Part A—General Provisions

Sec. 1601. Congressional findings and declaration of purpose. 1602. Definitions and rules of construction. 1603. Exempted transactions. 1604. Disclosure guidelines. 1605. Determination of finance charge. 1606. Determination of annual percentage rate. 1607. Administrative enforcement. 1608. Views of other agencies. 1609. Repealed. 1610. Effect on other laws. 1611. Criminal liability for willful and knowing violation. 1612. Effect on government agencies. 1613. Annual reports to Congress by Bureau. 1614. Repealed. 1615. Prohibition on use of “Rule of 78’s” in connection with mortgage refinancings and other consumer loans. 1616. Board review of consumer credit plans and regulations.
Part B—Credit Transactions

1631. Disclosure requirements. 1632. Form of disclosure; additional information. 1633. Exemption for State-regulated transactions. 1634. Effect of subsequent occurrence. 1635. Right of rescission as to certain transactions. 1636. Repealed. 1637. Open end consumer credit plans. 1637a. Disclosure requirements for open end consumer credit plans secured by consumer’s principal dwelling. 1638. Transactions other than under an open end credit plan. 1638a. Reset of hybrid adjustable rate mortgages. 1639. Requirements for certain mortgages. 1639a. Duty of servicers of residential mortgages. 1639b. Residential mortgage loan origination. 1639c. Minimum standards for residential mortgage loans. 1639d. Escrow or impound accounts relating to certain consumer credit transactions. 1639e. Appraisal independence requirements. 1639f. Requirements for prompt crediting of home loan payments. 1639g. Requests for payoff amounts of home loan. 1639h. Property appraisal requirements. 1640. Civil liability. 1641. Liability of assignees. 1642. Issuance of credit cards. 1643. Liability of holder of credit card. 1644. Fraudulent use of credit cards; penalties. 1645. Business credit cards; limits on liability of employees. 1646. Dissemination of annual percentage rates; implementation, etc. 1647. Home equity plans. 1648. Reverse mortgages. 1649. Certain limitations on liability. 1650. Preventing unfair and deceptive private educational lending practices and eliminating conflicts of interest. 1651. Procedure for timely settlement of estates of decedent obligors.
Part C—Credit Advertising and Limits on Credit Card Fees

1661. Catalogs and multiple-page advertisements. 1662. Advertising of downpayments and installments. 1663. Advertising of open end credit plans. 1664. Advertising of credit other than open end plans. 1665. Nonliability of advertising media. 1665a. Use of annual percentage rate in oral disclosures; exceptions. 1665b. Advertising of open end consumer credit plans secured by consumer’s principal dwelling. 1665c. Interest rate reduction on open end consumer credit plans. 1665d. Reasonable penalty fees on open end consumer credit plans. 1665e. Consideration of ability to repay.
Part D—Credit Billing

1666. Correction of billing errors. 1666a. Regulation of credit reports. 1666b. Timing of payments. 1666c. Prompt and fair crediting of payments. 1666d. Treatment of credit balances. 1666e. Notification of credit card issuer by seller of return of goods, etc., by obligor; credit for account of obligor. 1666f. Inducements to cardholders by sellers of cash discounts for payments by cash, check or similar means; finance charge for sales transactions involving cash discounts. 1666g. Tie-in services prohibited for issuance of credit card. 1666h. Offset of cardholder’s indebtedness by issuer of credit card with funds deposited with issuer by cardholder; remedies of creditors under State law not affected. 1666i. Assertion by cardholder against card issuer of claims and defenses arising out of credit card transaction; prerequisites; limitation on amount of claims or defenses. 1666i–1. Limits on interest rate, fee, and finance charge increases applicable to outstanding balances. 1666i–2. Additional limits on interest rate increases. 1666j. Applicability of State laws.
Part E—Consumer Leases

