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SUBCHAPTER I—NATIONAL PARK SERVICE Sec. 1. Service created; director; other employees. 1a. Repealed. 1a–1. National Park System: administration; declaration of findings and purpose. 1a–2. Secretary of the Interior’s authorization of activities. 1a–3. Legislative jurisdiction; relinquishment by Secretary; submittal of proposed agreement to Congressional committees; concurrent legislative jurisdiction. 1a–4. Uniform allowance. 1a–5. Additional areas for National Park System. 1a–6. Law enforcement personnel within National Park System. 1a–7. National Park System development program. 1a–7a. National Park System crime prevention assistance. 1a–7b. Protecting Americans from violent crime. 1a–8. Maintenance management system. 1a–9. Periodic review of National Park System. 1a–10. Consultation with affected agencies and organizations. 1a–11. Contents of report. 1a–12. Evaluation of proposed boundary changes. 1a–13. Proposals for boundary changes. 1a–14. National Park System advisory committees. 1b. Secretary of the Interior’s authorization of additional activities; administration of National Park System. 1c. General administration provisions; system defined; particular areas. 1d. Appropriations. 1e. National Capital region arts and cultural affairs; grant program. 1f. Challenge cost-share agreement authority. 1g. Cooperative agreements. 1h. Sums provided by private entities for utility services. 1i. Reimbursable agreements. 1j. Cooperative agreements for national park natural resource protection. 2. National parks, reservations, and monuments; supervision. 3. Rules and regulations of national parks, reservations, and monuments; timber; leases. 3a. Recovery of costs associated with special use permits. 3b. Maintenance and repair of Government improvements under concession contracts. 4. Rights-of-way through public lands. 5. Rights-of-way through parks or reservations for power and communications facilities. 6. Donations of lands within national parks and monuments and moneys. 6a, 7. Repealed. 7a. Airports in national parks, monuments and recreation areas; construction, etc. 7b. Acquisition of lands for airport use; contracts for operation and maintenance. 7c. Authorization to sponsor airport projects; use of funds. 7d. Jurisdiction over airports; public operation. 7e. Definitions. 8. Roads and trails in national parks and monuments; construction, etc. 8–1. Repealed. 8a. National-park approach roads; designation. 8b. National-park approach roads and roads and trails within national parks and national monuments; construction, improvement, and maintenance; appropriation. 8c. National-park approach roads across or within national forests; approval of Secretary of Agriculture. 8d. National-monument approach roads. 8e. Conveyance to States of roads leading to certain historical areas; conditions; jurisdiction. 8f. Roads leading to certain historical areas; “State” defined. 9. Repealed. 9a. Government of parks, etc.; violation of regulations as misdemeanor. 10, 10a. Repealed. 11. Medical attention for employees. 12. Aid to visitors in emergencies. 13. Medical attention to employees at isolated places; removal of bodies for burial. 14. Repealed. 14a. Appropriations; availability for printing information and signs. 14b. Credits of receipts for meals and quarters furnished Government employees in the field. 14c. Availability for expense of recording donated lands. 14d. Use of funds for law enforcement and emergencies. 14e. Contribution for annuity benefits. 15. Appropriations for purchase of equipment; waterproof footwear. 16. Central warehouses at parks and monuments; maintenance; purchase of supplies and materials; distribution. 17. Personal equipment and supplies for employees; purchase by Secretary of the Interior; deductions from moneys due employees. 17a. Repealed. 17b. Services or other accommodations for public; contracts; rates. 17b–1. Repealed. 17c. Procurement of supplies, materials, and special services to aid permittees and licensees in emergencies; authority of Secretary of the Interior. 17d. Omitted. 17e. Care and removal of indigents; disposition of dead persons. 17f. Property of employee lost, damaged, or destroyed while in use on official business; reimbursement of employee. 17g. Equipment required by field employees; by whom furnished and maintained. 17h. Hire, rental, and purchase of property of employees; when authorized. 17i. Hire of work animals, vehicles and equipment with or without personal services; rates. 17j. Traveling expenses of National Park System employees and dependents of deceased employees. 17j–1. Omitted. 17j–2. Authorization of appropriations for road maintenance and repair; administrative expenses; lectures, investigations, telephone service, etc. 17k. Park, parkway and recreational-area programs; study by National Park Service; consent of States; purpose; cooperation of government agencies. 17l. Coordination; planning by States with aid of National Park Service. 17m. Consent of Congress to agreements between States; when agreements effective. 17n. “State” defined. 17o. National Park Service housing improvement. 18. Promotion of tourist travel. 18a. Cooperation with travel agencies; publication of information. 18b. Advisory committee for promotion of tourist travel; expenses. 18c. Rules and regulations; employees. 18d. Authorization of appropriations. 18e. Repealed. 18f. Management of museum properties. 18f–1. Disposal of unnecessary or duplicate museum objects; use of proceeds. 18f–2. Additional functions. 18f–3. Application and definitions. SUBCHAPTER II—VOLUNTEERS IN PARKS PROGRAM 18g. Creation of program. 18h. Incidental expenses. 18i. Federal employee status for volunteers. 18j. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER III—NATIONAL PARK FOUNDATION 19 to 19d. Repealed. 19e. Congressional statement of purpose; establishment of Foundation. 19f. Board: membership, term of office, vacancies, Chairman, Secretary, non-Federal office, quorum, seal, meetings, compensation, traveling and subsistence expenses; Foundation as successor to right, title, and interest of National Park Trust Fund Board in property or funds; abolition and repeal of National Park Trust Fund and Board provisions. 19g. Gifts, devises, or bequests; restriction; real property interests; property with encumbrances, restrictions, or subject to beneficial interests of private persons. 19h. Property and income dealings and transactions; prohibition of engagement in business; trust company type of investments; utilization of services and facilities of Federal agencies without reimbursement; transfer instrument requirements and investments. 19i. Corporate succession; powers and duties of trustee; suits; personal liability for malfeasance. 19j. Authority for execution of contracts, instruments, and necessary or appropriate acts. 19k. Bylaws, rules, and regulations; contracts for services. 19l. Tax exemptions; contributions toward costs of local government; contributions, gifts, or transfers to or for use of United States. 19m. Liability of United States. 19n. Omitted. 19o. Promotion of local fundraising support. SUBCHAPTER III–A—NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM VISITOR FACILITY 19aa to 19gg. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER III–B—PARK SYSTEM RESOURCE PROTECTION 19jj. Definitions. 19jj–1. Liability. 19jj–2. Actions. 19jj–3. Use of recovered amounts. 19jj–4. Donations. SUBCHAPTER IV—CONCESSIONS FOR ACCOMMODATIONS, FACILITIES, AND SERVICES IN AREAS ADMINISTERED BY NATIONAL PARK SERVICE 20 to 20g. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER V—YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK 21. Establishment; boundaries; trespassers. 21a. Revision of boundaries; contiguous national forests; jurisdiction of forests. 21b. Extension of certain laws to park. 21c. Section 485 as extending to revised boundaries; lands acquired by exchange. 21d. Existing claims, locations, and entries as affected by revised boundaries. 22. Control of park by Secretary of the Interior; removal of trespassers. 23. Detail of troops for protection of park. 24. Jurisdiction over park; fugitives from justice. 25. Repealed. 26. Regulations for hunting and fishing in park; punishment for violations; forfeitures. 27 to 29. Repealed. 30. Jail building; office of magistrate judge. 30a. Existing laws as affected. 31. Repealed. 32. Lease of lands within park. 33. Mortgages by lessees within the park. 34. Road extensions. 35. Private use of electricity from lighting and power plant. 36. Disposition of surplus elk, buffalo, bear, beaver, and predatory animals. 36a. Disposition of surplus elk. 37. Provision of feed and range facilities for game animals. 38. Exchange for State or private lands authorized. 39. Reservation of timber, minerals, or easements by owners on exchange. 40. Additions to park; entry under other acts. 40a. Educational facilities for dependents of employees; payments to school districts; limitation on amount. 40b. Cooperative agreements with States or local agencies; expansion; Federal contributions. 40c. Creation of special fund; expenditure. SUBCHAPTER VI—SEQUOIA AND YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARKS 41. Sequoia National Park; establishment; boundaries; trespassers. 42. Repealed. 43. Sequoia National Park; rules and regulations; leases; fish and game; trespassers. 44, 45. Transferred. 45a. Sequoia National Park; revision of boundaries. 45a–1. Addition of lands authorized. 45a–2. Exchange of certain lands for lands conveyed to United States. 45a–3. Repealed. 45b. Rules and regulations; leases; fish and game. 45c. Prior claims, locations, and entries; permits for use of natural resources. 45d. Exclusive privileges within park prohibited. 45e. Violations of park regulations; penalty. 45f. Mineral King Valley addition authorized. 45g. Addition to Sequoia National Park. 46. Yosemite National Park; lands segregated from and included in Sierra National Forest; rights-of-way over. 47. Additional lands excluded from Yosemite National Park and added to Sierra National Forest. 47–1. Administrative site for Yosemite National Park. 47–2. Leases for employee housing, community facilities, administrative offices, maintenance facilities, and commercial services at or on administrative site. 47–3. Use of proceeds; administration of leases. 47–4. Agreements to effectuate leases. 47–5. Regulations. 47–6. Conflicts of interest prohibited. 47a. Addition of certain lands to park authorized. 47b. Inapplicability of certain laws to lands acquired under section 47a. 47c. Acquisition of certain lands for preservation and consolidation of timber stands. 47d. Acquisition of certain lands for protection of park deer. 47e. Purchase of private lands for park authorized. 47f. Inapplicability of certain laws to lands acquired under section 47e. 48. Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Big Tree Grove reserved and made part of Yosemite National Park. 49. Rights of claimants and owners of lands included; laws and regulations applicable within park. 50. Repealed. 51. Yosemite National Park; exchange of privately owned lands in park. 52. Values of lands and timber to be exchanged; lands added to park. 53. Cutting and removal of timber. 54. Sale of matured, dead, or down timber. 55. Leases of land in park; mortgages by lessees. 56. Repealed. 57. Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks; exclusive jurisdiction of United States; jurisdiction remaining in and taxation by California. 58. Laws applicable; fugitives from justice. 59. Repealed. 60. Hunting or fishing prohibited. 61. Rules and regulations in parks. 62. Possession of dead bodies of birds or animals. 63. Transportation of birds, animals, or fish; violations of statute or rules or regulations for management, care, and preservation of parks; damage or spoliation; punishment. 64. Sale or disposal of timber; destruction of detrimental animal or plant life. 65. Seizure and forfeiture of guns, traps, teams, horses, etc. 66 to 77. Repealed. 78. Detail of troops to Sequoia and Yosemite Parks. 79. Rights-of-way for public utilities. 79–1. Yosemite National Park; expansion of reservoir capacity. SUBCHAPTER VII—REDWOOD NATIONAL PARK 79a. Establishment; statement of purposes. 79b. Park area. 79c. Acquisition of land. 79c–1. Vesting in United States of all right, title, etc., in real property and down tree personal property in additional lands; effective date; authorization of appropriations. 79d. Acquisition of lands. 79e. Exchange of property; cash equalization payments; commercial operations, minimum economic dislocation and disruption. 79f. Transfer of property from Federal agency to administrative jurisdiction of Secretary. 79g. Contract authorization within prescribed cost limits; installments: duration, interest; provisions for payment of judgments and compromise settlements applicable to judgments against United States. 79h. Memorial groves named for benefactors. 79i. Administration. 79j. Authorization of appropriations. 79k. Mitigation of adverse economic impacts to local economy resulting from additional lands; analysis of Federal actions necessary or desirable; consultations and considerations by Secretaries concerned; reports to Congress; implementation of programs; funding requirements. 79l. Employment of personnel for rehabilitation, protection, and improvements of additional lands. 79m. Annual reporting requirements; contents; comprehensive general management plan; submission date and scope. 79n. Authorization of appropriations for rehabilitation programs. 79o. Repealed. 79p. Community services and employment opportunities of Redwoods United, Inc. to be maintained at present rate of employment. 79q. Pledge of full faith and credit of United States for payment of compensation for lands, etc., taken. SUBCHAPTER VIII—KINGS CANYON NATIONAL PARK 80. Establishment; boundaries; preservation of rights of citizens. 80a. General Grant National Park abolished; lands added to Kings Canyon National Park. 80a–1. Lands excluded from Kings Canyon National Park and added to Sequoia National Forest. 80a–2. Lands excluded from Sequoia National Forest and added to Kings Canyon National Park. 80a–3. Lands excluded from Sierra National Forest and Sequoia National Forest and added to Kings Canyon National Park. 80b. Administration for public recreational purposes. 80c. Motor-vehicle licenses for Sequoia National Park as applicable; limitation of privileges within park. 80d. Administration, protection, and development. 80d–1. Use of appropriations for road construction. 80e to 80h. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER IX—COLONIAL NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 81. Establishment; statement of purposes. 81a. Location and boundaries. 81b. Revision of boundaries. 81c. Addition of lands. 81d. Addition of lands. 81e. Acquisition of property; condemnation proceedings. 81f. Authorization of appropriation. 81g. Administration, protection, and development. 81h. Civil and criminal jurisdiction; legislative authority of State over park. 81i. Donation of buildings thereafter revenue producing; disposition of proceeds. 81j. Transfer of lands to Secretary of Navy. 81k. Exchange of lands. 81l. Additional exchange of lands. 81m. Additional exchange of lands. 81n. Transfer of lands for State Park. 81o. Transfer of administrative jurisdiction over land. 81p. Property transfers. SUBCHAPTER X—NORTH CASCADES NATIONAL PARK 90. Establishment; statement of purposes; description of area. 90a. Ross Lake National Recreation Area; establishment; statement of purposes; description of area. 90a–1. Lake Chelan National Recreation Area; establishment; statement of purposes; description of area. 90b. Land acquisition; authority of Secretary; manner and place; donation of State lands; transfer to administrative jurisdiction of Secretary; elimination of lands from national forests. 90b–1. Exchange of property; cash equalization payments. 90b–2. Owner’s retention of right of use and occupancy for agricultural, residential, or commercial purposes for life or term of years; transfer or assignment of right; termination of use and occupancy for a contrary use and upon payment of sum for unexpired right. 90c. Administration. 90c–1. Administration of recreation areas. 90d. Distributive share of counties of receipts for schools and roads unaffected. 90d–1. Contracts, leases, permits, or licenses for occupation or use of Federal lands in the park or recreation areas; continuation of privileges for original or extended term. 90d–2. State rights or privileges in property within recreation area used for certain highway unaffected. 90d–3. Administration of areas designated for public use facilities or for administrative purposes by Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture; plan for construction of such facilities. 90d–4. Federal Power Act administrative jurisdiction unaffected. 90d–5. Authorization of appropriations. 90e. Pasayten Wilderness, Okanogan and Mount Baker National Forests; designation; abolition of North Cascades Primitive Area classification. 90e–1. Glacier Peak Wilderness, Wenatchee and Mount Baker National Forests; extension of boundaries. 90e–2. Map and legal description, filing with Congressional committees; correction of errors; applicability of Wilderness Act. 90e–3. Area review; report to the President. SUBCHAPTER XI—MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK 91. Establishment; boundaries; trespassers. 92. Control; regulations; grants for buildings; rights-of-way; fish and game; removal of trespassers. 92a. Rights-of-way for railways, tramways, and cable lines. 93. Grant of prior lands to Northern Pacific Railroad; lieu lands to settlers. 94. Location of mining claims. 95. Jurisdiction by the United States; fugitives from justice. 96, 97. Repealed. 98. Protection of game and fish; forfeitures and punishments. 99. Forfeitures and seizures of guns, traps, teams, etc. 100 to 106. Repealed. 107. Boundary changed. 108. Other laws extended to added lands. 109. Additional lands. 110. Laws and regulations applicable to added lands; free use of roads maintained by State. 110a. Headquarters site; acquisition of lands. 110b. Administration of headquarters site. 110c. Boundary adjustments. 110d. Mount Rainier National Park Boundary Adjustment. SUBCHAPTER XII—MESA VERDE NATIONAL PARK 111. Establishment; boundaries. 111a. Authorization for acquisition of additional lands. 111b. Donations or exchanges of lands. 111c. Revision of boundaries; vested rights; administration. 111d. Acquisition of lands within boundaries of park. 111e. Authorization of appropriations. 112. Control; regulations; prehistoric ruins. 113. Examinations, excavations, and gathering objects of interest. 114. Removal, disturbance, destruction, or molestation of ruins. 115. Leases and permits; prehistoric ruins not included. 115a. Mineral resources; exploitation. 116. Repealed. 117. Exclusive jurisdiction ceded to United States by Colorado; saving provisions; fugitives from justice. 117a, 117b. Repealed. 117c. Hunting and fishing; general rules and regulations; protection of property; violation of statutes and rules; penalties. 117d. Forfeiture of property used for unlawful purpose. 117e to 117j. Repealed. 118. Appropriations; availability for operation of Aileen Nusbaum Hospital. SUBCHAPTER XIII—PETRIFIED FOREST NATIONAL PARK 119. Establishment; notice in Federal Register; administration; exchange and acquisition of lands; remaining funds. 119a. Boundaries. SUBCHAPTER XIV—CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK 121. Establishment; boundaries. 121a. Repealed. 122. Control; regulations. 122a. Water quality of Crater Lake; studies and investigations; report to Congress. 123. Settlement, residence, lumbering, or business within park punishable; admission of visitors. 124. Jurisdiction by the United States; fugitives from justice. 125, 126. Repealed. 127. Hunting and fishing; rules and regulations; punishment. 128. Forfeitures or seizures of guns, traps, teams, etc., for violating regulations. 129 to 135. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER XV—WIND CAVE NATIONAL PARK 141. Establishment; boundaries. 141a. Revision of boundaries. 141b. Wind Cave National Game Preserve transferred to park. 141c. Disposal of surplus buffalo and elk. 142. Control; regulations. 143, 144. Repealed. 145. Exchange of lands. 146. Offenses within park. SUBCHAPTER XVI—CESSION OF INDIAN LANDS AT SULPHUR, OKLAHOMA 151. Acquisition; payment. 152. Additional land withdrawn; payment; management and control; regulations; sale of improvements; penalties; town lots. 153. Existing laws unaffected by admission of Oklahoma; rights and jurisdiction of United States; indemnity school lands. SUBCHAPTER XVII—BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK 156. Establishment; boundaries. 157. Acquisition of lands. 157a. Additional lands; aggregate cost. 157b. Additional lands within park boundaries. 157c. Boundary revision; acquisition of lands and interests; authorization of appropriations. 157d. Additional boundary revision; acquisition of lands and interests. 158. Administration, protection, and development. 158a to 158d. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER XVIII—SARATOGA NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 159. Establishment; boundaries. 159a. Acceptance of donations. 159b. Administration, protection, and development. 159c. Completion of establishment. 159d. Acceptance of General Philip Schuyler Mansion property. 159e. Revision of boundary; additional acreage; authorization of appropriations. 159f. Enactment of revision. 159g. Acquisition of lands. SUBCHAPTER XIX—VOYAGEURS NATIONAL PARK 160. Congressional declaration of purpose. 160a. Establishment; notice in Federal Register; donation of lands; acquisition by purchase of other lands. 160a–1. Boundaries. 160b. Acquisition of lands; lands outside of boundaries; transfer of Federal property within boundaries to administrative jurisdiction of Secretary; consideration by Secretary of offers to sell property within park area. 160c. Acquisition of improved property. 160d. Concession contracts with former owners of commercial, recreational, resort, or similar properties within park boundaries. 160e. Payment of value differential by Secretary to owner of commercial timberlands exchanging lands for State lands outside of park; determination of value; prerequisites. 160f. Administration. 160g. Designation by Secretary of recreational fishing zones; consultation with appropriate State agency; continuation of seining of fish to secure eggs for propagation. 160h. Programs for development of area for recreational sports activities. 160i. Applicability to treaties, orders, or agreements. 160j. Roads accessible to public facilities. 160k. Funding and other requirements. SUBCHAPTER XX—GLACIER NATIONAL PARK 161. Establishment; boundaries; trespassers; claims and rights under land laws not affected; reclamation projects; indemnity selections of lands. 161a. Part of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. 161b. Designation for purposes of administration, promotion, development, and support. 161c. Addition of land; establishment of fish hatchery. 161d. Elimination of fish hatchery; transfer of administration of hatchery to Fish and Wildlife Service. 161e. Additional lands, buildings, or other real and personal property. 162. Control; regulations; leases; sale and removal of timber. 162a. Summer homes and cottages. 163. Jurisdiction by the United States; fugitives from justice. 164. Eliminating private holdings of lands; timber or public lands of equal value in exchange. 165. Value of lands sought to be exchanged. 166. Exchange of timber for private holdings; valuations. 167. Removal of timber. 167a. Exchange of lands and other property. 168, 169. Repealed. 170. Hunting and fishing; regulations; punishment. 171. Forfeitures and seizures of guns, traps, teams, etc. 172 to 177. Repealed. 178. Hotel regulations. 179. Donations of buildings and other property. 180 to 181b. Repealed or Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXI—ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK 191. Establishment; boundaries; reclamation project. 192. Boundaries enlarged. 192a. Boundaries revised; excluded lands transferred. 192b. Addition of lands. 192b–1. Exchange of lands. 192b–2. Addition of lands. 192b–3. Acquisition of lands. 192b–4. Acquisition of property to connect certain roads and to develop residential, utility, and administrative units. 192b–5. Inclusion of acquired lands; rules and regulations. 192b–6. Exchange of lands. 192b–7. Revision of boundaries. 192b–8. Description of parcels of land. 192b–9. Rocky Mountain National Park, Roosevelt National Forest, and the Arapaho National Forest. 192b–10. Boundary adjustment for Rocky Mountain National Park and Roosevelt National Forest. 192c. Vested rights. 193. Claims and rights under land laws not affected; rights-of-way for irrigation and other purposes. 194. Lands held in private, municipal, or State ownership not affected. 195. Control; regulations; leases; sale and removal of timber. 195a. North St. Vrain Creek and adjacent lands. 196. Use for Arbuckle Reservoir. 197. Applicability of other laws. 198. Exclusive jurisdiction; assumption by United States; saving provisions. 198a, 198b. Repealed. 198c. Prohibited acts; rules and regulations; penalties for offenses. 198d. Forfeiture of property used in commission of offenses. 198e to 198j. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER XXII—LASSEN VOLCANIC NATIONAL PARK 201. Establishment; boundaries; trespassers; entries under land laws; indemnity lands. 201a. Revision of boundaries. 201b. Sections applicable to lands within revised boundaries. 202. Control; rules and regulations; fish and game; leases; automobiles; stock grazing. 202a. Summer homes and cottages. 203. Sale and removal of timber; charges for leases and privileges. 204. Exclusive jurisdiction ceded to United States by California. 204a, 204b. Repealed. 204c. Hunting and fishing; general rules and regulations; protection of property; violation of statutes and rules; penalties. 204d. Forfeiture of property used for unlawful purposes. 204e to 204j. Repealed. 204k. Addition of lands. 204l. Application of Federal Power Act. 204m. Vested rights. 205. Additional lands for administrative headquarters site. 205a. Sections made applicable to additional lands. 206. Exchange of lands within exterior boundaries; removal of timber. 207. Exchange of certain lands; adjustment of boundary. 207a. Application of Federal Power Act to lands acquired under section 207. 207b. Exchange of lands with California; adjustment of boundary. 207c. Additional lands from Lassen National Forest; authorization for road. SUBCHAPTER XXIII—ABRAHAM LINCOLN BIRTHPLACE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 211. Acceptance of title; terms and conditions; admission fees. 212. Endowment fund; protection and preservation. 213. Execution of instruments necessary to carry out purposes of gift. 214. Rules and regulations. 215. Improvements and preservation of lands and buildings. 216. Authorization of appropriation. 217. Change in name of Abraham Lincoln National Park. 217a. Change in name of Abraham Lincoln National Historical Park. 217b. Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park. 218. Addition of land. 218a. Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park, Kentucky. SUBCHAPTER XXIV—GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK 221. Establishment; boundaries. 221a. Boundary changed. 221b. Various laws made applicable to added lands. 221c. Exchange of lands. 221d. Relinquishment of interest in road. 221e. Additional lands. 222. Administration, concessions, and privileges; contracts for sale of water. 223. Repealed. 224. Entries under land laws; toll road. 225. Laws applicable; easements and rights-of-way. 226. Omitted. 227. Utilization of areas for Government reclamation projects. 228. Buildings on privately owned lands. 228a. Enlargement of boundaries; statement of purpose. 228b. Composition of park. 228c. Acquisition of lands within enlarged boundaries by donation, purchase, or exchange; transfer of jurisdiction over Federal lands. 228d. Acquisition of State of Arizona or local lands by donation or exchange; approval for transfer to United States of Indian trust lands. 228e. Cooperative agreements for protection and unified interpretation of enlarged park; scope of agreements. 228f. Preservation and renewal of existing grazing rights within enlarged boundaries; term of renewal. 228g. Aircraft or helicopter regulation within enlarged boundaries; procedure for promulgation of administrative rules and regulations. 228h. Construction with existing Colorado River system reclamation provisions. 228i. Havasupai Indian Reservation. 228i–1. Report to President. 228j. Authorization of appropriations; availability of sums. SUBCHAPTER XXV—JEAN LAFITTE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK AND PRESERVE
Part A—Generally

