SUBCHAPTER I—WEIGHTS, MEASURES, AND STANDARDS GENERALLY Sec. 201. Sets of standard weights and measures for agricultural colleges. 202. Repairs to standards. 203. Replacing lost standard weights and measures; cost. 204. Metric system authorized. 205. Metric system defined. SUBCHAPTER II—METRIC CONVERSION 205a. Congressional statement of findings. 205b. Declaration of policy. 205c. Definitions. 205d. United States Metric Board. 205e. Functions and powers of Board. 205f. Duties of Board. 205g. Gifts, donations and bequests to Board. 205h. Compensation of Board members; travel expenses. 205i. Personnel. 205j. Financial and administrative services; source and reimbursement. 205j–1. Repealed. 205k. Authorization of appropriations; availability. 205l. Implementation in acquisition of construction services and materials for Federal facilities. SUBCHAPTER III—STANDARD GAUGE FOR IRON AND STEEL 206. Standard gauge for sheet and plate iron and steel. 207. Preparation of standards by Secretary of Commerce. 208. Variations. SUBCHAPTER IV—SCREW THREADS 208a to 212. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER V—STANDARDS OF ELECTRICITY 221 to 224. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VI—STANDARD BARRELS 231. Standard barrel for apples; steel barrels. 232. Barrels below standard; marking. 233. Penalty for violations. 234. Standard barrel for fruits or other dry commodity. 235. Sale or shipment of barrel of less capacity than standard; punishment. 236. Variations from standard permitted; prosecutions; law not applicable to certain barrels. 237. Standard barrels for lime. 238. Penalty for selling in barrels not marked. 239. Sale in containers of less capacity than barrel. 240. Rules and regulations. 241. Penalty for selling lime in unmarked barrels and containers. 242. Duty of United States attorney to enforce law. SUBCHAPTER VII—STANDARD BASKETS AND CONTAINERS 251 to 256. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VIII—STANDARD HAMPERS, ROUND STAVE BASKETS, AND SPLINT BASKETS FOR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 257 to 257i. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER IX—STANDARD TIME 260. Congressional declaration of policy; adoption and observance of uniform standard of time; authority of Secretary of Transportation. 260a. Advancement of time or changeover dates. 261. Zones for standard time; interstate or foreign commerce. 262. Duty to observe standard time of zones. 263. Designation of zone standard times. 264. Part of Idaho in fourth zone. 265. Transfer of certain territory to standard central-time zone. 266. Applicability of administrative procedure provisions. 267. “State” defined.


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