16 U.S. Code Chapter 2 - NATIONAL FORESTS

SUBCHAPTER I—ESTABLISHMENT AND ADMINISTRATION Sec. 471. Repealed. 471a. Forest reserves in New Mexico and Arizona restricted. 471b. Repealed. 471c. Lands in California set aside as reserved forest lands. 471d. Additional forest reserves in California. 471e. Extension of boundaries of Sequoia National Forest. 471f. Cradle of Forestry in America in Pisgah National Forest; establishment; statement of purposes; publication in Federal Register. 471g. Administration, protection, and development; use of natural resources. 471h. Cooperation with public and private agencies, organizations, and individuals; acceptance of contributions and gifts. 471i. Pinelands National Reserve. 471j. Headwaters Forest and Elk River Property acquisition. 472. Laws affecting national forest lands. 472a. Timber sales on National Forest System lands. 473. Revocation, modification, or vacation of orders or proclamations establishing national forests. 474. Surveys; plats and field notes; maps; effect under Act June 4, 1897. 475. Purposes for which national forests may be established and administered. 476. Repealed. 477. Use of timber and stone by settlers. 478. Egress or ingress of actual settlers; prospecting. 478a. Townsites. 479. Sites for schools and churches. 479a. Conveyance of National Forest System lands for educational purposes. 480. Civil and criminal jurisdiction. 481. Use of waters. 482. Mineral lands; restoration to public domain; location and entry. 482a. Mining rights in Prescott National Forest. 482b. Mount Hood National Forest; mining rights. 482c. Patents affecting forest lands. 482d. Perfection of claims within forest. 482e. Lincoln National Forest; mining rights. 482f. Patents affecting forest lands. 482g. Perfection of claims within forest. 482h. Coronado National Forest; mining rights. 482h–1. Protection of scenic values of forest. 482h–2. Cutting of timber; reservation of patent rights. 482h–3. Perfection of mining claims. 482i. Plumas National Forest; offer of lands; additions; mining rights. 482j. Santa Fe National Forest; mining rights; protection of scenic values. 482k. Patents affecting forest lands. 482l. Perfection of mining claims within forest. 482m. Teton National Forest in Wyoming; additional lands. 482n. Coconino National Forest; mining rights; protection of scenic values. 482n–1. Cutting of timber within forest; reservation of patent rights. 482n–2. Perfection of mining claims within forest. 482n–3. Sedona-Oak Creek area. 482o. Kaibab National Forest; mining rights; protection of scenic values. 482p. Patents affecting lands within forest. 482q. Perfection of mining claims within forest. 483, 484. Repealed. 484a. Exchange of lands in national forests; public schools; deposit of funds by school authority with insufficient exchange land; limitations on use. 485. Exchange of lands in national forests; cutting timber in national forests in exchange for lands therein. 485a. Omitted. 486. Exchange of lands in national forests; reservations of timber, minerals, or easements. 486a to 486w. Omitted. 487. Cutting timber on land added to Siskiyou National Forest. 487a. Cutting timber on lands added to Rogue River National Forest. 488. Establishment of exterior boundaries of national forests. 489. Repealed. 490. Deposits from timber purchasers to defray cost of disposing of debris. 491. Omitted. 492. Earth, stone, and timber for Departments of the Army and Navy, and Government works in Alaska. 493. Omitted. 494. Calaveras Bigtree National Forest. 495. Leases of lands for sanitariums or hotels. 496. Disposition of funds. 497. Use and occupation of lands for hotels, resorts, summer homes, stores, and facilities for industrial, commercial, educational or public uses. 497a. Occupancy and use under permit of lands in Alaska for various purposes; period of permit; size of allotment; prohibitions; termination. 497b. Ski area permits. 497c. Ski area permit rental charge. 497d. Recreation residence fees. 498. Cooperative work agreements: disposal of moneys received; refund of excess; payment from appropriation; conflict of interest. 499. Disposal of money received by or on account of Forest Service; refund of excess and moneys erroneously collected; receipts from permits. 500. Payment and evaluation of receipts to State or Territory for schools and roads; moneys received; projections of revenues and estimated payments. 501. Expenditures from receipts for roads and trails; cooperation with State authorities; evaluation of receipts. 501a. Omitted. 502. Rental of property for Forest Service; forage, care, and housing of animals; storage of vehicles and other equipment; pack stock; loss, damage, or destruction of horses, vehicles, and other equipment. 503, 503a. Repealed or Omitted. 504. Purchases of tree seeds, cones, forage plant seed, and nursery stock for national forests. 504a. Sale of forest-tree seed and nursery stock to States and political subdivisions; disposition of moneys; exchanges; limitation. 505. Use of national forests established on land reserved for purposes of national defense; maintenance available. 505a. Interchange of lands between Department of Agriculture and military departments of Department of Defense; report to Congress. 505b. Laws applicable. 506 to 508a. Repealed or Omitted. 508b. National forests in Minnesota; authority to prospect, develop, mine, remove, and utilize mineral resources. 509 to 510a. Repealed or Omitted. 511. Reinstatement of entries canceled or relinquished. 512 to 514. Omitted or Repealed. 515. Examination, location, and purchase of forested, cut-over, or denuded lands; consent of State legislature to acquisition of land by the United States. 516. Exchange of lands in the public interest; equal value; cutting and removing timber; publication of contemplated exchange. 517. Title to lands to be acquired. 517a. Payment of awards in condemnation proceedings. 518. Acquisition of lands not defeated by rights-of-way, easements, and reservations. 519. Agricultural lands included in tracts acquired; sale for homesteads. 519a. Transfer of forest reservation lands for military purposes. 520. Regulations as to mineral resources. 521. Lands acquired to be reserved, held, and administered as national forest lands; designation. 521a. Administration, management, and consolidation of certain lands. 521b. Report of Secretary of Agriculture prior to purchase or exchange of land; contents; waiting period. 