230. Establishment; description of area. 230a. Acquisition of property. 230b. Owner’s retention of right of use and occupancy for residential purposes for life or fixed term of years; election of term; fair market value; transfer, assignment or termination; “improved property” defined. 230c. Cooperative agreements; specific provisions. 230d. Hunting, fishing, and trapping; public safety; consultation. 230e. Establishment; notice in Federal Register; administration. 230f. Delta Region Preservation Commission. 230g. Authorization of appropriations; general management plan; submission to Congressional committees. 230h. Change in name of Chalmette National Historical Park. 230i. Report to Congressional committees.
Part B—Chalmette Unit

231. Establishment; description of area. 231a. Additional lands. 231b. Acceptance of donations. 231c. Administration, protection, and development. 231d. Repeal of inconsistent laws. SUBCHAPTER XXVI—THEODORE ROOSEVELT NATIONAL PARK 241. Establishment; boundaries; maintenance of roads. 241a. Extension of boundaries. 241b. Exchange of lands. 241c. Additional extension of lands. 241d. Exclusion of lands. 241e. Authority to make further adjustments. 241f. Extension of exchange authority. 241g. Change in name of Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park. 242. Condemnation of land; acceptance of donations. 243. Exchange of lands. 244. Construction of log buildings; limitation on cost. 245. Administration, protection, and development. 246. Repealed. 247. Homestead, mineral, and other rights unaffected. SUBCHAPTER XXVII—OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK 251. Establishment; boundaries. 251a. Additional lands. 251b. Exchange of lands. 251c. Administration of acquired lands. 251d. Applicability to privately owned lands. 251e. Boundary revision. 251f. Consultation by Secretary with Governor, local officials, and affected landowners; notice to Congressional committees; publication in Federal Register. 251g. Land acquisition; study and investigation of use of private lands; transmittal to President and Congress; transfer of lands to Secretary of Agriculture; excluded property within Indian reservation; continuation of concession contracts; termination of concession contracts and purchase of possessory interest; Indian hunting and fishing rights. 251h. Property retention rights; compensation at fair market value; “improved property” defined. 251i. Land acquisition of privately owned land; report to Congress; condemnation proceedings; compensation. 251j. Property retention rights of landowners; use and occupancy improvements; plan to be submitted to Secretary; approval evidenced by issuance of permit and certificate; limitation on acquisition power of Secretary. 251k. Economic dislocation in land acquisition; exchange of lands; transfers of land within a national forest; concurrence of Secretary of Agriculture. 251l. Retrocession of lands to State; Quileute Indian Reservation jurisdiction; concurrent legislative jurisdiction with State. 251m. Authorization of appropriations. 251n. Additional boundary revision. 252. Disposal of mineral rights. 253. Apportionment of income among counties. 254. Administration, protection, and development. 255. Effect on existing homestead, mineral, etc., entries; revision of boundaries. 256. Acceptance of land ceded by State of Washington; assumption of jurisdiction. 256a. Repealed. 256b. Hunting and fishing; general rules and regulations; protection of property; violation of statutes or rules; penalties. 256c. Forfeiture of property used in hunting, fishing, etc. 256d to 256h. Repealed. 256i. Notice to Governor of Washington; application of laws to subsequently accepted lands. SUBCHAPTER XXVIII—CUMBERLAND GAP NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 261. Establishment; description of area. 262. Total area; consent of Congress to acquisition of lands and property and transfer thereof to United States. 263. Acceptance of donations. 264. Administration, protection, and development. 265. Addition of lands. 266. Authorization of appropriations for acquisition of additional lands. 267. Authority of Secretary to acquire additional lands. 268. Authority of Secretary to acquire lands for trailheads. 268a. Acquisition of Fern Lake watershed. SUBCHAPTER XXIX—CANYONLANDS NATIONAL PARK 271. Establishment; description of area. 271a. Acquisition of lands; authority of Secretary; exchange of property; cash equalization payments; transfer from Federal agency to administrative jurisdiction of Secretary; lands subject to reclamation and power withdrawals. 271b. Grazing privileges; right of occupancy or use for fixed term of years; renewal. 271c. Access roads. 271d. Administration, protection, and development. 271e. Report to President. 271f. Omitted. 271g. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XXX—ARCHES NATIONAL PARK 272. Establishment of park. 272a. Acquisition of property. 272b. Livestock grazing. 272c. Livestock trails, watering rights; driveway designation and regulation. 272d. Administration, protection, and development; report to President. 272e. Omitted. 272f. Authorization of appropriations. 272g. Land exchange involving school trust land. SUBCHAPTER XXXI—CAPITOL REEF NATIONAL PARK 273. Establishment. 273a. Acquisition of property; authority of Secretary; State property. 273b. Grazing privileges; right of occupancy or use for fixed term of years; renewal. 273c. Livestock trails, watering rights; driveway regulations. 273d. Administration, protection, and development. 273e. Omitted. 273f. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XXXII—NEZ PERCE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 281. Purpose. 281a. Designation. 281b. Acquisition of lands; restrictions; tribal-owned lands. 281c. Inclusion of lands. 281d. Establishment; notice in Federal Register; administration. 281e. Contracts and cooperative agreements with State of Idaho, and others. 281f. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XXXIII—SAN JUAN ISLAND NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 282. Acquisition of property; purpose; authority of Secretary; manner and place; donation of State lands. 282a. Designation; administration, protection, and development. 282b. Cooperative agreements with State of Washington and others; erection and maintenance of tablets or markers. 282c. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XXXIV—GUADALUPE MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK 283. Establishment; purposes; boundaries. 283a. Acquisition of lands. 283b. Establishment; notice in Federal Register; property rights. 283c. Administration. 283d. Availability of funds. 283e. Authorization of appropriations; expenditure for improvements limitation. SUBCHAPTER XXXV—WOLF TRAP NATIONAL PARK FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS 284. Establishment; statement of purposes; description; acquisition of property; acreage limitation. 284a. Administration. 284b. Authorization of appropriations. 284c. Financial assistance for reconstruction of Center. 284d. Cooperative agreement with Foundation for presentation of programs. 284e. Vested property of United States; status of Foundation. 284f. Repealed. 284g. Cooperation of government agencies. 284h. General management plan; preparation and revision; submittal to Congressional committees. 284i. Authorization of additional appropriations. 284j. Definitions. 284k. References. SUBCHAPTER XXXVI—GEORGE ROGERS CLARK NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 291. Establishment; acceptance of land. 291a. Cooperative agreements with property owners of non-Federal property. 291b. Administration, protection, development, and maintenance. SUBCHAPTER XXXVII—ACADIA NATIONAL PARK 341. Establishment; description of area. 342. Administration, protection, and promotion. 342a. Extension of boundary limits. 342b. Lafayette National Park name changed to Acadia National Park; land unaffected by Federal Power Act. 343. Acceptance of property on Mount Desert Island. 343a. Naval radio station, Seawall, Maine, as addition to park. 343b. Addition of lands. 343c. Exchange of lands; Jackson Memorial Laboratory. 343c–1. Exchange of lands; Mount Desert Island Regional School District. 343c–2. Addition of lands; Jackson Laboratory. 343c–3. Conveyance of land; Jackson Laboratory. 343c–4. Exchange of lands; Rich property. 343d. Exclusion of lands; disposal as surplus property. SUBCHAPTER XXXVIII—ZION NATIONAL PARK 344. Establishment; maintenance. 345. Administration, protection, and promotion. 346. Exchange of lands. 346a. Extension of boundaries. 346a–1. Addition of lands. 346a–2. Acquisition of lands; administration. 346a–3. Exchange of lands; construction of interchange. 346a–4. Boundary revision 346a–5. Zion National Park boundary adjustment. 346a–6. Transfer of administrative jurisdiction to National Park Service. 346b. Consolidation of Zion National Park and Zion National Monument. 346c. Administration. 346d. Use of funds. 346e. Authorization for park facilities to be located outside the boundaries of Zion National Park and Yosemite National Park. SUBCHAPTER XXXIX—DENALI NATIONAL PARK 347. Establishment; boundaries. 348. Entries under land laws not affected. 349. Rights-of-way. 350, 350a. Repealed. 351. Control; rules and regulations. 352. Game refuge; killing game. 353. Leases. 353a. Repealed. 354. Offenses; punishment. 355. Change of boundaries. 355a. Laws applicable to added lands. SUBCHAPTER XL—HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK 361. Establishment; supply of water; free baths for indigent; dedication to United States. 361a. Additions to park. 361b. Additions to park. 361c. Additions to park. 361c–1. Omitted. 361d. Additions to park. 361e. Acceptance of donations. 361f. Exchange of lands. 361g. Modification of park boundary. 362. Leases of bathhouses and sites; supply of water. 363. Rules and regulations. 364. Investigation of applicant for lease or contract. 365. Taxation, under State laws. 366. Collection of water on reservation. 367. Sale of lots. 368. Operation of bathhouse in connection with hotel. 369. Charges assessable against bath attendants and masseurs and physicians prescribing use of hot waters. 370. Omitted. 370a. Retention of Arlington Hotel site for park and landscape purposes. 371. Use of free bathhouses limited. 372. Laws operative within judicial district of Arkansas. 372a. Acceptance of jurisdiction over part of park; application of laws. 373. Injuries to property. 374. Taking or use of or bathing in water in violation of rules and regulations. 375 to 383. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER XLI—HAWAII NATIONAL PARK 391. Establishment; boundaries. 391a. Boundary on island of Maui changed. 391b. Extension of boundaries. 391b–1. Laws applicable to added lands. 391c. Withdrawal of lands for use as bombing target range. 391d. Change in name of part of Hawaii National Park. 392. Acquisition of privately owned lands. 392a. Provisions of section 392 extended to additional lands. 392b. Conveyance of added lands to United States by Governor. 392c. Addition to Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park. 393. Entries under land laws; rights-of-way; lands excluded. 394. Control; rules and regulations; leases; appropriations. 395. Exclusive jurisdiction in United States; exceptions; laws applicable; fugitives from justice. 395a, 395b. Repealed. 395c. Hunting and fishing; general rules and regulations; protection of property; violation of statutes and rules; penalties. 395d. Forfeiture of property used for unlawful purposes. 395e to 395j. Repealed. 396. Additional lands; acceptance of title. 396a. Lease of lands to native Hawaiians, residence requirements; fishing. SUBCHAPTER XLII—HALEAKALA NATIONAL PARK 396b. Establishment; boundaries; administration. 396c. Land acquisition; authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XLII–A—KALOKO-HONOKOHAU NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 396d. Establishment. 396e. Exchange of lands. 396f. Acquisition of private lands; creation of surplus property accounts; transfer and sale of accounts. SUBCHAPTER XLIII—PU‘UHONUA O HONAUNAU NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 397. Establishment; boundaries. 397a. Establishment; notice in Federal Register. 397b. Procurement of lands. 397c. Acquisition of lands by Governor of the Territory of Hawaii. 397d. Administration. SUBCHAPTER XLIV—VIRGIN ISLANDS NATIONAL PARK 398. Establishment; administration. 398a. Conditions and limitations. 398b. Repealed. 398c. Addition of lands. 398d. Acquisition of lands, waters, and interests therein. 398e. Bathing and fishing rights protected. 398f. Authorization of appropriations for acquisitions, grants, etc. SUBCHAPTER XLV—BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK 401. Establishment; boundaries; administration. 402. Existing claims, locations, or entries not affected; exchange of lands. 402a. Utah National Park; change of name to Bryce Canyon National Park. 402b. Additions to park. 402c. Further additions to park. 402d. Extension of boundaries; laws applicable. 402e. Application of Federal Power Act. 402f. Further additions to park. 402g. Elimination of lands. SUBCHAPTER XLVI—SHENANDOAH NATIONAL PARK AND GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK 403. Establishment; boundaries. 403–1. Addition of lands to Shenandoah National Park. 403–2. Exchange of lands within Shenandoah National Park. 403–3. Addition of lands to Shenandoah National Park; administration. 403a. Acceptance of title to lands. 403b. Administration, protection, and development; Federal Power Act inapplicable; minimum area. 403c. Use of existing commission. 403c–1. Respective jurisdiction of Virginia and United States over lands in Shenandoah Park. 403c–2. Repealed. 403c–3. Criminal offenses concerning hunting, fishing, and property. 403c–4. Forfeiture of property used in commission of offenses. 403c–5 to 403c–11. Repealed. 403d. Lease of lands within Shenandoah National Park and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 403e. Acceptance of title to lands; reservations; leases; rights-of-way and easements. 403f. Great Smoky Mountains National Park; extension of boundaries. 403g. Establishment; minimum area. 403g–1. Exchange of lands. 403h. Inclusion of acquired lands. 403h–1. Acceptance of jurisdiction by United States; saving provisions. 403h–2. Repealed. 403h–3. Hunting, fishing, etc.; rules and regulations; protection of property; penalties for violating laws and rules. 403h–4. Forfeiture of property used in commission of offenses. 403h–5 to 403h–9. Repealed. 403h–10. Notice to Governors of North Carolina and Tennessee; application of sections 403h–3 and 403h–4 to subsequent lands accepted. 403h–11. Further additions for construction of scenic parkway. 403h–12. Entrance road to Cataloochee section. 403h–13. Authorization of appropriations. 403h–14. Authorization to transfer additional lands for scenic parkway. 403h–15. Conveyances to Tennessee of lands within Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 403h–16. Reconveyance of rights-of-way and lands for control of landslides along Gatlinburg Spur of the Foothills Parkway; conditions. 403h–17. Elimination of lands from Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Gatlinburg Spur of the Foothills Parkway. 403i. Secretary of the Interior authorized to purchase necessary lands. 403j. Authorization of appropriation. 403k. Boundary between Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Cherokee-Pisgah-Nantahala National Forests. 403k–1. Laws applicable. 403k–2. Addition of lands to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 403k–3. Palmer’s Chapel in Cataloochee Valley of Great Smoky Mountains National Park; protection and continued use; communication of Chapel history to visitors. SUBCHAPTER XLVII—MAMMOTH CAVE NATIONAL PARK 404. Establishment; boundaries. 404a. Acceptance of title to lands. 404b. Administration, protection, and development; Federal Power Act inapplicable; minimum area. 404b–1. Exclusion of Great Onyx and Crystal Caves. 404b–2. Eventual acquisition of Great Onyx and Crystal Caves; cooperation with State of Kentucky. 404c. Omitted. 404c–1. Acceptance of cession by United States; jurisdiction. 404c–2. Fugitives from justice. 404c–3. Criminal offenses concerning hunting, fishing, and property; prima facie evidence; rules and regulations. 404c–4. Forfeiture of property used in commission of offenses. 404c–5 to 404c–9. Repealed. 404c–10. Notice of assumption of police jurisdiction by United States; acceptance by Secretary of further cessions. 404c–11. Secretary of the Interior authorized to acquire additional lands; appropriation; approval of title. 404c–12. Entrance roads. 404d. Acceptance of title to lands; reservations; leases; rights-of-way and easements. 404e. Donations of money; acquisition of title to lands. 404f. Acquisition of additional lands. SUBCHAPTER XLVIII—COOS COUNTY, OREGON 405. Reservation for park and camp sites. 405a. Rules and regulations; fees. SUBCHAPTER XLIX—GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK 406 to 406d. Repealed. 406d–1. Establishment; boundaries; administration. 406d–2. Rights-of-way; continuation of leases, permits, and licenses; renewal; grazing privileges. 406d–3. Compensation for tax losses; limitation on annual amount. 406d–4. Acceptance of other lands by Secretary of the Interior. 406d–5. Use for reclamation purposes of certain lands within exterior boundary. SUBCHAPTER L—CARLSBAD CAVERNS NATIONAL PARK 407. Establishment; description of area. 407a. Administration, protection, and development. 407b. Applicability of Federal Power Act. 407c. Repealed. 407d. Admission and guide fees exempt from tax. 407e. Boundaries. 407f. Exchange of lands. 407g. State right-of-way for park-type road; reconveyance of interest upon completion of road. 407h. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LI—INDEPENDENCE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 407m. Establishment; acquisition of land; property involved. 407m–1. Acquisition of additional lands and buildings. 407m–2. Acquisition of property adjacent to Old Saint Joseph’s Church. 407m–3. Acquisition of site of Graff House. 407m–4. Erection of replica of Graff House; maintenance. 407m–5. Inclusion of additional lands and building; administration. 407m–6. Authorization of appropriations. 407m–7. Exchange of property. 407m–8. Independence National Historical Park boundary adjustment. 407n. Cooperative agreements between Secretary of the Interior and City of Philadelphia; contents. 407o. Construction of buildings; acceptance of donations. 407p. Establishment of advisory commission; composition, appointment, and duties. 407q. Administration, protection, and development. 407r. Authorization of appropriations. 407s. Administration and operation of properties; use of funds; contracts. SUBCHAPTER LI–A—NATIONAL CONSTITUTION CENTER 407aa. Findings and purposes. 407bb. Establishment. 407cc. Acquisition of site for and operation of Center. 407dd. Directives to Secretary. 407ee. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LII—ISLE ROYALE NATIONAL PARK 408. Establishment; acquisition of land. 408a. Acceptance of title to lands. 408b. Administration, protection, and development. 408c. Acceptance of title to lands; reservations; leases; rights-of-way and easements. 408d. Addition of lands purchased within boundaries for conservation or forestation purposes. 408e. Addition of lands; Passage Island. 408f. Former Siskiwit Islands Bird Reservation. 408g. Submerged lands surrounding islands. 408h. Federally owned lands within park boundaries. 408i. Acceptance of territory ceded by Michigan; jurisdiction. 408j. Repealed. 408k. Hunting and fishing; general rules and regulations; protection of property; violation of statutes or rules; penalties. 408l. Forfeiture of property used in hunting, fishing, etc. 408m to 408q. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER LIII—MORRISTOWN NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 409. Establishment; acquisition of land. 409a. Acceptance of title to lands. 409b. George Washington headquarters; maintenance. 409c. Board of advisers. 409d. Employees of Washington Association of New Jersey. 409e. Administration, protection, and development. 409f. Jurisdiction of New Jersey in civil, criminal and legislative matters retained; citizenship unaffected. 409g. Additional lands. 409h. Administration of additional lands. 409i. Acquisition of Warren Property for Morristown National Historical Park. SUBCHAPTER LIV—EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK 410. Establishment; acquisition of land. 410a. Acceptance of title to lands. 410b. Administration, protection, and development. 410c. Preservation of primitive condition. 410d. Acceptance and protection of property pending establishment of park; publication of establishment order. 410e. Acquisition of additional lands; reservation of oil, gas, and mineral rights; reservation of royalty rights. 410f. Limitation of Federal action during reservation period. 410g. Rules and regulations governing reservation rights. 410h. Ascertainment of owners’ election regarding reservation rights. 410i. Exterior boundaries; administration. 410j. Acquisition of land, water, and interests therein; consent of owner; reservations. 410k. Limitation of Federal action during reservation period. 410l. Rules and regulations governing reservation rights. 410m. Ascertainment of owners’ election regarding reservation rights. 410n. Drainage of lands; right-of-way. 410o. Exchange of land, water, and interests therein. 410p. Authorization of appropriations. 410q. Exchange of lands. 410r. Lands acquired as part of park; rules and regulations. 410r–1. Acceptance of additional lands. 410r–2. Lands acquired as part of park; rules and regulations. 410r–3. Acceptance of additional lands; lands acquired as part of park; reimbursement of revolving fund. 410r–4. Authorization of appropriations for reimbursement of revolving fund. 410r–5. Findings, purposes, and definitions. 410r–6. Boundary modification. 410r–7. Administration. 410r–8. Modification of certain water projects. 410r–9. Boundary revision. SUBCHAPTER LV—MINUTE MAN NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410s. Establishment. 410t. Acquisition and transfer of lands; private owner’s retention of right of use and occupancy. 410u. Preservation of historic sites. 410v. Appointment and composition of advisory commission. 410w. Administration, protection, and development. 410x. Authorization of appropriations. 410x–1. Residential occupancy. 410x–2. “Residential property” defined. SUBCHAPTER LVI—CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO CANAL NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410y. Definitions. 410y–1. Purposes; establishment; boundaries; acquisition of lands; procedure for acquisition; time of acquisition. 410y–1a. Boundary revision. 410y–2. Consideration by Secretary of comprehensive local or State development, land use, or recreational plans. 410y–3. Access. 410y–4. Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park Commission. 410y–5. Administration. 410y–6. Availability of funds; authorization of appropriations; adjustment of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LVII—BOSTON NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410z. Establishment. 410z–1. Acquisition of additional sites. 410z–2. Boston National Historical Park Advisory Commission. 410z–3. Visitor center. 410z–4. Administration. 410z–5. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LVIII—VALLEY FORGE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410aa. Establishment. 410aa–1. Lands and property. 410aa–2. Notice in Federal Register; appropriations; administration. 410aa–3. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX—KLONDIKE GOLD RUSH NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410bb. Establishment. 410bb–1. Administration. 410bb–2. Cooperation with Canada for planning and development of international park. 410bb–3. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–A—LOWELL NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK
Part A—Establishment of Park and Preservation District

