SUBCHAPTER I—FUR SEAL MANAGEMENT Sec. 1151. Definitions. 1152. Prohibitions. 1153. Sealing permitted by Aleuts, Eskimos, and Indians. 1154. Scientific research on fur seal resources; use of fur seals for educational, scientific, or exhibition purposes. 1155. Authority of Secretary of Commerce. 1156. Enforcement provisions. 1157. North Pacific Fur Seal Commission; appointment of United States Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, and Advisors; duties, compensation, and travel expenses. 1158. Acceptance or rejection by Secretaries of State and Commerce of Commission recommendations. 1159. Federal agency consultations with and technical assistance to Secretary of Commerce or Commission; reimbursement for assistance. SUBCHAPTER II—ADMINISTRATION OF PRIBILOF ISLANDS 1161. Administration of fur seal rookeries and other Federal real and personal property on Pribilof Islands. 1162. Authority of Secretary to operate, maintain, and repair Government-owned property; necessary facilities, services, and equipment for Federal employees and dependents. 1163. Responsibility of Alaska to meet educational needs of Pribilof Islands citizens. 1164. Responsibility of Secretary of Health and Human Services to provide medical and dental care to Pribilof Islands natives. 1165. Disposal of Federal property on Pribilof Islands. 1166. Financial assistance. 1167. Leases, permits, agreements, and contracts with public or private agencies or persons. 1168. Civil service retirement benefits. 1169. Regulations. 1169a. Annuities and survivor annuities; recomputation. 1169b. Use of local entities. SUBCHAPTER III—ENFORCEMENT 1171. Seizure and forfeiture of vessels. 1172. Practice and procedure. 1173. Regulations. 1174. Penalties. 1175. Authorization of appropriations. 1181 to 1187. Omitted.


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