SUBCHAPTER I—CONTROL OF TOXIC SUBSTANCES Sec. 2601. Findings, policy, and intent. 2602. Definitions. 2603. Testing of chemical substances and mixtures. 2604. Manufacturing and processing notices. 2605. Regulation of hazardous chemical substances and mixtures. 2606. Imminent hazards. 2607. Reporting and retention of information. 2608. Relationship to other Federal laws. 2609. Research, development, collection, dissemination, and utilization of data. 2610. Inspections and subpoenas. 2611. Exports. 2612. Entry into customs territory of the United States. 2613. Disclosure of data. 2614. Prohibited acts. 2615. Penalties. 2616. Specific enforcement and seizure. 2617. Preemption. 2618. Judicial review. 2619. Citizens’ civil actions. 2620. Citizens’ petitions. 2621. National defense waiver. 2622. Employee protection. 2623. Employment effects. 2624. Studies. 2625. Administration. 2626. Development and evaluation of test methods. 2627. State programs. 2628. Authorization of appropriations. 2629. Annual report. SUBCHAPTER II—ASBESTOS HAZARD EMERGENCY RESPONSE 2641. Congressional findings and purpose. 2642. Definitions. 2643. EPA regulations. 2644. Requirements if EPA fails to promulgate regulations. 2645. Submission to State Governor. 2646. Contractor and laboratory accreditation. 2647. Enforcement. 2648. Emergency authority. 2649. State and Federal law. 2650. Asbestos contractors and local educational agencies. 2651. Public protection. 2652. Asbestos Ombudsman. 2653. EPA Study of asbestos-containing material in public buildings. 2654. Transitional rules. 2655. Worker protection. 2656. Training grants. SUBCHAPTER III—INDOOR RADON ABATEMENT 2661. National goal. 2662. Definitions. 2663. EPA citizen’s guide. 2664. Model construction standards and techniques. 2665. Technical assistance to States for radon programs. 2666. Grant assistance to States for radon programs. 2667. Radon in schools. 2668. Regional radon training centers. 2669. Study of radon in Federal buildings. 2670. Regulations. 2671. Additional authorizations. SUBCHAPTER IV—LEAD EXPOSURE REDUCTION 2681. Definitions. 2682. Lead-based paint activities training and certification. 2683. Identification of dangerous levels of lead. 2684. Authorized State programs. 2685. Lead abatement and measurement. 2686. Lead hazard information pamphlet. 2687. Regulations. 2688. Control of lead-based paint hazards at Federal facilities. 2689. Prohibited acts. 2690. Relationship to other Federal law. 2691. General provisions relating to administrative proceedings. 2692. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER V—HEALTHY HIGH-PERFORMANCE SCHOOLS 2695. Grants for healthy school environments. 2695a. Model guidelines for siting of school facilities. 2695b. Public outreach. 2695c. Environmental health program. 2695d. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER VI—FORMALDEHYDE STANDARDS FOR COMPOSITE WOOD PRODUCTS 2697. Formaldehyde standards.


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