410cc. Congressional statement of findings and purpose. 410cc–1. Definitions. 410cc–11. Establishment of Lowell National Historical Park. 410cc–12. Consultations, cooperation, and conduct of activities by Federal entities; issuance of licenses or permits by Federal entities. 410cc–13. Authorization of appropriations. 410cc–14. Funding limitations.
Part B—Powers and Duties of Secretary

410cc–21. Park management plan. 410cc–22. Acquisition of property. 410cc–23. Agreements and technical assistance. 410cc–24. Withholding of funds; criteria. 410cc–25. Administrative functions.
Part C—Powers and Duties of Preservation Commission

410cc–31. Lowell Historic Preservation Commission. 410cc–32. Park preservation plan and index. 410cc–33. Financial and technical assistance. 410cc–34. Acquisition and disposition of property. 410cc–35. Powers of Commission. 410cc–36. Staff of Commission. 410cc–37. Use of funds; maintenance of financial records; audits. SUBCHAPTER LIX–B—WAR IN THE PACIFIC NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410dd. Establishment. SUBCHAPTER LIX–C—SAN ANTONIO MISSIONS NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410ee. Establishment. SUBCHAPTER LIX–D—CHANNEL ISLANDS NATIONAL PARK 410ff. Establishment. 410ff–1. Acquisition of property. 410ff–2. Natural resources study reports to Congress; cooperative agreements for enforcement of laws and regulations on State-owned land. 410ff–3. Administration. 410ff–4. Federal or federally assisted undertakings with respect to lands and waters within, adjacent to, or related to park. 410ff–5. Designation of wilderness areas. 410ff–6. Entrance or admission fees prohibited. 410ff–7. Expenditure of Federal funds for research, resources management, and visitor protection and use on private property; transfer of funds; authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–E—BISCAYNE NATIONAL PARK 410gg. Establishment; description of boundary; minor boundary revisions; publication in Federal Register. 410gg–1. Acquisition of property. 410gg–2. Administration; fishing; abolition of Biscayne National Monument; monument incorporated within and made part of park; monument funds and appropriations available for park. 410gg–3. Report as to suitability for designation as wilderness area; compliance with procedure for such designation. 410gg–4. Revised comprehensive general management plan; submission to Congressional committees. 410gg–5. Authorization of appropriations; entrance or admission fees prohibition. SUBCHAPTER LIX–F—ALASKAN NATIONAL PARKS 410hh. Establishment of new areas. 410hh–1. Additions to existing areas. 410hh–2. Administration; hunting and subsistence uses; admission fees. 410hh–3. Native selections. 410hh–4. Commercial fishing. 410hh–5. Withdrawal of lands from mining and mineral leasing. SUBCHAPTER LIX–G—CHACO CULTURE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410ii. Findings and purpose. 410ii–1. Establishment. 410ii–2. Repealed. 410ii–3. Acquisition of properties. 410ii–4. Cooperative agreements for the protection, preservation, and maintenance of archeological resources. 410ii–5. Administration. 410ii–6. Research and data gathering. 410ii–7. Authorization of appropriation. SUBCHAPTER LIX–H—KALAUPAPA NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410jj. Establishment. 410jj–1. Purposes. 410jj–2. Boundaries; revisions of boundary; publication in Federal Register. 410jj–3. Acquisition of lands and interests. 410jj–4. Administration. 410jj–5. Special needs of leprosy patients residing in Kalaupapa settlement; specific provisions. 410jj–6. Additional needs of leprosy patients and Native Hawaiians for employment and training; specific provisions. 410jj–7. Advisory Commission. 410jj–8. Reevaluation of management, etc., policies. 410jj–9. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–I—LYNDON B. JOHNSON NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410kk. Establishment. 410kk–1. Administration. 410kk–2. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–J—WOMEN’S RIGHTS NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410ll. Establishment. 410ll–1. Votes for Women Trail. SUBCHAPTER LIX–K—GREAT BASIN NATIONAL PARK 410mm. Establishment. 410mm–1. Administration. 410mm–2. Acquisition of land. 410mm–3. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–L—SAN FRANCISCO MARITIME NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410nn. Establishment. 410nn–1. Administration. 410nn–2. Acquisition of property. 410nn–3. Advisory Commission. 410nn–4. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–M—NATCHEZ NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410oo. Purposes. 410oo–1. Establishment. 410oo–2. Acquisition of property. 410oo–3. Administration. 410oo–4. Natchez Trace study. 410oo–5. Advisory Commission. 410oo–6. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–N—ZUNI-CIBOLA NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410pp to 410pp–8. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER LIX–O—NATIONAL PARK OF AMERICAN SAMOA 410qq. Findings and purpose. 410qq–1. Establishment. 410qq–2. Administration. 410qq–3. “Native American Samoan” defined. 410qq–4. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–P—PECOS NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410rr. Purpose. 410rr–1. Establishment. 410rr–2. Acquisition of lands, waters, and interests in lands and waters. 410rr–3. Administration. 410rr–4. Management plan. 410rr–5. Study of possible inclusion of additional sites and ruins. 410rr–6. Authorization of appropriations. 410rr–7. Glorieta Unit of Pecos National Historical Park. SUBCHAPTER LIX–Q—TUMACACORI NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410ss. Establishment. 410ss–1. Administration. SUBCHAPTER LIX–R—SALT RIVER BAY NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK AND ECOLOGICAL PRESERVE AT ST. CROIX, VIRGIN ISLANDS 410tt. Findings. 410tt–1. Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve at St. Croix, Virgin Islands. 410tt–2. Acquisition of land. 410tt–3. Administration. 410tt–4. Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve at St. Croix, Virgin Islands, Commission. 410tt–5. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–S—HOPEWELL CULTURE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410uu. Renaming. 410uu–1. Expansion of boundaries. 410uu–2. Cooperative agreements. 410uu–3. Studies. 410uu–4. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–T—MARSH-BILLINGS-ROCKEFELLER NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410vv. Purposes. 410vv–1. Establishment. 410vv–2. Administration. 410vv–3. Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park Scenic Zone. 410vv–4. Cooperative agreements. 410vv–5. Endowment. 410vv–6. Reservation of use and occupancy. 410vv–7. General management plan. 410vv–8. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–U—DAYTON AVIATION HERITAGE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK
Part A—Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

410ww. Establishment. 410ww–1. Protection of historic properties. 410ww–2. Park general management plan. 410ww–3. Studies. 410ww–4. Administration. 410ww–5. Cooperation of Federal agencies. 410ww–6. Coordination between Secretary and Secretary of Defense. 410ww–7. Assistance. 410ww–8. Authorization of appropriations.
Part B—Dayton Aviation Heritage Commission

410ww–21. Dayton Aviation Heritage Commission. 410ww–22. Dayton historic resources preservation and development plan. 410ww–23. General powers of Commission. 410ww–24. Staff of Commission. 410ww–25. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–V—DRY TORTUGAS NATIONAL PARK 410xx. Establishment. 410xx–1. Administration. 410xx–2. Land acquisition and transfer of property. 410xx–3. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–W—KEWEENAW NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410yy. Findings and purposes. 410yy–1. Definitions. 410yy–2. Establishment. 410yy–3. Acquisition of property. 410yy–4. Cooperation by Federal agencies. 410yy–5. General management plan. 410yy–6. Cooperative agreements. 410yy–7. Financial and technical assistance. 410yy–8. Keweenaw National Historical Park Advisory Commission. 410yy–9. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–X—SAGUARO NATIONAL PARK 410zz. Findings and purpose. 410zz–1. Establishment. 410zz–2. Expansion of boundaries. 410zz–3. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–Y—CALIFORNIA DESERT LANDS PARKS AND PRESERVE
Part A—Death Valley National Park

410aaa. Findings. 410aaa–1. Establishment. 410aaa–2. Transfer and administration of lands. 410aaa–3. Maps and legal description. 410aaa–4. Withdrawal. 410aaa–5. Grazing. 410aaa–6. Death Valley National Park Advisory Commission. 410aaa–7. Boundary adjustment.
Part B—Joshua Tree National Park

410aaa–21. Findings. 410aaa–22. Establishment. 410aaa–23. Transfer and administration of lands. 410aaa–24. Maps and legal description. 410aaa–25. Withdrawal. 410aaa–26. Utility rights-of-way. 410aaa–27. Joshua Tree National Park Advisory Commission.
Part C—Mojave National Preserve

410aaa–41. Findings. 410aaa–42. Establishment. 410aaa–43. Transfer of lands. 410aaa–44. Maps and legal description. 410aaa–45. Abolishment of scenic area. 410aaa–46. Administration. 410aaa–47. Withdrawal. 410aaa–48. Regulation of mining. 410aaa–49. Study as to validity of mining claims. 410aaa–50. Grazing. 410aaa–51. Utility rights-of-way. 410aaa–52. Preparation of management plan. 410aaa–53. Granite Mountains Natural Reserve. 410aaa–54. Soda Springs Desert Study Center. 410aaa–55. Construction of visitor center. 410aaa–56. Acquisition of lands. 410aaa–57. Acquired lands to be made part of Mojave National Preserve. 410aaa–58. Mojave National Preserve Advisory Commission. 410aaa–59. No adverse effect on land until acquired.
Part D—Miscellaneous Provisions

410aaa–71. Transfer of lands to Red Rock Canyon State Park. 410aaa–72. Land tenure adjustments. 410aaa–73. Land disposal. 410aaa–74. Management of newly acquired lands. 410aaa–75. Native American uses and interests. 410aaa–76. Federal reserved water rights. 410aaa–77. California State School lands. 410aaa–78. Access to private property. 410aaa–79. Federal facilities fee equity. 410aaa–80. Land appraisal. 410aaa–81. Definition. 410aaa–82. Military overflights. 410aaa–83. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–Z—NEW ORLEANS JAZZ NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410bbb. Findings and purpose. 410bbb–1. Establishment. 410bbb–2. Administration. 410bbb–3. Acquisition of property. 410bbb–4. General management plan. 410bbb–5. New Orleans Jazz Commission. 410bbb–6. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–AA—CANE RIVER CREOLE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK AND NATIONAL HERITAGE AREA
Part A—Cane River Creole National Historical Park

410ccc. Findings and purposes. 410ccc–1. Establishment. 410ccc–2. Administration. 410ccc–3. Acquisition of property. 410ccc–4. General management plan.
Part B—Cane River National Heritage Area

