SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 461. Declaration of national policy. 462. Administration by Secretary of the Interior; powers and duties enumerated. 463. National Park System Advisory Board. 464. Cooperation with governmental and private agencies. 465. Jurisdiction of States in acquired lands. 466. Requirement for specific authorization. 467. Conflict of laws. 467a, 467a–1. Repealed. 467b. Survey by Secretary of the Interior of sites for commemoration of former Presidents of the United States. 468. National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States; creation; purpose. 468a. Principal office of National Trust Commission. 468b. Administration of National Trust; composition of board of trustees; terms of office; compensation; expenses. 468c. Powers and duties of National Trust. 468d. Consultation with Advisory Board on National Parks, Historic Sites, Buildings, and Monuments. 468e. Repealed. 469. Preservation of historical and archeological data threatened by dam construction or alterations of terrain. 469a. Notice of dam construction to be given Secretary of the Interior by United States agencies. 469a–1. Threat of irreparable loss or destruction of significant scientific, prehistorical, historical, or archeological data by Federal construction projects; notice to Secretary of the Interior; survey; recovery, preservation, and protection of data. 469a–2. Survey by Secretary of the Interior; recovery and preservation of data; compensation for delays in construction and for temporary loss of use of land. 469a–3. Progress reports by Secretary of the Interior on surveys and work undertaken as result of surveys; disposition of relics and specimens recovered; coordination of survey and recovery activities; annual report. 469b. Administration; contracts or agreements; services of experts, consultants, or organizations; acceptance of funds. 469c. Assistance to Secretary of the Interior by Federal agencies responsible for construction projects; authorization of appropriations. 469c–1. “State” defined. 469c–2. Costs for identification, surveys, evaluation and data recovery with respect to historic properties. 469d. Ice Age National Scientific Reserve; statement of purpose. 469e. Plan for continental glaciation. 469f. Repealed. 469g. Ice Age National Scientific Reserve; recommendations for Federal and State participation in financing public facilities and services. 469h. Comprehensive plan for Reserve Development. 469i. Repealed. 469j. Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. 469k. Repealed. 469k–1. American Battlefield Protection Program. 469l. Findings and purposes. 469l–1. National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom program. 469l–2. Preservation of historic sites or structures. 469l–3. Authorization of appropriations. 469m. Women’s Rights National Historical Park. 469n. Preserve America Program. 469o. Save America’s Treasures Program. SUBCHAPTER II—NATIONAL HISTORIC PRESERVATION 470. Short title; Congressional finding and declaration of policy. 470–1. Declaration of policy of the Federal Government.
Part A—Programs

470a. Historic preservation program. 470a–1. World Heritage Convention. 470a–2. Federal undertakings outside United States; mitigation of adverse effects. 470b. Requirements for awarding of grant funds. 470b–1. Grants to National Trust for Historic Preservation. 470c. Apportionment of grant funds. 470d. Loan insurance program for preservation of property included on National Register. 470e. Recordkeeping; recipients of assistance; audit. 470f. Effect of Federal undertakings upon property listed in National Register; comment by Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. 470g. White House, United States Supreme Court building, and United States Capitol not included in program for preservation of historical properties. 470h. Historic Preservation Fund; establishment; appropriations; source of revenue. 470h–1. Acceptance of privately donated funds by Secretary. 470h–2. Historic properties owned or controlled by Federal agencies. 470h–3. Lease or exchange of historic property. 470h–4. Professional standards. 470h–5 Interstate and international traffic in antiquities.
Part B—Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

470i. Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. 470j. Functions of Council; annual report to President and Congress; recommendations. 470k. Cooperation between Council and instrumentalities of executive branch of Federal Government. 470l. Compensation of members of Council. 470m. Administration. 470n. International Centre for Study of Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property. 470o. Transfer of personnel, property, etc., by Department of the Interior to Council; time limit. 470p. Rights, benefits, and privileges of transferred employees. 470q. Operations of Council; exemption. 470r. Transmittal of legislative recommendations, or testimony, or comments, to any officer or agency of the United States prior to submission thereof to Congress; prohibition. 470s. Rules and regulations; participation by local governments. 470t. Budget; authorization of appropriations. 470u. Report by Secretary to Council. 470v. Exemption for Federal programs or undertakings; regulations. 470v–1. Reimbursements from State and local agencies. 470v–2. Effectiveness of Federal grant and assistance programs.
Part C—General and Miscellaneous

470w. Definitions. 470w–1. Authorization for expenditure of appropriated funds. 470w–2. Donations and bequests of money, personal property and less than fee interests in historic property. 470w–3. Access to information. 470w–4. Attorneys’ fees and costs to prevailing parties in civil actions. 470w–5. National Museum for the Building Arts. 470w–6. Effective date of regulations. 470w–7. Historic lighthouse preservation. 470w–8. Historic light station sales.
Part D—National Center for Preservation Technology and Training

470x. Findings. 470x–1. Definitions. 470x–2. Establishment of National Center. 470x–3. Preservation Technology and Training Board. 470x–4. Preservation grants. 470x–5. General provisions. 470x–6. National Park Service preservation.


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