521c. Definitions. 521d. Sale, exchange, or interchange of National Forest System land. 521e. Small parcels and road rights-of-way. 521f. Costs of conveyance and value of improvements. 521g. Road rights-of-way subject to State or local law. 521h. Regulations; contents. 521i. Unaffected lands. 522. Omitted. 523. Rights-of-way through national forests for power and communications facilities. 524. Rights-of-way for dams, reservoirs, or water plants for municipal, mining, and milling purposes. 525. Rights-of-way for wagon roads or railroads. 526. Establishment and protection of water rights. 527. Use of Forest Service funds for administration of certain lands. 528. Development and administration of renewable surface resources for multiple use and sustained yield of products and services; Congressional declaration of policy and purpose. 529. Authorization of development and administration consideration to relative values of resources; areas of wilderness. 530. Cooperation for purposes of development and administration with State and local governmental agencies and others. 531. Definitions. 532. Roads and trails system; Congressional findings and declaration of policy. 533. Grant of easements for road rights-of-way; authority of Secretary of Agriculture; regulations. 534. Termination and cancellation of easements; notice; hearing. 535. Forest development roads; acquisition, construction, and maintenance; maximum economy; methods of financing; cost arrangements for construction standards; transfer of unused effective purchaser credit for road construction. 535a. Forest development roads: prohibition on credits; inclusion of construction costs in notice of sale; special election by small business concerns; construction standards; authorization of harvesting; treatment of road value. 536. Recording of instruments; furnishing of instruments affecting public domain lands to Secretary of the Interior. 537. Maintenance and reconstruction by road users; funds for maintenance and reconstruction; availability of deposits until expended, transfer of funds, and refunds. 538. User fees fund for delayed payments to grantors. 539. Additions to existing national forests; administration. 539a. Mining and mineral leasing on certain national forest lands. 539b. Fisheries on national forest lands in Alaska. 539c. Cooperative fisheries planning; report to Congress. 539d. National forest timber utilization program. 539e. Reports. 539f. Nonprofit organization user of national forest lands. 539g. Kings River Special Management Area. 539h. Greer Spring Special Management Area. 539i. Fossil Ridge Recreation Management Area. 539j. Bowen Gulch Protection Area. 539k. Kelly Butte Special Management Area. 539l. Designation of James Peak Protection Area, Colorado. 539l–1. Inholdings. 539l–2. James Peak Fall River trailhead. 539l–3. Loop trail study; authorization. 539l–4. Other administrative provisions. 539l–5. Wilderness potential. 539m. Findings and purposes. 539m–1. Definitions. 539m–2. T’uf Shur Bien Preservation Trust Area. 539m–3. Pueblo rights and interests in the Area. 539m–4. Limitations on Pueblo rights and interests in the Area. 539m–5. Management of the Area. 539m–6. Jurisdiction over the Area. 539m–7. Subdivisions and other property interests. 539m–8. Extinguishment of claims. 539m–9. Construction. 539m–10. Judicial review. 539m–11. Provisions relating to contributions and land exchange. 539m–12. Authorization of appropriations. 539n. Crystal Springs Watershed Special Resources Management Unit. 539o. Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. SUBCHAPTER II—SCENIC AREAS 541. Cascade Head Scenic-Research Area; establishment. 541a. Administration, protection, development, and regulation of use. 541b. Boundaries of scenic-research area; adjustments to subarea boundaries; development of management plan; establishment of subareas; management objectives. 541c. Extension of boundaries of Siuslaw National Forest; transfer of Federal property to Secretary. 541d. Acquisition of property within the scenic-research area; consent of owner; substantial change in use or maintenance of property. 541e. Availability of funds for acquisition of lands, etc., within added area. 541f. Withdrawal from location, entry and patent under mining laws; withdrawal from disposition under mineral leasing laws. 541g. Advisory council for scenic-research area; membership; designation of chairman; compensation; consultation by Secretary. 541h. Cooperation with State of Oregon in administration and protection of lands; civil and criminal jurisdiction; power of taxation. 542. Langmuir Research Site; establishment. 542a. Congressional findings. 542b. Administration, protection, and regulation of use. 542c. Land use agreement. 542d. Comprehensive management plan. 543. Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area; establishment. 543a. Extension of National Forest boundary. 543b. Acquisition of lands. 543c. Administration. 543d. Ecological studies; reports to Congressional committees and to Chief of Forest Service; progress reports. 543e. Scenic Area Advisory Board. 543f. Traditional Native American uses. 543g. Authorization of appropriations. 543h. New spending authority. 544. Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area; definitions. 544a. Purposes. 544b. Establishment of scenic area. 544c. Columbia River Gorge Commission. 544d. Scenic area management plan. 544e. Administration of scenic area. 544f. Administration of special management areas. 544g. Land acquisition. 544h. Interim management. 544i. Economic development. 544j. Old Columbia River Highway. 544k. Tributary rivers and streams. 544l. Implementation measures. 544m. Enforcement. 544n. Authorization of appropriations. 544o. Savings provisions. 544p. Severability. 545. Mount Pleasant National Scenic Area; purposes. 545a. Establishment of Mount Pleasant National Scenic Area. 545b. Opal Creek Wilderness and Scenic Recreation Area. 546. Establishment of Saint Helena Island National Scenic Area, Michigan. 546a. Boundaries. 546a–1. Administration and management. 546a–2. Fish and game. 546a–3. Minerals. 546a–4. Acquisition. 546a–5. Authorization of appropriations. 546b. Seng Mountain and Bear Creek Scenic Areas, Jefferson National Forest, Virginia. 546b–1. Maps and boundary descriptions.


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