410ccc–21. Establishment. 410ccc–22. Cane River National Heritage Area Commission. 410ccc–23. Preparation of plan. 410ccc–24. Termination of Heritage Area Commission. 410ccc–25. Duties of other Federal agencies. 410ccc–26. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–BB—NEW BEDFORD WHALING NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410ddd. New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park. SUBCHAPTER LIX–CC—ADAMS NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410eee. Findings and purposes. 410eee–1. Definitions. 410eee–2. Adams National Historical Park. 410eee–3. Administration. 410eee–4. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–DD—BLACK CANYON OF THE GUNNISON NATIONAL PARK AND GUNNISON GORGE NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA 410fff. Findings. 410fff–1. Definitions. 410fff–2. Establishment of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. 410fff–3. Acquisition of property and minor boundary adjustments. 410fff–4. Expansion of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison Wilderness. 410fff–5. Establishment of the Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area. 410fff–6. Designation of Wilderness within the Conservation Area. 410fff–7. Withdrawal. 410fff–8. Water rights. 410fff–9. Study of lands within and adjacent to Curecanti National Recreation Area. 410fff–10. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–EE—ROSIE THE RIVETER/WORLD WAR II HOME FRONT NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410ggg. Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park. 410ggg–1. Administration of the National Historical Park. 410ggg–2. World War II home front study. 410ggg–3. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–FF—GREAT SAND DUNES NATIONAL PARK AND PRESERVE 410hhh. Findings. 410hhh–1. Definitions. 410hhh–2. Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado. 410hhh–3. Great Sand Dunes National Preserve, Colorado. 410hhh–4. Baca National Wildlife Refuge, Colorado. 410hhh–5. Administration of national park and preserve. 410hhh–6. Acquisition of property and boundary adjustments. 410hhh–7. Water rights. 410hhh–8. Advisory Council. 410hhh–9. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–GG—CEDAR CREEK AND BELLE GROVE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410iii. Purpose. 410iii–1. Findings. 410iii–2. Definitions. 410iii–3. Establishment of Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park. 410iii–4. Acquisition of property. 410iii–5. Administration. 410iii–6. Management of Park. 410iii–7. Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park Advisory Commission. 410iii–8. Conservation of Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park. 410iii–9. Endowment. 410iii–10. Cooperative agreements. 410iii–11. Roles of key partner organizations. 410iii–12. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–HH—CONGAREE NATIONAL PARK 410jjj. Establishment. 410jjj–1. Acquisition of lands. 410jjj–2. Administration. 410jjj–3. Report. 410jjj–4. Authorization of appropriations; general management plan. SUBCHAPTER LIX–II—LEWIS AND CLARK NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410kkk. Definitions. 410kkk–1. Lewis and Clark National Historical Park. 410kkk–2. Administration. 410kkk–3. References. 410kkk–4. Private property protection. 410kkk–5. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–JJ—PATERSON GREAT FALLS NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410lll. Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park, New Jersey. SUBCHAPTER LIX–KK—THOMAS EDISON NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410mmm. Thomas Edison National Historical Park, New Jersey. SUBCHAPTER LIX–LL—PALO ALTO BATTLEFIELD NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK 410nnn. Findings. 410nnn–1. Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park. 410nnn–2. Administration. 410nnn–3. Land acquisition. 410nnn–4. Cooperative agreements. 410nnn–5. Management plan. 410nnn–6. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LIX–MM—PINNACLES NATIONAL PARK 410ooo. Findings. 410ooo–1. Establishment of Pinnacles National Park. SUBCHAPTER LX—NATIONAL MILITARY PARKS 411. Military maneuvers. 412. Camps for military instruction; regulations for militia. 413. Offenses relating to structures and vegetation. 414. Trespassing for hunting, or shooting. 415. Repealed. 416. Refusal to surrender leased land; recovery. 417 to 419. Omitted, Repealed, or Transferred. 420. Rights-of-way through military and other reservations for power and communications facilities. 421. Vacancies occurring in commissions in charge of parks not to be filled. 422. Moores Creek National Battlefield; establishment. 422a. Acceptance of lands. 422a–1. Acquisition of property. 422a–2. Authorization of appropriations. 422b. Duties of Secretary of the Interior. 422c. Ascertaining and marking of lines of battle. 422d. Monuments, etc., protected. 423. Petersburg National Battlefield; establishment. 423a. Acceptance of donations of lands. 423a–1. Addition of lands. 423a–2. Adjustment of boundary. 423b. Commission; organization. 423c. Duties of commission. 423d. Acceptance and disposition of gifts. 423e. Ascertaining and marking lines of battle. 423f. Protection of monuments, etc. 423g. Rules and regulations. 423h. Report of completion; superintendent of battlefield. 423h–1. Redesignation of park. 423h–2. Acquisition of lands; publication in Federal Register; administration. 423h–3. Authorization of appropriation. 423i to 423l. Omitted or Repealed. 423l–1. Short title; definitions. 423l–2. Findings and purpose. 423l–3. Richmond National Battlefield Park; boundaries. 423l–4. Land acquisition. 423l–5. Park administration. 423l–6. Authorization of appropriations. 423m. Eutaw Springs Battlefield Site; establishment; purpose. 423n. Acceptance of lands and funds; acquisition of lands. 423o. Administration, protection, and development. 424. Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park. 424–1. Acquisition of land. 424a. Acceptance of donations of lands. 424a–1. Acceptance of donations of lands and other property on Signal Mountain. 424a–2. Conveyance of portion of park to Georgia. 424a–3. Addition of surplus Government lands; publication of notice; effective date. 424a–4. Repealed. 424b. Application of laws to donated lands. 424c. Moccasin Bend National Archeological District. 425. Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County Battle Fields Memorial; establishment. 425a. Acquisition of lands. 425b. Leasing lands for memorial. 425c. Commission; organization. 425d. Duties of commission. 425e. Acceptance and distribution of gifts. 425f. Ascertaining and marking lines of battle. 425g. Protection of monuments, etc. 425h. Rules and regulations. 425i. Report of completion of acquisition of land and work of commission; superintendent of park. 425j. Authorization of appropriation. 425k. Revision of park boundaries. 425l. Acquisitions and conveyances. 425m. Retained rights. 425n. Interpretation. 425o. Authorization of appropriations. 426. Stones River National Battlefield; establishment; appointment of commission. 426a. Qualifications of members of commission. 426b. Duties of commission. 426c. Assistants to commission; expenses of commission. 426d. Receipt of report of commission by Secretary of the Interior; acquisition of land for battlefield; other duties of Secretary. 426e. Lands acquired declared national battlefield; name. 426f. Control of battlefield, regulations. 426g. Occupation of lands by former owners. 426h. Ascertaining and marking lines of battle. 426i. Protection of monuments, etc. 426j. Authorization of appropriation; fixing of boundaries as condition to purchase of lands. 426k. Acquisition of additional lands. 426l. Redesignation; availability of appropriations. 426m. Administration, protection, and development. 426n. Boundary revision of Stones River National Battlefield. 426o. Agreement with Murfreesboro, Tennessee, respecting battlefield. 426o–1. Planning. 426p. Authorization of appropriations. 427. Site of battle with Sioux Indians; purchase; erection of monument. 427a. Omitted. 428. Fort Donelson National Battlefield; establishment; appointment of commission. 428a. Qualifications of members of commission. 428b. Duties of commission. 428c. Assistants to commission; expenses of commission. 428d. Receipt of report of commission by Secretary of the Interior; acquisition of land for battlefield; other duties of Secretary. 428d–1. Acquisition of additional lands. 428d–2. Acceptance of donations by Secretary of the Interior. 428d–3. Administration, protection, and development. 428e. Lands acquired declared national battlefield; name. 428f. Control of battlefield; regulations. 428g. Occupation of lands by former owners. 428h. Ascertaining and marking line of battle. 428i. Protection of monuments, etc. 428j. Omitted. 428k. Addition of lands. 428l. Acquisition of lands; agreement for transfer of jurisdiction. 428m. Authorization of appropriation. 428n. Change in name to Fort Donelson National Battlefield. 428o. Administration, protection, and development. 428p. Fort Donelson National Battlefield. 428p–1. Land acquisition related to Fort Donelson National Battlefield. 428p–2. Administration of Fort Donelson National Battlefield. 429. Brices Cross Roads and Tupelo battlefields in Mississippi; establishment. 429a. Jurisdiction and control; authorization of annual appropriation. 429a–1. Tupelo National Battlefield; acquisition of additional lands. 429a–2. Change in name to Tupelo National Battlefield; administration. 429b. Manassas National Battlefield Park. 429b–1. Acquisition and use of lands. 429b–2. Retention of right of use and occupation of improved property by owner. 429b–3. Definitions. 429b–4. Funds from Land and Water Conservation Fund. 429b–5. Funding limitations; contracting authority, etc. 430. Kings Mountain National Military Park; establishment. 430a. Acquisition of land. 430a–1. Revision of boundaries. 430a–2. Acquisition of lands within revised boundary. 430a–3. Applicability of laws and regulations to acquired lands and interests therein. 430b. Control; regulations for care and management. 430c. Permits to occupy land. 430d. Repair of roads; historical markers. 430e. Monuments and tablets within park; approval. 430f. Shiloh National Military Park. 430f–1. Conveyance of lands. 430f–2. Conveyance of right-of-way; construction and maintenance of roadways. 430f–3. Conveyance of lands for recreational area; development and use. 430f–4. Jurisdiction of lands. 430f–5. Siege and Battle of Corinth. 430f–6. Corinth Unit of the Shiloh National Military Park; findings and purposes. 430f–7. Definitions. 430f–8. Establishment of Unit. 430f–9. Land acquisition. 430f–10. Park management and administration. 430f–11. Repealed. 430f–12. Authorization of appropriations. 430g. Gettysburg National Military Park. 430g–1. Exchange of lands. 430g–2. Exchange of lands. 430g–3. Donation of non-Federal lands. 430g–4. Gettysburg National Military Park boundary revision. 430g–5. Acquisition and disposal of lands. 430g–6. Agreements with respect to monuments and tablets located outside park boundary. 430g–7. Conservation within Gettysburg Battlefield historic district. 430g–8. Advisory Commission. 430g–9. Interpretation. 430g–10. Authorization of appropriations. 430h. Vicksburg National Military Park. 430h–1. Donations of land and property. 430h–2. Exchange of certain lands authorized. 430h–3. Consolidation of lands and installation of park tour road. 430h–4. Jurisdiction over lands and roads. 430h–5. Authorization of appropriations. 430h–6. Addition of lands to Vicksburg National Military Park. 430h–7. Exclusion of lands from park. 430h–8. Park interpretation. 430h–9. Authorization of appropriations. 430h–10. Boundary modification. 430h–11. Acquisition of property. 430h–12. Administration. 430h–13. Authorization of appropriations. 430i. Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. 430j. Monocacy National Battlefield; establishment. 430k. Condemnation proceedings; purchase without condemnation; acceptance of donations of land. 430l. Leases with preceding owners of acquired lands; conditions. 430m. Administration. 430n. Repealed. 430o. Gifts and donations; acceptance by Secretary. 430p. Right of States to enter and mark battle lines. 430q. Offenses. 430r. Rules and regulations. 430s. Authorization of appropriations. 430t. Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park; establishment. 430u. Donations of land; purchase and condemnation. 430v. Monuments and memorials; regulations; historical markers. 430w. Administration, protection, and development. 430x. Authorization of appropriations; authorization to expand boundaries. 430y. Spanish War Memorial Park; establishment. 430z. Monument within park; construction authorized. 430z–1. Landscaping park; employment of architects and engineers. 430z–2. Memorials within park; erection authorized. 430z–3. Administration, protection, and development. 430aa. Pea Ridge National Military Park; establishment. 430bb. Determination of desirable areas. 430cc. Administration, protection, and development; improvements. 430dd. Dedication. 430ee. Authorization of appropriations. 430ff. Horseshoe Bend National Military Park; establishment. 430gg. Determination of desirable areas. 430hh. Administration, protection, and development; improvements. 430ii. Dedication. 430jj. Authorization of appropriations. 430kk. Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield: establishment and acquisition of lands. 430ll. Designation. 430mm. Authorization of appropriations. 430nn. Antietam Battlefield site; acquisition of lands, buildings, structures, and other property. 430oo. Acquisition of lands for preservation, protection and improvement; limitation. 430pp. Fort Necessity National Battlefield; acquisition of land. 430qq. Exchange of lands. 430rr. Change in name to Fort Necessity National Battlefield. 430ss. Administration, protection, and development. 430tt. Authorization of appropriation. 430uu. Big Hole National Battlefield; redesignation of monument. 430uu–1. Revision of boundaries. 430uu–2. Acquisition of land; exclusion from Beaverhead National Forest; administration. 430uu–3. Jurisdiction. 430uu–4. Authorization of appropriation. 430vv. River Raisin National Battlefield Park. SUBCHAPTER LXI—NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL MONUMENTS AND MEMORIALS 431. National monuments; reservation of lands; relinquishment of private claims. 431a. Limitation on further extension or establishment of national monuments in Wyoming. 432. Permits to examine ruins, excavations, and gathering of objects; regulations. 433. American antiquities. 433a. Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial; establishment. 433b. Administration, protection, and development. 433c. Acceptance of donations of lands and funds; acquisition of land. 433d, 433e. Repealed. 433f. Inconsistent laws repealed. 433f–1. Change in name of Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial National Monument. 433g. Fort Frederica National Monument; establishment. 433h. Donation of property; acquisition of lands. 433h–1. Acquisition of additional lands. 433i. Museum; historical markers. 433j. Administration, protection, and development. 433k. Whitman Mission National Historic Site; acquisition of land; establishment, supervision and maintenance. 433k–1. Acquisition of additional land. 433l. Erection of monuments and tablets. 433m. Authorization of appropriation. 433n. Change in name of Whitman National Monument. 434. National monument in Riverside County, California. 435. Acquiring reservation land. 436. Omitted. 437. Fort McHenry; restoration and preservation. 438. Repairs and improvements; how made. 439. Land for use of Secretary of the Treasury. 440. Closure in times of national emergency. 440a. Change in name of Fort McHenry Park. 441. Badlands National Park; establishment. 441a. Boundaries. 441b. Construction of highway by State of South Dakota. 441c. Administration, protection, and promotion; franchises for hotel and lodge accommodations. 441d. Examinations, excavations, and gathering of objects of interest within park. 441e. Effective date of sections 441 to 441d. 441e–1. Change in name of Badlands National Monument. 441f. Adjustment and redefinition of boundaries. 441g. Orders to effectuate revision of boundaries; publication. 441h. Jurisdiction of mining and mineral rights; patents. 441i. Exchanges of land. 441j. Revision of boundaries. 441k. Acquisition of property for park. 441l. Exchange of lands; transfer from Federal agency to administrative jurisdiction of Secretary; terms and conditions of purchase. 441m. Disposition of excess gunnery range lands and reservation lands; purchase; terms and conditions; life estates and use restrictions. 441n. Lands outside gunnery range; exchange of lands; reservation of mineral rights; grazing and mineral development rights of Indians; execution of instruments; trust title. 441o. Facilities for interpretation of park and history of Sioux Nation; conveyance of reservation lands; submission of terms to Congressional committees. 442. George Washington Birthplace National Monument. 443 to 443f. Transferred. 444. Petrified Forest National Monument; elimination of private holdings of land within boundaries; exchange of lands. 444a. Ascertainment of value of lands offered for exchange; evidence of title. 445. Canyon De Chelly National Monument; establishment; boundaries. 445a. Rights and privileges of Navajo Indians in canyons. 445b. Administration by National Park Service; powers and duties. 445c. Pipestone National Monument. 445d. Acquisition of additional lands, Pipestone School Reserve and non-Federal land; redefining of boundaries; quarry rights of Indians. 446. Sites for tablets at Antietam; care and supervision. 447. Repealed. 