SUBCHAPTER I—FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION Sec. 41. Federal Trade Commission established; membership; vacancies; seal. 42. Employees; expenses. 43. Office and place of meeting. 44. Definitions. 45. Unfair methods of competition unlawful; prevention by Commission. 45a. Labels on products. 46. Additional powers of Commission. 46a. Concurrent resolution essential to authorize investigations 47. Reference of suits under antitrust statutes to Commission. 48. Information and assistance from departments. 49. Documentary evidence; depositions; witnesses. 50. Offenses and penalties. 51. Effect on other statutory provisions. 52. Dissemination of false advertisements. 53. False advertisements; injunctions and restraining orders. 54. False advertisements; penalties. 55. Additional definitions. 56. Commencement, defense, intervention and supervision of litigation and appeal by Commission or Attorney General. 57. Separability clause. 57a. Unfair or deceptive acts or practices rulemaking proceedings. 57a–1. Omitted. 57b. Civil actions for violations of rules and cease and desist orders respecting unfair or deceptive acts or practices. 57b–1. Civil investigative demands. 57b–2. Confidentiality. 57b–2a. Confidentiality and delayed notice of compulsory process for certain third parties. 57b–2b. Protection for voluntary provision of information. 57b–3. Rulemaking process. 57b–4. Good faith reliance on actions of Board of Governors. 57b–5. Agricultural cooperatives. 57c. Authorization of appropriations. 57c–1. Staff exchanges. 57c–2. Reimbursement of expenses. 58. Short title. SUBCHAPTER II—PROMOTION OF EXPORT TRADE 61. Export trade; definitions. 62. Export trade and antitrust legislation. 63. Acquisition of stock of export trade corporation. 64. Unfair methods of competition in export trade. 65. Information required from export trade corporation; powers of Federal Trade Commission. 66. Short title. SUBCHAPTER III—LABELING OF WOOL PRODUCTS 68. Definitions. 68a. Misbranding declared unlawful. 68b. Misbranded wool products. 68c. Stamp, tag, label, or other identification. 68d. Enforcement of subchapter. 68e. Condemnation and injunction proceedings. 68f. Exclusion of misbranded wool products. 68g. Guaranty. 68h. Criminal penalty. 68i. Application of other laws. 68j. Exceptions from subchapter. SUBCHAPTER IV—LABELING OF FUR PRODUCTS 69. Definitions. 69a. Violations of Federal Trade Commission Act. 69b. Misbranded fur products. 69c. False advertising and invoicing. 69d. Fur products imported into United States. 69e. Name guide for fur products. 69f. Enforcement of subchapter. 69g. Condemnation and injunction proceedings. 69h. Guaranty. 69i. Criminal penalty. 69j. Application of other laws. SUBCHAPTER V—TEXTILE FIBER PRODUCTS IDENTIFICATION 70. Definitions. 70a. Violations of Federal Trade Commission Act. 70b. Misbranded and falsely advertised textile fiber products. 70c. Removal of stamp, tag, label, or other identification. 70d. Records. 70e. Enforcement. 70f. Injunction proceedings. 70g. Exclusion of misbranded textile fiber products. 70h. Guaranty. 70i. Criminal penalty. 70j. Exemptions. 70k. Application of other laws. SUBCHAPTER VI—PREVENTION OF UNFAIR METHODS OF COMPETITION 71. “Person” defined. 72. Repealed. 73. Agreements involving restrictions in favor of imported goods. 74. Rules and regulations. 75. Retaliation against country prohibiting importations. 76. Retaliation against restriction of importations in time of war. 77. Discrimination against neutral Americans in time of war.


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