16 U.S. Code § 6203 - Definitions

§ 6203.
In this chapter:
(1) Agency

The term “agency” means the Forest Service.

(2) Authorization

The term “authorization” means a special use permit for the use and occupancy of National Forest System land by a cabin owner under the authority of the program.

(3) Base cabin user fee

The term “base cabin user fee” means the fee for an authorization that results from the appraisal of a lot as determined in accordance with sections 6205 and 6206 of this title.

(4) Cabin

The term “cabin” means a privately built and owned recreation residence that is authorized for use and occupancy on National Forest System land.

(5) Cabin ownerThe term “cabin owner” means—
a person authorized by the agency to use and to occupy a cabin on National Forest System land; and
an heir or assign of such a person.
(6) Cabin user fee

The term “cabin user fee” means a special use fee paid annually by a cabin owner to the Secretary in accordance with this chapter.

(7) Caretaker cabin

The term “caretaker cabin” means a caretaker residence occupied in limited cases in which caretaker services are necessary to maintain the security of a tract.

(8) Current cabin user fee

The term “current cabin user fee” means the most recent cabin user fee that results from an annual adjustment to the base cabin user fee in accordance with section 6207 of this title.

(9) LotThe term “lot” means a parcel of land in the National Forest System—
on which a cabin owner is authorized to build, use, occupy, and maintain a cabin and related improvements; and
that is considered to be in its natural, native state at the time at which a use of the lot described in subparagraph (A) is first permitted by the Secretary.
(10) Natural, native state

The term “natural, native state” means the condition of a lot or site, free of any improvements, at the time at which the lot or site is first authorized for recreation residence use by the agency.

(11) Program

The term “program” means the recreation residence program established under the authority of section 497 of this title.

(12) Secretary

The term “Secretary” means the Secretary of Agriculture, acting through the Chief of the Forest Service.

(13) Tract

The term “tract” means an established location within a National Forest containing 1 or more cabins authorized in accordance with the program.

(14) Tract association

The term “tract association” means a cabin owner association in which all cabin owners within a tract are eligible for membership.

(15) Typical lot

The term “typical lot” means a cabin lot, or a group of cabin lots, in a tract that is selected for use in an appraisal as being representative of, and that has similar value characteristics as, other lots or groups of lots within the tract.

Repeal of Section

Pub. L. 113–291, div. B, title XXX, § 3024(k), Dec. 19, 2014, 128 Stat. 3766, provided that, effective on the date of the assessment of annual permit fees in accordance with section 6214(f) of this title (as certified to Congress by the Secretary of Agriculture), this section is repealed.


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