447a. Ocmulgee National Monument; establishment; acquisition of property. 447b. Donation of property; condemnation proceedings. 447c. Administration, protection, and development. 448. Pioneer National Monument; establishment. 449. Acceptance of donations of land and funds; acquisition of land. 450. Administration, protection, and development. 450a. Chalmette, Louisiana, Monument. 450b to 450e. Repealed. 450e–1. Appomattox Court House National Historical Park. 450f to 450k. Repealed. 450l. Fort Stanwix National Monument; establishment. 450m. Acceptance of donations of lands and funds; acquisition of land. 450n. Administration, protection, and development. 450o. Andrew Johnson National Historic Site; authorization. 450p. Acquisition of property; donations. 450q. Administration, protection, and development. 450r. Ackia Battleground National Monument; establishment. 450s. Omitted. 450t. Administration, protection, and development. 450u. Homestead National Monument of America; establishment. 450v. Omitted. 450w. Administration; establishment of museum. 450x. Authorization of annual appropriations. 450y. Coronado National Memorial; establishment. 450y–1. Administration. 450y–2. Grazing within memorial area. 450y–3. Construction of fences. 450y–4. Acquisition of property; donations. 450y–5. Revision of boundaries. 450y–6. Acquisition of lands; administration. 450y–7. Authorization of appropriations. 450z. Repealed. 450aa. George Washington Carver National Monument; acquisition of land. 450aa–1. Establishment and supervision. 450aa–2. Maintenance of museum; construction of roads and use of markers. 450bb. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. 450bb–1. Administration. 450bb–2. Maintenance of museum; acceptance of museum articles; construction of roads, etc. 450bb–3. Acquisition of additional lands. 450bb–4. Acceptance and purchase of lands and improvements; payment; exchange of lands. 450bb–5. Authorization of appropriations. 450bb–6. Change in name of Harpers Ferry National Monument. 450cc. Castle Clinton National Monument; establishment. 450cc–1. Administration, protection, and development. 450dd. De Soto National Memorial; establishment. 450dd–1. Administration. 450ee. Fort Sumter National Monument; establishment. 450ee–1. Administration. 450ff. Fort Vancouver National Historic Site; establishment. 450ff–1. Size of site; effective date; additional lands. 450ff–2. Administration, protection, and development. 450ff–3. Revision of boundaries. 450ff–4. Acquisition of lands. 450ff–5. Administrative jurisdiction of Federal lands. 450ff–6. Change in name of Fort Vancouver National Monument. 450gg to 450gg–3. Repealed. 450hh. Saint Croix Island International Historic Site; establishment; acceptance of land; size. 450hh–1. Designation; acquisition of additional lands; lands excluded. 450hh–2. Administration. 450ii. Joshua Tree National Monument; revision of boundaries. 450ii–1. Excluded lands opened to entry under mining laws. 450ii–2. Continuation of leases, permits, and licenses. 450ii–3. Survey and report of mineral value. 450jj. Jefferson National Expansion Memorial; authorization. 450jj–1. Construction of memorial. 450jj–2. Railroad agreement as condition precedent to undertaking memorial project. 450jj–3. Designation of additional land by Secretary; manner of acquiring additional land. 450jj–4. Transfer of land. 450jj–5. Administration of Memorial; cooperation with State and local governments and private sector. 450jj–6. Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Commission. 450jj–7. Development and management plan for East Saint Louis, Illinois, portion of Memorial. 450jj–8. Repealed. 450jj–9. Activities in Memorial area pending submission of plan. 450kk. Fort Union National Monument; acquisition of site and other lands; reversions and reservations. 450kk–1. Establishment; publication in Federal Register; additional properties. 450ll. Booker T. Washington National Monument; acquisition of site. 450ll–1. Establishment and supervision. 450ll–2. Maintenance of museum; provision for parks, construction of roads and use of markers. 450ll–3. Additional lands. 450mm to 450mm–3. Repealed. 450nn. General Grant National Memorial; establishment. 450oo. Grand Portage National Monument; establishment; effective date. 450oo–1. Acceptance of donations of land; instruments of relinquishment; life assignments. 450oo–2. Procurement of other lands within monument. 450oo–3. Visitor accommodations and services. 450oo–4. Employment preferences. 450oo–5. Production and sale of handicraft objects; noninterference with trade or business outside monument. 450oo–6. Traversing privileges; regulations. 450oo–7. Docking facilities. 450oo–8. Advisory assistance for developments upon adjacent lands. 450oo–9. Administration, protection, and development. 450oo–10. Reversion upon abandonment. 450pp. Roger Williams National Memorial; acquisition of site. 450pp–1. Establishment; notice of establishment; administration. 450pp–2. Cooperation with city of Providence and local historical and preservation societies. 450pp–3. Authorization of appropriations. 450qq to 450qq–4. Omitted. 450rr. R.M.S. Titanic; international maritime memorial; findings and purposes. 450rr–1. Definitions. 450rr–2. Commendation. 450rr–3. International guidelines. 450rr–4. International agreement. 450rr–5. Sense of Congress regarding conduct of future activities. 450rr–6. Disclaimer of extraterritorial sovereignty. 450ss. Findings and purposes. 450ss–1. Definitions. 450ss–2. Oklahoma City National Memorial. 450ss–3. Transfer of Memorial property, rights, authorities, and duties. 450ss–4. Repealed. 450ss–5. Limitations on funding. 450ss–6, 450ss–7. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER LXII—MISCELLANEOUS 451. Repealed. 451a. Limitation on further extension or establishment of national parks in Wyoming. 452. Revenues of national parks covered into Treasury; estimates for care of parks. 452a. Acquisition of non-Federal land within existing boundaries of any National Park; donations; authorization of appropriations. 453. Donations of land for park purposes near or adjacent to National Forest Reserve in North Carolina. 454. Repealed. 455. Study of battlefields for commemorative purposes. 455a. Report to Congress. 455b. Inclusion of estimate of cost of projected surveys in appropriation estimates. 455c. Purchase of real estate for military park. 456. Expense of depositing money payable from appropriations. 456a. Collections and pay-roll deductions for meals and quarters. 457. Action for death or personal injury within national park or other place under jurisdiction of United States; application of State laws. 458. Travel expenses incident to study of battlefields; payment. 458a. Mats for reproduction in magazines and newspapers of photographs of scenery. SUBCHAPTER LXIII—NATIONAL SEASHORE RECREATIONAL AREAS 459. Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area; conditional establishment; acquisition of lands. 459a. Acceptance of donations; acquisition of property by purchase and condemnation. 459a–1. Administration, protection, and development; commercial fishing by residents; hunting. 459a–2. Preservation of natural features; acquisition of additional property; reversion of property on failure of conditions. 459a–3. Migratory bird refuges not to be affected. 459a–4. Omitted. 459a–5. Addition of lands; Naval Amphibious Training Station. 459a–5a. Addition of lands; Hatteras. 459a–6. Acquisition of non-Federal land within boundaries of recreational area. 459a–7. Availability of appropriations. 459a–8. Limitation on expenditure. 459a–9. Conveyance of land for improvement with public health facility; reversion; consideration; status of property upon transfer of title. 459a–10. Transfer of Ocracoke Light Station to Secretary of the Interior. 459b. Cape Cod National Seashore; description of area. 459b–1. Acquisition of property. 459b–2. Establishment. 459b–3. Acquisition by condemnation. 459b–4. Zoning regulations. 459b–5. Certificate of suspension of authority for acquisition by condemnation. 459b–6. Administration of acquired property. 459b–7. Cape Cod National Seashore Advisory Commission. 459b–8. Authorization of appropriations. 459c. Point Reyes National Seashore; purposes; authorization for establishment. 459c–1. Description of area. 459c–2. Acquisition of property. 459c–3. Repealed. 459c–4. Point Reyes National Seashore. 459c–5. Owner’s reservation of right of use and occupancy for fixed term of years or life. 459c–6. Administration of property. 459c–6a. The Clem Miller Environmental Education Center; designation. 459c–6b. Cooperation with utilities district; land use and occupancy; terms and conditions. 459c–7. Authorization of appropriations; restriction on use of land. 459d. Padre Island National Seashore; description of land and waters. 459d–1. Acquisition of property. 459d–2. Establishment. 459d–3. Reservation of oil, gas, and other minerals. 459d–4. Administration; utilization of authority for conservation and management of natural resources. 459d–5. Roadways to access highways from mainland. 459d–6. Aerial gunnery and bombing range agreements of Secretary of the Interior and Secretary of the Navy. 459d–7. Authorization of appropriations. 459e. Fire Island National Seashore. 459e–1. Acquisition of property. 459e–2. Zoning regulations. 459e–3. Retention by owner of right of use and occupancy of improved property for residential purposes. 459e–4. Hunting and fishing regulations. 459e–5. Acceptance of donations. 459e–6. Administration, protection, and development. 459e–7. Shore erosion control or beach protection measures; Fire Island inlet. 459e–8. Omitted. 459e–9. Authorization of appropriations. 459e–10. Authority to accept donation of William Floyd Estate. 459e–11. Authority to accept donation of main dwelling on William Floyd Estate; lease-back of donated property. 459e–12. Administration of property of William Floyd Estate; detached unit. 459f. Assateague Island National Seashore; purposes; description of area. 459f–1. Acquisition of property. 459f–2. Compensation for bridge construction costs; acquisition of land for park purposes. 459f–3. Establishment of Seashore; notice in Federal Register. 459f–4. Hunting and fishing provisions. 459f–5. Administration of Seashore. 459f–6. Repealed. 459f–7. Beach erosion control and hurricane protection. 459f–8. Repealed. 459f–9. Public utility facilities; purchase of facilities without value to utility; amount of payment. 459f–10. Authorization of appropriations. 459f–11. Comprehensive plan for protection, management, and use of seashore. 459g. Cape Lookout National Seashore; purposes; authorization for establishment; description of area. 459g–1. Acquisition of property. 459g–2. Establishment; notice in Federal Register; copies to Congress. 459g–3. Hunting and fishing provisions. 459g–4. Administration; public outdoor recreation and enjoyment; utilization of authorities for conservation and development of natural resources. 459g–5. Shore erosion control or beach protection measures. 459g–6. Preservation and designation as wilderness; review of area by Secretary; report to President. 459g–7. Authorization of appropriations; master plan to Congressional committees; time; contents. 459h. Gulf Islands National Seashore. 459h–1. Acquisition of property. 459h–2. Designation of hunting and fishing zones; regulation of maritime activities. 459h–3. Rights-of-way or easements for transportation of oil and gas minerals. 459h–4. Administration of seashore; conservation and management of wildlife and natural resources; authority to designate areas as national historic sites; agreements. 459h–5. Beach erosion control and hurricane protection; study and formulation of plans; activities by Chief of Engineers, Department of Army. 459h–6. Transfer of Horn Island and Petit Bois National Wildlife Refuges from National Wildlife Refuge System; administration. 459h–7. Preservation of any area as wilderness; study and report to President; procedure for designation of any area as a wilderness. 459h–8. Authority of Department of Army or Chief of Engineers over navigation or related matters. 459h–9. Gulf Islands National Seashore Advisory Commission; establishment; termination; membership; term; Chairman; compensation and payment of expenses; consultation by Secretary. 459h–10. Authorization of appropriations. 459i. Cumberland Island National Seashore; establishment; boundary revisions: notification of Congressional committees, publication in Federal Register. 459i–1. Acquisition of lands; authority of Secretary; mainland lands for access to seashore administrative and visitor facilities; State lands; transfer from Federal agency to administrative jurisdiction of Secretary. 459i–2. Cumberland Island Parkway; right-of-way; administration; regulations. 459i–3. Acquisition of property. 459i–4. Hunting and fishing. 459i–5. Administration, protection, and development. 459i–6. State and local jurisdiction. 459i–7. Water resource developments. 459i–8. Report to President. 459i–9. Authorization of appropriations. 459j. Canaveral National Seashore; establishment; boundary; boundary revisions; limitation on area. 459j–1. Acquisition of property; donation and development of State lands; transfer from Federal agency to administrative jurisdiction of Secretary; written cooperative agreement with National Aeronautics and Space Administration; construction and development; report to Congressional committees. 459j–2. Improved property. 459j–3. Designation of hunting, fishing and trapping zones; regulations; consultation with appropriate State agencies. 459j–4. Administration, protection, and development. 459j–5. Canaveral National Seashore Advisory Commission. 459j–6. Transfer of lands for use as administrative and visitor facilities to Secretary of the Interior; use of portion of John F. Kennedy Space Center; transfer of excess land within seashore to Secretary of the Interior. 459j–7. Report to President. 459j–8. Authorization of appropriations; reports to Congressional committees. SUBCHAPTER LXIV—RECREATIONAL DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS 459r. Disposition of recreational demonstration projects. 459s. Lands for certain projects added to certain projects. 459t. Secretary of the Interior authorized to execute deeds and leases for project lands; inclusion of conditional covenants. 459u. Exchange of recreational demonstration project lands by grantee. SUBCHAPTER LXV—NATIONAL PARKWAYS 460. Natchez Trace Parkway. 460–1. Inclusion of Ackia Battleground National Monument and Meriwether Lewis National Monument. 460a. Licenses or permits for right-of-way over parkway lands. 460a–1. Acceptance of lands conveyed for Blue Ridge or Natchez Trace Parkways. 460a–2. Blue Ridge Parkway; establishment; administration and maintenance. 460a–3. Licenses or permits to owners of adjacent lands. 460a–4. Transfer of jurisdiction to Secretary of Agriculture; national forest lands. 460a–5. Acquisition of land contiguous to Blue Ridge or Natchez Trace Parkways. 460a–6. Blue Ridge Parkway extension; acceptance of lands; public use, administration, and maintenance areas; survey location of parkway extension crossing national forest land; transfer from Federal agency to administrative jurisdiction of Secretary of the Interior; national forest uses following transfer within national forest. 460a–7. Coordination of recreational development on parkway and national forest lands; administration of forest land recreational facilities and access road development by Secretary of Agriculture; forest road and Appalachian Trail relocation and reconstruction and alternative forest road provision by Secretary of the Interior. 460a–8. Licenses or permits for rights-of-way over parkway lands. 460a–9. Part of Blue Ridge Parkway; administration and maintenance of parkway extension. 460a–10. Transfer of national forest lands to Secretary of Agriculture. 460a–11. Authorization of appropriations. 460b, 460c. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER LXVI—PUBLIC PARK AND RECREATIONAL FACILITIES AT WATER RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS 460d. Construction and operation of public parks and recreational facilities in water resource development projects; lease of lands; preference for use; penalty; application of section 3401 of title 18; citations and arrests with and without process; limitations; disposition of receipts. 460d–1. Rentals or other considerations in leases for construction, maintenance, and operation of commercial recreational facilities; adjustment by Chief of Engineers. 460d–2. Adjustment by Secretary of Agriculture. 460d–3. Recreational user fees. 460d–3a. Contracts to provide visitor reservation services. SUBCHAPTER LXVII—COTTAGE SITE DEVELOPMENTS AND USES IN RESERVOIR AREAS 460e. Authorization for sale of public lands; rights of lessee. 460f. Notice and method of sale; price; conveyance. 460g. Transfer to State, etc., for roadway purposes. 460h. Costs of surveys or relocation of boundaries. 460i. Delegation of powers; regulations. 460j. Disposition of proceeds. SUBCHAPTER LXVIII—NATIONAL CONSERVATION RECREATIONAL AREAS 460k. Public recreation use of fish and wildlife conservation areas; compatibility with conservation purposes; appropriate incidental or secondary use; consistency with other Federal operations and primary objectives of particular areas; curtailment; forms of recreation not directly related to primary purposes of individual areas; repeal or amendment of provisions for particular areas. 460k–1. Acquisition of lands for recreational development; funds. 460k–2. Cooperation with agencies, organizations and individuals; acceptance of donations; restrictive covenants. 460k–3. Charges and fees; permits; regulations; penalties; enforcement. 460k–4. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LXIX—OUTDOOR RECREATION PROGRAMS
Part A—Coordination of Programs