1667. Definitions. 1667a. Consumer lease disclosures. 1667b. Lessee’s liability on expiration or termination of lease. 1667c. Consumer lease advertising; liability of advertising media. 1667d. Civil liability of lessors. 1667e. Applicability of State laws; exemptions by Bureau from leasing requirements. 1667f. Regulations. SUBCHAPTER II—RESTRICTIONS ON GARNISHMENT 1671. Congressional findings and declaration of purpose. 1672. Definitions. 1673. Restriction on garnishment. 1674. Restriction on discharge from employment by reason of garnishment. 1675. Exemption for State-regulated garnishments. 1676. Enforcement by Secretary of Labor. 1677. Effect on State laws. SUBCHAPTER II–A—CREDIT REPAIR ORGANIZATIONS 1679. Findings and purposes. 1679a. Definitions. 1679b. Prohibited practices. 1679c. Disclosures. 1679d. Credit repair organizations contracts. 1679e. Right to cancel contract. 1679f. Noncompliance with this subchapter. 1679g. Civil liability. 1679h. Administrative enforcement. 1679i. Statute of limitations. 1679j. Relation to State law. SUBCHAPTER III—CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES 1681. Congressional findings and statement of purpose. 1681a. Definitions; rules of construction. 1681b. Permissible purposes of consumer reports. 1681c. Requirements relating to information contained in consumer reports. 1681c–1. Identity theft prevention; fraud alerts and active duty alerts. 1681c–2. Block of information resulting from identity theft. 1681d. Disclosure of investigative consumer reports. 1681e. Compliance procedures. 1681f. Disclosures to governmental agencies. 1681g. Disclosures to consumers. 1681h. Conditions and form of disclosure to consumers. 1681i. Procedure in case of disputed accuracy. 1681j. Charges for certain disclosures. 1681k. Public record information for employment purposes. 1681l. Restrictions on investigative consumer reports. 1681m. Requirements on users of consumer reports. 1681n. Civil liability for willful noncompliance. 1681o. Civil liability for negligent noncompliance. 1681p. Jurisdiction of courts; limitation of actions. 1681q. Obtaining information under false pretenses. 1681r. Unauthorized disclosures by officers or employees. 1681s. Administrative enforcement. 1681s–1. Information on overdue child support obligations. 1681s–2. Responsibilities of furnishers of information to consumer reporting agencies. 1681s–3. Affiliate sharing. 1681t. Relation to State laws. 1681u. Disclosures to FBI for counterintelligence purposes. 1681v. Disclosures to governmental agencies for counterterrorism purposes. 1681w. Disposal of records. 1681x. Corporate and technological circumvention prohibited. SUBCHAPTER IV—EQUAL CREDIT OPPORTUNITY 1691. Scope of prohibition. 1691a. Definitions; rules of construction. 1691b. Promulgation of regulations by the Bureau. 1691c. Administrative enforcement. 1691c–1. Incentives for self-testing and self-correction. 1691c–2. Small business loan data collection. 1691d. Applicability of other laws. 1691e. Civil liability. 1691f. Annual reports to Congress; contents. SUBCHAPTER V—DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES 1692. Congressional findings and declaration of purpose. 1692a. Definitions. 1692b. Acquisition of location information. 1692c. Communication in connection with debt collection. 1692d. Harassment or abuse. 1692e. False or misleading representations. 1692f. Unfair practices. 1692g. Validation of debts. 1692h. Multiple debts. 1692i. Legal actions by debt collectors. 1692j. Furnishing certain deceptive forms. 1692k. Civil liability. 1692l. Administrative enforcement. 1692m. Reports to Congress by the Bureau; views of other Federal agencies. 1692n. Relation to State laws. 1692o. Exemption for State regulation. 1692p Exception for certain bad check enforcement programs operated by private entities. SUBCHAPTER VI—ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFERS 1693. Congressional findings and declaration of purpose. 1693a. Definitions. 1693b. Regulations. 1693c. Terms and conditions of transfers. 1693d. Documentation of transfers. 1693e. Preauthorized transfers. 1693f. Error resolution. 1693g. Consumer liability. 1693h. Liability of financial institutions. 1693i. Issuance of cards or other means of access. 1693j. Suspension of obligations. 1693k. Compulsory use of electronic fund transfers. 1693l. Waiver of rights. 1693l–1. General-use prepaid cards, gift certificates, and store gift cards. 1693m. Civil liability. 1693n. Criminal liability. 1693o. Administrative enforcement. 1693o–1. Remittance transfers. 1693o–2. Reasonable fees and rules for payment card transactions. 1693p. Reports to Congress. 1693q. Relation to State laws. 1693r. Exemption for State regulation.


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