SUBCHAPTER I—INVESTMENT COMPANIES Sec. 80a–1. Findings and declaration of policy. 80a–2. Definitions; applicability; rulemaking considerations. 80a–3. Definition of investment company. 80a–3a. Protection of philanthropy under State law. 80a–4. Classification of investment companies. 80a–5. Subclassification of management companies. 80a–6. Exemptions. 80a–7. Transactions by unregistered investment companies. 80a–8. Registration of investment companies. 80a–9. Ineligibility of certain affiliated persons and underwriters. 80a–10. Affiliations or interest of directors, officers, and employees. 80a–11. Offers to exchange securities. 80a–12. Functions and activities of investment companies. 80a–13. Changes in investment policy. 80a–14. Size of investment companies. 80a–15. Contracts of advisers and underwriters. 80a–16. Board of directors. 80a–17. Transactions of certain affiliated persons and underwriters. 80a–18. Capital structure of investment companies. 80a–19. Payments or distributions. 80a–20. Proxies; voting trusts; circular ownership. 80a–21. Loans by management companies. 80a–22. Distribution, redemption, and repurchase of securities; regulations by securities associations. 80a–23. Closed-end companies. 80a–24. Registration of securities under Securities Act of 1933. 80a–25. Reorganization plans; reports by Commission. 80a–26. Unit investment trusts. 80a–27. Periodic payment plans. 80a–28. Face-amount certificate companies. 80a–29. Reports and financial statements of investment companies and affiliated persons. 80a–30. Accounts and records. 80a–31. Accountants and auditors. 80a–32. Filing of documents with Commission in civil actions. 80a–33. Destruction and falsification of reports and records. 80a–34. Unlawful representations and names. 80a–35. Breach of fiduciary duty. 80a–36. Larceny and embezzlement. 80a–37. Rules, regulations, and orders. 80a–38. Procedure for issuance of rules and regulations. 80a–39. Procedure for issuance of orders. 80a–40. Hearings by Commission. 80a–41. Enforcement of subchapter. 80a–42. Court review of orders. 80a–43. Jurisdiction of offenses and suits. 80a–44. Disclosure of information filed with Commission; copies. 80a–45. Reports by Commission; hiring and leasing authority. 80a–46. Validity of contracts. 80a–47. Liability of controlling persons; preventing compliance with subchapter. 80a–48. Penalties. 80a–49. Construction with other laws. 80a–50. Separability. 80a–51. Short title. 80a–52. Effective date. 80a–53. Election to be regulated as business development company. 80a–54. Acquisition of assets by business development companies. 80a–55. Qualifications of directors. 80a–56. Transactions with certain affiliates. 80a–57. Changes in investment policy. 80a–58. Incorporation of subchapter provisions. 80a–59. Functions and activities of business development companies. 80a–60. Capital structure. 80a–61. Loans. 80a–62. Distribution and repurchase of securities. 80a–63. Accounts and records. 80a–64. Preventing compliance with subchapter; liability of controlling persons. SUBCHAPTER II—INVESTMENT ADVISERS 80b–1. Findings. 80b–2. Definitions. 80b–3. Registration of investment advisers. 80b–3a. State and Federal responsibilities. 80b–4. Reports by investment advisers. 80b–4a. Prevention of misuse of nonpublic information. 80b–5. Investment advisory contracts. 80b–6. Prohibited transactions by investment advisers. 80b–6a. Exemptions. 80b–7. Material misstatements. 80b–8. General prohibitions. 80b–9. Enforcement of subchapter. 80b–10. Disclosure of information by Commission. 80b–10a. Consultation. 80b–11. Rules, regulations, and orders of Commission. 80b–12. Hearings. 80b–13. Court review of orders. 80b–14. Jurisdiction of offenses and suits. 80b–15. Validity of contracts. 80b–16. Omitted. 80b–17. Penalties. 80b–18. Hiring and leasing authority of Commission. 80b–18a. State regulation of investment advisers. 80b–18b. Custody of client accounts. 80b–18c. Rule of construction relating to the Commodities Exchange Act. 80b–19. Separability. 80b–20. Short title. 80b–21. Effective date.


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