460l. Congressional findings and declaration of policy. 460l–1. Powers and duties of Secretary of the Interior. 460l–2. Consultations of Secretary of the Interior with administrative officers; execution of administrative responsibilities in conformity with nationwide plan. 460l–3. Definitions.
Part B—Land and Water Conservation Fund

460l–4. Land and water conservation provisions; statement of purposes. 460l–5. Land and water conservation fund; establishment; covering certain revenues and collections into fund. 460l–5a. Repealed. 460l–6. Appropriations for expenditure of land and water conservation fund moneys; transfers to miscellaneous receipts of Treasury. 460l–6a. Admission and special recreation use fees. 460l–6b. Repealed. 460l–6c. Admission, entrance, and recreation fees. 460l–6d. Commercial filming. 460l–7. Allocation of land and water conservation fund for State and Federal purposes. 460l–8. Financial assistance to States. 460l–9. Allocation of land and water conservation fund moneys for Federal purposes. 460l–10. Availability of land and water conservation fund for publicity purposes; standardized temporary signing; standards and guidelines. 460l–10a. Contracts for acquisition of lands and waters. 460l–10b. Contracts for options to acquire lands and waters in national park system. 460l–10c. Repeal of provisions prohibiting collection of recreation fees or user charges. 460l–10d. Review and report; submittal to Congressional committees; contents. 460l–10e. Advisory Commission on water-based recreation. 460l–11. Transfers to and from land and water conservation fund.
Part C—Water Resources Projects

