a. Interest prohibited when reimbursing Corporation for net realized losses. 713a–12. Deposit of net realized gain of Commodity Credit Corporation in Treasury. 713a–13. Policies and procedures for minimum acquisition of stocks by Commodity Credit Corporation, encouragement of marketing through private trade channels and procurement of maximum returns in marketplace for producers and Corporation. 713a–14. Dairy export incentive program. 713b. Repealed. 713c. Federal Surplus Commodities Corporation; continuance of existence; purchase and distribution of surplus agricultural commodities. 713c–1. Annual report to Congress by Federal Surplus Commodities Corporation. 713c–2. Purchase and distribution of surplus fishery products. 713c–3. Promotion of the free flow of domestically produced fishery products. SUBCHAPTER II—COMMODITY CREDIT CORPORATION 714. Creation and purpose of Corporation. 714a. Location of offices. 714b. General powers of Corporation. 714c. Specific powers of Corporation. 714d. Laws applicable to Corporation. 714e. Capital stock; amount; interest. 714f. Use of funds. 714g. Board of Directors. 714h. Officers and employees; appointment; duties. 714i. Cooperation with other governmental agencies. 714j. Utilization of associations and trade facilities. 714k. Records; annual report. 714l. Interest of Members of Congress. 714m. Crimes and offenses. 714n. Transfer of assets of Commodity Credit Corporation, a Delaware corporation. 714o. Dissolution of Delaware corporation. 714p. Release of innocent purchasers of converted goods.


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