SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 551. Protection of national forests; rules and regulations. 551a. Cooperation by Secretary of Agriculture with States and political subdivisions in law enforcement. 551b. Omitted. 551c. Planning for fire protection. 551d. Wildland firefighter safety. 552. Consent to agreement by States for conservation of forests and water supply. 552a. Restoration of withdrawn national forest lands to appropriation. 552b. Administration of withdrawn lands; rules and regulations. 552c. Reimbursement of United States for loss of revenue. 552d. Punishment of violations of regulations. 553. Duties of officials of Forest Service; stock laws; protection of fish and game. 553a. Repealed. 554. Forest supervisors and rangers. 554a. Employees to be appointed without regard to political affiliations. 554b. Medical care for employees engaged in hazardous work; notification and transportation of employees. 554c. Care of employees’ graves. 554d. Recreation facilities for employees of Forest Service and their immediate families. 554e. Employment of workers for emergencies. 555. Forest headquarters, ranger stations, dwellings, or other needed sites. 555a. Exchange of lands. 555b. Street improvements; availability of Forest Service funds. 556. Appropriations for Forest Service; use for transportation or traveling expenses; preparation or publication of newspaper or magazine articles. 556a. Omitted. 556b. Use of appropriations for expenses of transporting automobiles of employees between points in Alaska. 556c. Reimbursement of employees for property losses resulting from fires, floods, or other casualties. 556d. Advances of public moneys to Forest Service for fighting forest fires in emergency cases. 556e. Emergency appropriations for rehabilitation and wildfire suppression. 556f. Expenses of student interns. 556g. Reimbursement of employee license costs and certification fees. 556h. Recognition of private contributors to Forest Service programs. 556i. Transfer of funds made available to Forest Service. 557. Employees of Forest Service; subsistence furnished to; personal equipment; supplies, and medical attention. 557a. Field season contracts; authority to make prior to appropriation. 557b, 558. Omitted or Repealed. 558a. Volunteers in the National Forests Program. 558b. Incidental expenses of program volunteers. 558c. Employment status of volunteers. 558d. Authorization of appropriations. 559. Arrests by employees of Forest Service for violations of laws and regulations. 559a. Reward for information leading to arrest and conviction for violating laws and regulations. 559b. Prevention of manufacture, etc., of marijuana and other controlled substances. 559c. Powers of officers and employees of Forest Service. 559d. Cooperation with other Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies. 559e. Forest Service authorization. 559f. Approval of Secretary of Agriculture and Attorney General. 559g. Designation authority of Secretary of Agriculture. 560. Use of timber for telephone lines for fire protection. 560a, 561. Omitted or Repealed. 562. Forest experiment station in California. 562a. Forest experiment station in Ohio and Mississippi Valleys. 562b. Forest experiment station in Pennsylvania. 563. Cooperation with States for fire protection on private or State forest lands upon the watersheds of navigable rivers. 564, 565. Repealed. 565a. Cooperation by Secretary of Agriculture with Territories. 565a–1. Cooperative agreements between Secretary of Agriculture and public or private agencies, organizations, institutions, and persons covering Forest Service programs; authority; funding. 565a–2. Federal employee status of cooperators. 565a–3. Agreements otherwise authorized by law. 565b. Transfer of fire lookout towers and other improvements for fire control to States, political subdivisions or agencies; reversion. 566, 566a. Repealed. 566b. Annual appropriations; limitation on use of other funds for the purposes of sections 564, 565, and 566. 567. Repealed. 567a. Cooperation by Secretary of Agriculture with States in acquisition and administration of State forests. 567b. Conditions and requirements for cooperation in acquisition and management of State forests. 567c. Authorization of appropriation for cooperation in acquisition and management of State forests. 568. Cooperation by Secretary of Agriculture with States in establishing, etc., wood lots, shelter belts, windbreaks, etc.; limitation on expenditure; authorization of appropriations. 568a. Cooperation by Secretary of Agriculture with Territories and other possessions. 568b to 568g. Repealed or Omitted. 569. Donations to United States of lands for timber purposes. 570. Ascertainment by Secretary of Agriculture of public lands valuable for stream-flow protection and report thereof. 571 to 571b. Repealed or Omitted. 571c. Erection of permanent facilities on land not owned by United States; long term leases. 572. Cooperation between Secretary of Agriculture and public or private agencies in working land under State or private ownership. 572a. Deposits from timber purchasers to defray cost of scaling services. 573. Repealed. 574. Damages caused private property in protection, administration, and improvement of national forests; reimbursement. 575. Search for lost persons, and transportation of sick, injured, or dead persons, within national forests; authorization to incur expense. 576. Reforestation; establishment of forest tree nurseries; tree planting; seed sowing and forest improvement work. 576a. Authorization of appropriation for reforestation. 576b. Purchasers of national-forest timber; deposits of money in addition to payments for timber; use of deposits; seedlings and young trees for burned-over areas in national parks. 