460l–12. Recreation and fish and wildlife benefits of Federal multiple-purpose water resources projects; Congressional declaration of policy. 460l–13. Non-Federal administration of project land and water areas. 460l–14. Facilities or project modifications to be provided without written indication of intent. 460l–15. Lease of facilities and lands to non-Federal public bodies. 460l–16. Postauthorization development of projects without allocation or reallocation of costs. 460l–17. Miscellaneous provisions. 460l–18. Authority of Secretary of the Interior. 460l–19. Feasibility reports. 460l–20. Construction of projects under certain laws with allocations to recreation and fish and wildlife enhancement exceeding allocations to other functions unauthorized; exception. 460l–21. Definitions.
Part D—Land Transfers

460l–22. Conveyance of property and interests in property in national park system and miscellaneous areas.
Part E—Reclamation Recreation Management

460l–31. Findings. 460l–32. Definitions. 460l–33. Management of reclamation lands. 460l–34. Protection of authorized purposes of reclamation projects. SUBCHAPTER LXX—OZARK NATIONAL SCENIC RIVERWAYS 460m. Establishment. 460m–1. Acquisition of lands, easements, etc.; exchange of lands; consent of State; reversion to State; administrative jurisdiction of Federal lands or waters. 460m–2. Reservation of use and occupancy of improved property for noncommercial residential purposes; term; valuation. 460m–3. Establishment; notice in Federal Register; alteration of boundaries; acreage limitation. 460m–4. Cooperative land development programs; hunting and fishing. 460m–5. Administration. 460m–6. Free-roaming horses. 460m–7. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LXXI—BUFFALO NATIONAL RIVER 460m–8. Establishment. 460m–9. Acquisition of lands and waters. 460m–10. Hunting and fishing; rules and regulations. 460m–11. Water resource projects. 460m–12. Administration, protection, and development. 460m–13. Suitability for preservation as a wilderness; area review and report to President. 460m–14. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LXXI–A—NEW RIVER GORGE NATIONAL RIVER 460m–15. Establishment; administration, protection, and development; utilization of other authorities; boundary description, availability for public inspection. 460m–16. Acquisition of property. 460m–17. Lands and areas plan; submission to Congressional committees. 460m–18. Zoning laws and ordinances; establishment; assistance; restrictions; variances. 460m–19. Mineral lands. 460m–20. Hunting and fishing zones; designation; rules and regulations, consultation. 460m–21. Project work prohibition; advisement to Secretary; report to Congress. 460m–22. General management plan; submission to Congressional committees. 460m–23. Cooperation. 460m–24. Class I or class II redesignation for clean air purposes. 460m–25. Authorization of appropriations. 460m–26. Cooperative agreements with State. 460m–27. Improvement of access at Cunard. 460m–28. Flow management. 460m–29. Glade Creek visitor facility. 460m–29a. New River Gorge and Gauley River Visitor Center. 460m–30. Applicable provisions of other law. SUBCHAPTER LXXII—LAKE MEAD NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460n. Administration. 460n–1. Boundaries of area; filing of map with Federal Register; revision; donations of land; property acquisition and exclusion. 460n–2. Hualapai Indian lands; inclusion within area; mineral rights; leases and permits; hunting and fishing rights. 460n–3. Purposes and uses of area. 460n–4. Hunting, fishing and trapping. 460n–5. Regulation of area; violations and penalties. 460n–6. Political jurisdiction; taxing power; Hualapai Indians. 460n–7. Revenues and fees; disposition. 460n–8. United States magistrate judge: appointment; functions; probation; fees. 460n–9. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LXXIII—DELAWARE WATER GAP NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460o. Establishment. 460o–1. Acquisition of lands. 460o–2. Designation of area; boundaries. 460o–3. Administration authorities for conservation, management, or disposal of natural resources; coordination of administrative responsibilities of the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of the Army. 460o–4. Land and water use management plan; adoption, implementation, and revision; provisions. 460o–5. Hunting and fishing. 460o–6. Civil and criminal jurisdiction and taxing power of State. 460o–7. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LXXIV—SPRUCE KNOB-SENECA ROCKS NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460p. Establishment. 460p–1. Designation of area; acreage limitation; boundaries; publication in Federal Register. 460p–2. Acquisition of lands, etc. 460p–3. Outdoor recreation facilities development; cooperation with Federal and State agencies. 460p–4. Administration, protection, and development. 460p–5. Hunting and fishing. SUBCHAPTER LXXV—WHISKEYTOWN-SHASTA-TRINITY NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460q. Establishment; boundaries; administration; integrated management policies. 460q–1. Acquisition of property. 460q–2. Establishment of units; publication in Federal Register; boundary descriptions. 460q–3. Administration; land and water use management plans, preparation and revision; utilization of statutory authorities. 460q–4. Hunting and fishing. 460q–5. Mineral development; payment of receipts into certain funds or accounts in Treasury; disposition of receipts. 460q–6. State jurisdiction. 460q–7. Shasta and Trinity National Forests; additions of lands. 460q–8. Revenues and fees; disposition. 460q–9. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LXXVI—MOUNT ROGERS NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460r. Establishment. 460r–1. Designation of area; boundaries; publication in Federal Register. 460r–2. Acquisition of lands. 460r–3. Outdoor recreation facilities development. 460r–4. Administration, protection, and development of area. 460r–5. Hunting and fishing. SUBCHAPTER LXXVII—PICTURED ROCKS NATIONAL LAKESHORE 460s. Establishment. 460s–1. Description of area. 460s–2. Establishment; notice in Federal Register. 460s–3. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Advisory Commission. 460s–4. Hunting and fishing. 460s–5. Administration, protection, and development. 460s–6. Taxing power. 460s–7. Acquisition of property. 460s–8. Inland buffer zone. 460s–9. Property subject to condemnation. 460s–10. Acquisition of property. 460s–11. Zoning bylaws; assistance and consultation with township or county officers or employees; technical aid payments. 460s–12. Certificate of prohibition of authority for acquisition by condemnation. 460s–13. Authorization of appropriations. 460s–14. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore boundary adjustment. 460s–15. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore boundary revision. SUBCHAPTER LXXVIII—BIGHORN CANYON NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460t. Establishment. 460t–1. Acquisition of land. 460t–2. Administration. 460t–3. Hunting and fishing. 460t–4. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LXXIX—INDIANA DUNES NATIONAL LAKESHORE 460u. Establishment; description of area. 460u–1. Acquisition of property. 460u–2. Direction for establishment; publication in Federal Register; continuing acquisition of lands. 460u–3. “Improved property” and “appropriate map” defined; terms and conditions for rights of use and occupancy. 460u–4. Repealed. 460u–5. Owner’s retention of right of use and occupancy for residential purposes. 460u–6. Administration. 460u–7. Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Advisory Commission. 460u–8. State jurisdiction. 460u–9. Authorization of appropriations; general management plan; submittal to Congressional committees; feasibility study. 460u–10. Rights-of-way and easements; existing property rights of Northern Indiana Public Service Company. 460u–11. Legal cooling, process, or surface drainage into Little Calumet River; Federal, State or local air and water pollution standards not affected. 460u–12. Repealed. 460u–13. Acquisition of area I–C; owner consent required. 460u–14. Plan, lands acquired, land acquisition program; submittal to Congressional committees. 460u–15. Rights-of-way; public access to Little Calumet River. 460u–16. Road construction cooperative agreements with landowners north of Little Calumet River; prevention of soil erosion; minimization of aural and visual impact. 460u–17. Lands within area I–E used for solid waste disposal. 460u–18. Study of areas III–A, III–C, and II–A; report to Congressional committees. 460u–19. Acquisition of land outside present boundaries; notice to Congressional committees; publication in Federal Register. 460u–20. Paul H. Douglas Ecological and Recreational Unit and Center for Environmental Education. 460u–21. Public access study. 460u–22. Consideration of property owner’s hardship in property acquisition. 460u–23. Acquisition of interest in area VII–A. 460u–24. Little Calumet River and Burns/Portage Waterway. 460u–25. Cooperative agreement with Gary, Indiana. 460u–26. Units VII–D and I–M. SUBCHAPTER LXXX—FLAMING GORGE NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460v. Establishment. 460v–1. Administration, protection, and development by Secretary of Agriculture; administration of land or waters for Colorado River storage project by Secretary of the Interior. 460v–2. Boundaries; adjustments; publication in Federal Register. 460v–3. Hunting, fishing, and trapping. 460v–4. Lands withdrawn from location, entry, and patent under United States mining laws; removal of minerals; receipts, disposition. 460v–5. Ashley National Forest; addition of lands of Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. 460v–6. Addition of lands to Forest; administration of land for Colorado River storage project by Secretary of the Interior. 460v–7. Availability of land and water conservation fund moneys. 460v–8. State and local jurisdiction. SUBCHAPTER LXXXI—APOSTLE ISLANDS NATIONAL LAKESHORE 460w. Establishment; boundaries. 460w–1. Boundaries not to include lands held in trust by United States for Red Cliff Band or Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians; exceptions. 460w–2. Acquisition of property; authority of Secretary; State and Federal lands. 460w–3. Retention rights of owners of improved property. 460w–4. Hunting, fishing, and trapping. 460w–5. Administration, protection, and development of lakeshore by Secretary. 460w–6. Land and water use management plan; adoption, implementation, and revision of plan by Secretary; required provisions of plan. 460w–7. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LXXXII—SLEEPING BEAR DUNES NATIONAL LAKESHORE 460x. Establishment. 460x–1. Description of area. 460x–2. Designation of lakeshore areas. 460x–3. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Advisory Commission. 460x–4. Hunting and fishing; issuance of regulations. 460x–5. Administration, protection, and development. 460x–6. Taxing power. 460x–7. Acquisition of property. 460x–8. Zoning bylaws. 460x–9. Right of retention of residential use in improved lands. 460x–10. Improved property. 460x–11. Scenic roads. 460x–12. Condemnation of commercial property. 460x–13. Certificate of Secretary to interested person indicating prohibition from acquiring particular property by condemnation; contents. 460x–14. Authorization of appropriations; adjustments. 460x–15. Lakeshore wilderness report; administration. SUBCHAPTER LXXXIII—KING RANGE NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA 460y. Establishment; boundaries. 460y–1. Management of lands. 460y–2. Program of multiple usage and sustained yield of renewable natural resources; public and private assistance in preparation; provisions. 460y–3. Procedure for establishment. 460y–4. Authority of Secretary. 460y–5. Applicability of mining laws; prospecting commenced or conducted and mining claims located subsequent to October 21, 1970, as subject to regulations; patents issued on mining claims located subsequent to October 21, 1970, as subject to regulations; provisions of regulations; rights of owner of existing valid mining claim as unaffected. 460y–6. Administration of public lands within Area. 460y–7. Withdrawal of certain public lands for classification; revocation of Executive Order Numbered 5237. 460y–8. Survey and investigation area. 460y–9. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LXXXIV—OREGON DUNES NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460z. Establishment. 460z–1. Administration, protection, and development. 460z–2. Inland sector; establishment as buffer sector. 460z–3. Boundary map; revision. 460z–4. Transfer of Federal property. 460z–5. Land acquisition in inland sector. 460z–6. Land acquisition in recreation area; donation and exchange; railway right-of-way; retention rights of owners of improved property. 460z–7. Hunting, fishing, and trapping. 460z–8. Mining restriction. 460z–9. Water utilization; transportation of wastes; easements. 460z–10. Advisory Council. 460z–11. Area review; report to the President; wilderness designation. 460z–12. Federal-State cooperation. 460z–13. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER LXXXV—SAWTOOTH NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460aa. Establishment. 460aa–1. Administration. 460aa–2. Acquisition of land. 460aa–3. Private land, regulations. 460aa–4. Administrative determination of suitability for designation as wilderness areas. 460aa–5. Cooperation with other agencies in development and operation of facilities and services; Stanley, restoration. 460aa–6. State civil and criminal jurisdiction. 460aa–7. Hunting and fishing regulations. 460aa–8. Federal-State water rights. 460aa–9. Mining restriction; Federal lands withdrawn from location, entry, and patent under United States mining laws. 460aa–10. Land surface protection; regulations. 460aa–11. Patents; restriction on issuance. 460aa–12. Authorization of appropriations; availability of land and water conservation fund money. 460aa–13. Area analysis for park or park administrative unit proposal. 460aa–14. Separability. SUBCHAPTER LXXXVI—GOLDEN GATE NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460bb. Establishment. 460bb–1. Composition and boundaries. 460bb–2. Acquisition policy. 460bb–3. Administration. 460bb–4. Golden Gate National Recreation Area Advisory Commission. 460bb–5. Authorization of appropriations; limitation; adjustments. SUBCHAPTER LXXXVII—GATEWAY NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460cc. Establishment. 460cc–1. Acquisition of property. 460cc–2. Administration. 460cc–3. Gateway National Recreation Area Advisory Commission. 460cc–4. Authorization of appropriations; limitation; adjustments. SUBCHAPTER LXXXVIII—GLEN CANYON NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460dd. Establishment; boundaries; publication in Federal Register. 460dd–1. Acquisition of property. 460dd–2. Public lands. 460dd–3. Administration, protection, and development; statutory authorities for conservation and management of natural resources; Glen Canyon Dam and Reservoir. 460dd–4. Hunting and fishing. 460dd–5. Mineral and grazing leases; Bureau of Land Management administration and policies. 460dd–6. Easements and rights-of-way. 460dd–7. Proposed road study. 460dd–8. Report to President. 460dd–9. Authorization of appropriations; limitation. SUBCHAPTER LXXXIX—BIG SOUTH FORK NATIONAL RIVER AND RECREATION AREA 460ee. Establishment. SUBCHAPTER XC—CUYAHOGA VALLEY NATIONAL PARK 460ff. Establishment. 460ff–1. Acquisition of land. 460ff–2. Land acquisition plan. 460ff–3. Administration. 460ff–4. Repealed. 460ff–5. Authorization of appropriations; master plan. SUBCHAPTER XCI—HELLS CANYON NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460gg. Establishment. 460gg–1. Wilderness designation. 460gg–2. Federal power and water resources projects. 460gg–3. Present and future use of Snake River. 460gg–4. Administration, protection, and development. 460gg–5. Management plan for recreation area. 460gg–6. Acquisition of property. 460gg–7. Rules and regulations. 460gg–8. Lands withdrawn from location, entry, and patent under United States mining laws. 460gg–9. Hunting and fishing. 460gg–10. Ranching, grazing, etc., as valid uses of area. 460gg–11. Civil and criminal jurisdiction of Idaho and Oregon. 460gg–12. Development and operation of facilities and services; cooperation with Federal, State, etc., agencies. 460gg–13. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XCII—CHICKASAW NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460hh. Establishment; boundaries; publication in Federal Register. 460hh–1. Acquisition of property. 460hh–2. Establishment of hunting and fishing zones; exceptions; consultation with State agencies. 460hh–3. Law governing; Arbuckle Dam and Reservoir. 460hh–4. Platt National Park designation repealed; incorporation of areas into Chickasaw National Recreation Area. 460hh–5. Concurrent legislative jurisdiction with State of Oklahoma; requisites; notice in Federal Register. 460hh–6. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XCIII—CHATTAHOOCHEE RIVER NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460ii. Establishment; boundaries; publication in Federal Register. 460ii–1. Acquisition of property. 460ii–2. Administration, protection, and development. 460ii–3. Federal supervision of water resources projects. 460ii–4. Funding sources and general management plan. 460ii–5. Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area Advisory Commission. SUBCHAPTER XCIV—ARAPAHO NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460jj. Establishment. 460jj–1. Land acquisition. 460jj–2. Hunting and fishing. 460jj–3. Permits for facilities and services. 460jj–4. Application of State water laws. 460jj–5. Filing of maps. 460jj–6. State civil and criminal jurisdiction. 460jj–7. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XCV—SANTA MONICA MOUNTAINS NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460kk. Establishment. SUBCHAPTER XCVI—RATTLESNAKE NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460ll. Findings and declaration of policy. 460ll–1. Rattlesnake Wilderness. 460ll–2. Rattlesnake National Recreation Area. 460ll–3. Land acquisition and exchange. 460ll–4. Filing of maps and descriptions. 460ll–5. Authorization of appropriations. [SUBCHAPTER XCVII—RESERVED] SUBCHAPTER XCVIII—STEESE NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA AND WHITE MOUNTAINS NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460mm. Establishment of conservation area. 460mm–1. Administration of conservation area. 460mm–2. Establishment of recreation area. 460mm–3. Rights of holders of unperfected mining claims. 460mm–4. Administration of recreation area. SUBCHAPTER XCIX—ROBERT T. STAFFORD WHITE ROCKS NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460nn. Findings and purpose. 460nn–1. Establishment. 460nn–2. Map and description. 460nn–3. Administration. SUBCHAPTER C—OREGON CASCADES RECREATION AREA 460oo. Establishment. SUBCHAPTER CI—MOUNT BAKER RECREATION AREA 460pp. Establishment. SUBCHAPTER CII—ALLEGHENY NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460qq. Establishment. SUBCHAPTER CIII—PINE RIDGE NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460rr. Establishment. 460rr–1. Map and description. 460rr–2. Administration. SUBCHAPTER CIV—KLAMATH RIVER CONSERVATION AREA 460ss. Findings. 460ss–1. Establishment. 460ss–2. Klamath Fishery Management Council. 460ss–3. Klamath River Basin Fisheries Task Force. 460ss–4. Enforcement. 460ss–5. Appropriations. 460ss–6. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER CV—CROSS FLORIDA NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA 460tt. Cross Florida Barge Canal. SUBCHAPTER CVI—EL MALPAIS NATIONAL MONUMENT AND CONSERVATION AREA
Part A—El Malpais National Monument

