SUBCHAPTER I—GENERALLY Sec. 1801. Findings, purposes and policy. 1802. Definitions. 1803. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER II—UNITED STATES RIGHTS AND AUTHORITY REGARDING FISH AND FISHERY RESOURCES 1811. United States sovereign rights to fish and fishery management authority. 1812. Highly migratory species. 1813. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER III—FOREIGN FISHING AND INTERNATIONAL FISHERY AGREEMENTS 1821. Foreign fishing. 1822. International fishery agreements. 1823. Congressional oversight of international fishery agreements. 1824. Permits for foreign fishing. 1825. Import prohibitions. 1826. Large-scale driftnet fishing. 1826a. Denial of port privileges and sanctions for high seas large-scale driftnet fishing. 1826b. Duration of denial of port privileges and sanctions. 1826c. Definitions. 1826d. Prohibition. 1826e. Negotiations. 1826f. Certification. 1826g. Enforcement. 1826h. Biennial report on international compliance. 1826i. Action to strengthen international fishery management organizations. 1826j. Illegal, unreported, or unregulated fishing. 1826k. Equivalent conservation measures. 1827. Observer program regarding certain foreign fishing. 1827a. Prohibition on sale of billfish. 1828. Foreign fishing incursions. 1829. International monitoring and compliance. SUBCHAPTER IV—NATIONAL FISHERY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM 1851. National standards for fishery conservation and management. 1852. Regional Fishery Management Councils. 1853. Contents of fishery management plans. 1853a. Limited access privilege programs. 1854. Action by Secretary. 1855. Other requirements and authority. 1856. State jurisdiction. 1857. Prohibited acts. 1858. Civil penalties and permit sanctions. 1859. Criminal offenses. 1860. Civil forfeitures. 1861. Enforcement. 1861a. Transition to sustainable fisheries. 1861b. Fisheries enforcement plans and reporting. 1862. North Pacific fisheries conservation. 1863. Northwest Atlantic Ocean Fisheries Reinvestment Program. 1864. Regional coastal disaster assistance, transition, and recovery program. 1865. Bycatch reduction engineering program. 1866. Shark feeding. 1867. Cooperative research and management program. 1868. Herring study. 1869. Restoration study. SUBCHAPTER V—FISHERY MONITORING AND RESEARCH 1881. Registration and information management. 1881a. Information collection. 1881b. Observers. 1881c. Fisheries research. 1881d. Incidental harvest research. 1882. Fisheries systems research. 1883. Gulf of Mexico red snapper research. 1884. Deep sea coral research and technology program. SUBCHAPTER VI—MISCELLANEOUS 1891. Investment in United States seafood processing facilities. 1891a. Community-based restoration program for fishery and coastal habitats. 1891b. Fisheries Conservation and Management Fund. 1891c. United States catch history. 1891d. Secretarial representative for international fisheries.


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