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Sec. 1. Trusts, etc., in restraint of trade illegal; penalty. 2. Monopolizing trade a felony; penalty. 3. Trusts in Territories or District of Columbia illegal; combination a felony. 4. Jurisdiction of courts; duty of United States attorneys; procedure. 5. Bringing in additional parties. 6. Forfeiture of property in transit. 6a. Conduct involving trade or commerce with foreign nations. 7. “Person” or “persons” defined. 8. Trusts in restraint of import trade illegal; penalty. 9. Jurisdiction of courts; duty of United States attorneys; procedure. 10. Bringing in additional parties. 11. Forfeiture of property in transit. 12. Definitions; short title. 13. Discrimination in price, services, or facilities. 13a. Discrimination in rebates, discounts, or advertising service charges; underselling in particular localities; penalties. 13b. Cooperative association; return of net earnings or surplus. 13c. Exemption of non-profit institutions from price discrimination provisions. 14. Sale, etc., on agreement not to use goods of competitor. 15. Suits by persons injured. 15a. Suits by United States; amount of recovery; prejudgment interest. 15b. Limitation of actions. 15c. Actions by State attorneys general. 15d. Measurement of damages. 15e. Distribution of damages. 15f. Actions by Attorney General. 15g. Definitions. 15h. Applicability of parens patriae actions. 16. Judgments. 17. Antitrust laws not applicable to labor organizations. 18. Acquisition by one corporation of stock of another. 18a. Premerger notification and waiting period. 19. Interlocking directorates and officers. 19a, 20. Repealed. 21. Enforcement provisions. 21a. Actions and proceedings pending prior to June 19, 1936; additional and continuing violations. 22. District in which to sue corporation. 23. Suits by United States; subpoenas for witnesses. 24. Liability of directors and agents of corporation. 25. Restraining violations; procedure. 26. Injunctive relief for private parties; exception; costs. 26a. Restrictions on the purchase of gasohol and synthetic motor fuel. 26b. Application of antitrust laws to professional major league baseball. 27. Effect of partial invalidity. 27a. Transferred. 28. Repealed. 29. Appeals. 30 to 33. Repealed. 34. Definitions applicable to sections 34 to 36. 35. Recovery of damages, etc., for antitrust violations from any local government, or official or employee thereof acting in an official capacity. 36. Recovery of damages, etc., for antitrust violations on claim against person based on official action directed by local government, or official or employee thereof acting in an official capacity. 37. Immunity from antitrust laws. 37a. Definitions. 37b. Confirmation of antitrust status of graduate medical resident matching programs. 38. Association of marine insurance companies; application of antitrust laws.
Historical Note

This chapter includes among other statutory provisions the Sherman Act, comprising sections 1 to 7 of this title, the Clayton Act, comprising sections 12, 13, 14 to 19, 20, 21, and 22 to 27 of this title and sections 52 and 53 of Title 29, Labor, the Wilson Tariff Act, comprising sections 8 and 9 of this title, the Robinson-Patman Price Discrimination Act, comprising sections 13, 13a, 13b, and 21a of this title, the “Expediting Act”, sections 28 and 29 of this title, and the “Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976”, comprising sections 15c to 15h, 18a, and 66 of this title. For complete classification of the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act, see Short Title note under section 1 of this title.
Congressional Investigation of Monopoly

Joint Res. June 16, 1938, ch. 456, 52 Stat. 705, created a Temporary National Economic Committee which was authorized to make a full investigation on monopoly and the concentration of economic power in and financial control over production and distribution of goods and services. The time for submitting the final report under Joint Res. June 16, 1938, ch. 456, 52 Stat. 705, as amended Apr. 26, 1939, ch. 104, §§ 1, 2,53 Stat. 624, was extended to Apr. 3, 1941, by Joint Res. Dec. 16, 1940, ch. 932, 54 Stat. 1225. The committee’s report was presented to Congress on Mar. 31, 1941, and was published in Senate Document No. 35.
Executive Order No. 12022

Ex. Ord. No. 12022, Dec. 1, 1977, 42 F.R. 61441, as amended by Ex. Ord. No. 12052, Apr. 7, 1978, 43 F.R. 15133, which related to the National Commission for the Review of Antitrust Laws and Procedures, was revoked by Ex. Ord. No. 12258, Dec. 31, 1980, 46 F.R. 1251, formerly set out as a note under section 14 of the Appendix to Title 5, Government Organization and Employees.


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