460uu. Establishment; description of area. 460uu–1. Transfer of administrative control of lands and waters. 460uu–2. Management. 460uu–3. Grazing permits.
Part B—Masau Trail

460uu–11. Designation. 460uu–12. Areas included. 460uu–13. Information and interpretation. 460uu–14. Markers.
Part C—El Malpais National Conservation Area

460uu–21. Establishment; description of area. 460uu–22. Management.
Part D—Wilderness

460uu–31. Designation; description of area. 460uu–32. Management; provisions applicable.
Part E—General Provisions

460uu–41. Management plans. 460uu–42. Acquisition of lands and interests. 460uu–43. State exchanges of lands and interests. 460uu–44. Mineral exchanges. 460uu–45. Acoma Pueblo exchanges. 460uu–46. Exchanges and acquisitions generally; withdrawal. 460uu–47. Access. 460uu–48. Cooperative agreements with Federal, State and local public departments and agencies. 460uu–49. Water rights. 460uu–50. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER CVII—WINDING STAIR MOUNTAIN NATIONAL RECREATION AND WILDERNESS AREA 460vv. Findings and purposes. 460vv–1. Additions to National Wilderness Preservation System. 460vv–2. Maps and descriptions. 460vv–3. Administration. 460vv–4. Wilderness review. 460vv–5. Adjacent management. 460vv–6. Winding Stair Mountain National Recreation Area. 460vv–7. Botanical areas. 460vv–8. Indian Nations National Scenic and Wildlife Area. 460vv–9. Beech Creek National Scenic Area. 460vv–10. Nomenclature. 460vv–11. Timber management report. 460vv–12. Advisory committee. 460vv–13. Planning. 460vv–14. Fire, insect, and disease. 460vv–15. Grazing. 460vv–16. Fishing and wildlife. 460vv–17. Permits. 460vv–18. Land acquisition. 460vv–19. Acreages. SUBCHAPTER CVIII—GAULEY RIVER NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460ww. Establishment. 460ww–1. Administration. 460ww–2. Miscellaneous. 460ww–3. Authorization of appropriations. 460ww–4. Special conditions. 460ww–5. Advisory Committee. SUBCHAPTER CIX—SAN PEDRO RIPARIAN NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA 460xx. Establishment. 460xx–1. Management. 460xx–2. Management plan. 460xx–3. Advisory Committee. 460xx–4. Land acquisition. 460xx–5. Report to Congress. 460xx–6. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER CX—CITY OF ROCKS NATIONAL RESERVE 460yy. Establishment. 460yy–1. Plan and management. SUBCHAPTER CXI—MISSISSIPPI NATIONAL RIVER AND RECREATION AREA
Part A—Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

460zz. Findings and purposes. 460zz–1. Establishment. 460zz–2. Mississippi River Coordinating Commission. 460zz–3. Federal lands and developments. 460zz–4. Administration. 460zz–5. State and local assistance and jurisdiction. 460zz–6. Authorization of appropriations.
Part B—Tri-Rivers Management

460zz–11. Tri-Rivers Management Board. SUBCHAPTER CXII—GRAND ISLAND NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460aaa. Establishment. 460aaa–1. Boundaries. 460aaa–2. Administration. 460aaa–3. Acquisition. 460aaa–4. Fish and game. 460aaa–5. Minerals. 460aaa–6. Management plan. 460aaa–7. Grand Island Advisory Commission. 460aaa–8. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER CXIII—SMITH RIVER NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460bbb. Findings. 460bbb–1. Definitions. 460bbb–2. Establishment. 460bbb–3. Administration. 460bbb–4. Acquisition and disposal of lands and other property. 460bbb–5. Fish and game. 460bbb–6. Minerals. 460bbb–7. Management planning. 460bbb–8. Streamside protection zones. 460bbb–9. State and local jurisdiction and assistance. 460bbb–10. Savings provision. 460bbb–11. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER CXIV—RED ROCK CANYON NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA 460ccc. Definitions. 460ccc–1. Establishment. 460ccc–2. Management. 460ccc–3. Management plan. 460ccc–4. Acquisitions. 460ccc–5. Withdrawal; exchange of lands. 460ccc–6. Cooperative agreements. 460ccc–7. Coordinated management. 460ccc–8. Water. 460ccc–9. No buffer zones. 460ccc–10. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER CXV—GILA BOX RIPARIAN NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA 460ddd. Establishment. SUBCHAPTER CXVI—LAKE MEREDITH NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460eee. Establishment. 460eee–1. Administration. 460eee–2. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER CXVII—AMISTAD NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460fff. Establishment. 460fff–1. Administration. 460fff–2. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER CXVIII—ED JENKINS NATIONAL RECREATION AREA AND COOSA BALD NATIONAL SCENIC AREA 460ggg. Wilderness. 460ggg–1. National scenic area. 460ggg–2. Recreation area. 460ggg–3. Maps and legal descriptions. SUBCHAPTER CXIX—SPRING MOUNTAINS NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460hhh. Definitions. 460hhh–1. Purposes. 460hhh–2. Establishment. 460hhh–3. Management. 460hhh–4. Management plan. 460hhh–5. Acquisition of lands. 460hhh–6. Withdrawal. 460hhh–7. Cooperative agreements. 460hhh–8. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER CXX—MORLEY NELSON SNAKE RIVER BIRDS OF PREY NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA 460iii. Findings. 460iii–1. Definitions. 460iii–2. Establishment. 460iii–3. Management and use. 460iii–4. Additions. 460iii–5. Other laws and administrative provisions. 460iii–6. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER CXXI—JEMEZ NATIONAL RECREATIONAL AREA 460jjj. Establishment. 460jjj–1. Administration. 460jjj–2. Minerals and mining. 460jjj–3. Adjoining lands. 460jjj–4. Acquisition of land. 460jjj–5. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER CXXII—BOSTON HARBOR ISLANDS NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460kkk. Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. SUBCHAPTER CXXIII—LAND BETWEEN THE LAKES PROTECTION 460lll. Definitions. 460lll–1. Purposes.
Part A—Establishment, Administration, and Jurisdiction

460lll–11. Establishment. 460lll–12. Civil and criminal jurisdiction. 460lll–13. Payments to States and counties. 460lll–14. Forest highways.
Part B—Management Provisions

460lll–21. Land and resource management plan. 460lll–22. Advisory Board. 460lll–23. Fees. 460lll–24. Disposition of receipts. 460lll–25. Special use authorizations. 460lll–26. Cooperative authorities and gifts. 460lll–27. Designation of national recreation trail. 460lll–28. Cemeteries. 460lll–29. Resource management. 460lll–30. Hematite Dam. 460lll–31. Trust Fund.
Part C—Transfer Provisions

460lll–41. Effective date of transfer. 460lll–42. Statement of policy. 460lll–43. Memorandum of agreement. 460lll–44. Records. 460lll–45. Transfer of personal property. 460lll–46. Compliance with environmental laws. 460lll–47. Personnel. 460lll–48. Tennessee Valley Authority transfer costs. 460lll–49. Tennessee Valley Authority transfer funding.
Part D—Funding

460lll–61. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER CXXIV—McINNIS CANYONS NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA 460mmm. Findings and purpose. 460mmm–1. Definitions. 460mmm–2. McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area. 460mmm–3. Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness designation. 460mmm–4. Management. 460mmm–5. Maps and legal descriptions. 460mmm–6. Advisory Council. 460mmm–7. Public access. SUBCHAPTER CXXV—STEENS MOUNTAIN COOPERATIVE MANAGEMENT AND PROTECTION AREA 460nnn. Definitions. 460nnn–1. Maps and legal descriptions. 460nnn–2. Valid existing rights. 460nnn–3. Protection of tribal rights.
Part A—Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Area

subpart 1—designation and purposes

460nnn–11. Designation of Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Area. 460nnn–12. Purpose and objectives of Cooperative Management and Protection Area.
subpart 2—management of federal lands

460nnn–21. Management authorities and purposes. 460nnn–22. Roads and travel access. 460nnn–23. Land use authorities. 460nnn–24. Land acquisition authority. 460nnn–25. Special use permits.
subpart 3—cooperative management

460nnn–41. Cooperative management agreements. 460nnn–42. Cooperative efforts to control development and encourage conservation.
subpart 4—advisory council

460nnn–51. Establishment of advisory council. 460nnn–52. Advisory role in management activities. 460nnn–53. Science committee.
Part B—Steens Mountain Wilderness Area

460nnn–61. Designation of Steens Mountain Wilderness Area. 460nnn–62. Administration of Wilderness Area. 460nnn–63. Water rights. 460nnn–64. Treatment of wilderness study areas.
Part C—Wild and Scenic Rivers and Trout Reserve

460nnn–71. Designation of streams for wild and scenic river status in Steens Mountain Area. 460nnn–72. Donner und Blitzen River Redband Trout Reserve.
Part D—Mineral Withdrawal Area

460nnn–81. Designation of mineral withdrawal area. 460nnn–82. Treatment of State lands and mineral interests.
Part E—Establishment of Wildlands Juniper Management Area

460nnn–91. Wildlands Juniper Management Area. 460nnn–92. Release from wilderness study area status.
Part F—Land Exchanges

460nnn–101. Land exchange, Roaring Springs Ranch. 460nnn–102. Land exchanges, C. M. Otley and Otley Brothers. 460nnn–103. Land exchange, Tom J. Davis Livestock, Incorporated. 460nnn–104. Land exchange, Lowther (Clemens) Ranch. 460nnn–105. General provisions applicable to land exchanges.
Part G—Funding Authorities

460nnn–121. Authorization of appropriations. 460nnn–122. Use of land and water conservation fund. SUBCHAPTER CXXVI—LAS CIENEGAS NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA 460ooo. Definitions. 460ooo–1. Establishment of the Sonoita Valley Acquisition Planning District. 460ooo–2. Purposes of the Acquisition Planning District. 460ooo–3. Establishment of the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area. 460ooo–4. Management of the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area. 460ooo–5. Management plan. 460ooo–6. Land acquisition. 460ooo–7. Reports to Congress. SUBCHAPTER CXXVII—BLACK ROCK DESERT-HIGH ROCK CANYON EMIGRANT TRAILS NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA 460ppp. Findings. 460ppp–1. Definitions. 460ppp–2. Establishment of the conservation area. 460ppp–3. Management. 460ppp–4. Withdrawal. 460ppp–5. No buffer zones. 460ppp–6. Wilderness. 460ppp–7. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER CXXVIII—SLOAN CANYON NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA 460qqq. Purpose. 460qqq–1. Definitions. 460qqq–2. Establishment. 460qqq–3. Management. 460qqq–4. Sale of Federal parcel. 460qqq–5. Right-of-way. SUBCHAPTER CXXIX—RIO GRANDE NATURAL AREA 460rrr. Definitions. 460rrr–1. Establishment of Rio Grande Natural Area. 460rrr–2. Establishment of the Commission. 460rrr–3. Powers of the Commission. 460rrr–4. Management plan. 460rrr–5. Administration of Natural Area. 460rrr–6. Effect. 460rrr–7. Authorization of appropriations. 460rrr–8. Termination of Commission. SUBCHAPTER CXXX—COW MOUNTAIN RECREATION AREA 460sss. Cow Mountain Recreation Area, Lake and Mendocino Counties, California. SUBCHAPTER CXXXI—MOOSALAMOO NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460ttt. Designation. 460ttt–1. Map and description. 460ttt–2. Administration of national recreation area. SUBCHAPTER CXXXII—MOUNT HOOD NATIONAL RECREATION AREA 460uuu. Mount Hood National Recreation Area. SUBCHAPTER CXXXIII—BRIDGEPORT WINTER RECREATION AREA 460vvv. Bridgeport Winter Recreation Area. SUBCHAPTER CXXXIV—RED CLIFFS NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA 460www. Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. SUBCHAPTER CXXXV—BEAVER DAM WASH NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA 460xxx. Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area. SUBCHAPTER CXXXVI—FORT STANTON-SNOWY RIVER CAVE NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA 460yyy. Definitions. 460yyy–1. Establishment of the Fort Stanton-Snowy River Cave National Conservation Area. 460yyy–2. Management of the Conservation Area. 460yyy–3. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER CXXXVII—DOMINGUEZ-ESCALANTE NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA 460zzz. Definitions. 460zzz–1. Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area. 460zzz–2. Dominguez Canyon Wilderness Area. 460zzz–3. Maps and legal descriptions. 460zzz–4. Management of Conservation Area and Wilderness. 460zzz–5. Management plan. 460zzz–6. Advisory Council. 460zzz–7. Authorization of appropriations.


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