15 U.S. Code Chapter 40 - DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE

Sec. 1501. Establishment of Department; Secretary; seal. 1502, 1503. Omitted. 1503a. Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs. 1503b. Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere; duties; appointment; compensation. 1504. Repealed. 1505. Additional Assistant Secretary; duties, rank of Assistant Secretaries. 1506. Additional Assistant Secretary; appointment; applicability of section 1505. 1507. Additional Assistant Secretary; appointment; compensation; duties. 1507a. Repealed. 1507b. Assistant Secretary of Commerce; appointment; compensation; duties. 1507c. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere; duties; appointment; compensation. 1508. General Counsel. 1509. Designation of officer to sign routine papers. 1510. Clerical assistants. 1511. Bureaus in Department. 1511a. Repealed. 1511b. United States fishery trade officers. 1511c. Estuarine Programs Office. 1511d. Chesapeake Bay Office. 1511e. Repealed. 1512. Powers and duties of Department. 1513. Duties and powers vested in Department. 1513a. Cost estimates for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration programs included in Department budget justification. 1513b. Cost estimates for National Institute of Standards and Technology construction projects included in Department budget justification. 1514. Basic authority for performance of certain functions and activities of Department. 1515. Records, etc., of bureaus transferred to Department of Commerce. 1516. Statistical information. 1516a. Statistics relating to social, health, and economic conditions of Americans of Spanish origin or descent. 1517. Transfer of statistical or scientific work. 1518. Custody of buildings; officers transferred. 1519. Annual and special reports. 1519a, 1520. Repealed. 1521. Working capital fund; establishment; amount; uses; reimbursement. 1522. Acceptance of gifts and bequests for purposes of the Department; separate fund; disbursements. 1523. Tax status of gifts and bequests of property. 1524. Investment and reinvestments of moneys; credit and disbursement of interest. 1525. Special studies; special compilations, lists, bulletins, or reports; clearinghouse for technical information; transcripts or copies; cost payments for special work; joint projects: cost apportionment, waiver. 1526. Receipts for work or services; deposit in special accounts; availability for payment of costs, repayment or advances to appropriations or funds, refunds, credits to working capital funds; appropriation limitation of annual expenditures from accounts. 1527. Fees or charges for services or publications under existing law unaffected. 1527a. Economics and Statistics Administration Revolving Fund. 1528. Transferred. 1529. Relinquishment of legislative jurisdiction over certain lands. 1530. Awarding of contracts for performance of commercial activity by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 1531. Buying Power Maintenance accounts for International Trade Administration, Export Administration, and United States Travel and Tourism Administration. 1532. Telecommunications; electromagnetic radiation; research, analysis, dissemination of information; other functions of Secretary. 1533. Repealed. 1534. Assessment of fees for access to environmental data. 1535. Repealed. 1536. Prohibition against fraudulent use of “Made in America” labels. 1537. Needs assessment for data management, archival, and distribution. 1538. Notice of reprogramming. 1539. Financial assistance. 1540. Cooperative agreements. 1541. Administrative Law Judges. 1542. Establishment of the Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship Program. 1543. Task force on job repatriation and manufacturing growth.


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