576c. Supplemental National Forest Reforestation Fund; establishment; duration; authorization of appropriations. 576d. Expenditure of Supplemental National Forest Reforestation Fund moneys; availability of moneys from other sources unaffected. 576e. Repealed. 577. Public lands in northern Minnesota; withdrawal from entry and appropriation. 577a. Conserving shore line beauty for recreational use of public lands in northern Minnesota; regulation of logging. 577b. Preserving water level of lakes and streams of public lands in northern Minnesota; reservoirs; water power. 577c. Acquisition of additional lands in northern Minnesota. 577d. Boundary limits of additional lands acquired in northern Minnesota. 577d–1. Extension to other sections of land. 577e. Approval by National Forest Reservation Commission for acquisition of additional lands. 577f. Exchange of lands. 577g. Payment for additional lands acquired in northern Minnesota. 577g–1. Payment to State of Minnesota for extension to other sections of land. 577h. Authorization of appropriations; limitation on amount for purchase of additional lands, water or interests therein; availability of other funds; annual report to Congress. 578 to 579. Omitted. 579a. Operation of aerial facilities and services. 579b. Working capital fund; establishment; availability; transfer; capitalization; advance payments credited. 579c. Availability of funds received from forfeitures, judgments, compromises, or settlements. 579d. Indirect expenditures; future budget justifications. 580. Use of Forest Service appropriations for repair, etc. of equipment; rental of fire control equipment to non-Federal agencies. 580a. Sale and distribution of supplies, equipment, and materials to other Government activities and to cooperating State and private agencies; reimbursement. 580b. Forest Service telephone lines; correction of inductive interference. 580c. Purchases of experimental materials, special devices, test models, etc. 580d. Use of Forest Service structures or improvements and land by public and private agencies, etc.; terms. 580e. Services furnished persons attending Forest Service demonstrations and users of national forest resources and recreational facilities; rate of charges; disposition of moneys. 580f. Telephones for official use in private residences. 580g. Seeding leased range land; conditions and limitations. 580h. Range improvements from appropriated funds. 580i. Acquisition of winter range, land, and helicopter landing site. 580j. Injury benefits for temporary employees. 580k. Grazing advisory boards. 580l. Permits for grazing livestock on national forests. 580m. Development of reservoir areas for future resources of timber; Congressional declaration of policy. 580n. Protection and development of forest or other vegetative cover; establishment and maintenance of conservation measures; coordination of programs and policies. 580o. Forest Service appropriations. 580p. “Woodsy Owl” and “Smokey Bear” characters and names; definitions. 580p–1. Property of the United States. 580p–2. Deposit of fees collected under regulations relating to “Smokey Bear”; availability. 580p–3. Use of royalty fees; special account. 580p–4. Injunction against unauthorized manufacture, use, or reproduction. 580q. National Tree Seed Laboratory; disposition of fees. SUBCHAPTER II—INVESTIGATIONS, EXPERIMENTS, AND TESTS AFFECTING REFORESTATION AND FOREST PRODUCTS 581 to 581i. Repealed or Omitted. 581i–1. Advance of funds for cooperative research. 581j. Congressional declaration of policy on reforestation and revegetation. 581k. Authorization of appropriations for reforestation and revegetation. 582. Puerto Rico; application of forest protection laws. SUBCHAPTER III—RESEARCH PROGRAMS 582a. Congressional findings. 582a–1. Cooperation by Secretary of Agriculture with States; assistance: plans, eligible institutions and amount. 582a–2. Authorization of appropriations; other allotments and grants. 582a–3. Matching funds; reapportionment to other qualifying institutions; reductions. 582a–4. Regulations; advice and assistance; appointment, membership, etc., of council. 582a–5. Apportionments; advice, criteria, etc. 582a–6. Scope of forestry research. 582a–7. “State” defined. 582a–8. Competitive forestry, natural resources, and environmental grants program. SUBCHAPTER IV—SUSTAINED-YIELD FOREST MANAGEMENT 583. Establishment of sustained-yield units to stabilize forest industries, employment, communities and taxable wealth. 583a. Cooperative agreements with private owners; privileges of private owners; recordation of agreements. 583b. Establishment of sustained-yield units to stabilize sale of timber and forest products. 583c. Agreements between Secretaries of Agriculture and the Interior, or with other Federal agencies having jurisdiction over forest land. 583d. Notice; registered mail and publication; costs; contents; request for hearing; time; determination and record available for inspection. 583e. Remedies against private owners; jurisdiction; final orders; “owner” defined. 583f. “Federally owned or administered forest land” defined. 583g. Rules and regulations; delegation of powers and duties. 583h. Prior acts as affecting or affected by subchapter. 583i. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER V—FOREST FOUNDATION 583j. Establishment and purposes of Foundation. 583j–1. Board of Directors of Foundation. 583j–2. Corporate powers and obligations. 583j–3. Administrative services and support. 583j–4. Volunteers. 583j–5. Audits and report requirements. 583j–6. United States release from liability. 583j–7. Activities of Foundation and United States Forest Service. 583j–8. Authorization of appropriations. 583j–9. Federal funds.


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