SUBCHAPTER I—DEFINITIONS Sec. 3801. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER II—HIGHLY ERODIBLE LAND CONSERVATION 3811. Program ineligibility. 3812. Exemptions. 3812a. Development and implementation of conservation plans and conservation systems. 3813. Soil surveys. 3814. Notice and investigation of possible compliance deficiencies. SUBCHAPTER III—WETLAND CONSERVATION 3821. Program ineligibility. 3822. Delineation of wetlands; exemptions. 3823. Affiliated persons. 3824. Fairness of compliance. SUBCHAPTER IV—AGRICULTURAL RESOURCES CONSERVATION PROGRAM
Part I—Comprehensive Conservation Enhancement Program

subpart a—general provisions

3830. Comprehensive conservation enhancement program. 3830a. Repealed.
subpart b—conservation reserve

3831. Conservation reserve. 3831a. Emergency forestry conservation reserve program. 3831b. Pilot program for enrollment of wetland and buffer acreage in conservation reserve. 3832. Duties of owners and operators. 3833. Duties of the Secretary. 3834. Payments. 3835. Contracts. 3835a. Conversion of land subject to contract to other conserving uses.
subpart c—wetlands reserve program

3837. Wetlands reserve program. 3837a. Easements and agreements. 3837b. Duties of owners. 3837c. Duties of Secretary. 3837d. Payments. 3837e. Changes in ownership; agreement modification; termination. 3837f. Administration and funding.
Part II—Conservation Security and Farmland Protection

subpart a—conservation security program

3838. Definitions. 3838a. Conservation security program. 3838b. Duties of producers. 3838c. Duties of the Secretary.
subpart b—conservation stewardship program

3838d. Definitions. 3838e. Conservation stewardship program. 3838f. Stewardship contracts. 3838g. Duties of the Secretary.
subpart c—farmland protection program

3838h. Definitions. 3838i. Farmland protection program. 3838j. Farm viability program.
subpart d—grassland reserve program

3838n. Grassland reserve program. 3838o. Duties of owners and operators. 3838p. Duties of Secretary. 3838q. Delegation of duty.
Part III—Environmental Easement Program

3839. Environmental easement program. 3839a. Duties of owners; components of plan. 3839b. Duties of Secretary. 3839c. Payments. 3839d. Changes in ownership; modification of easement.
Part IV—Environmental Quality Incentives Program

3839aa. Purposes. 3839aa–1. Definitions. 3839aa–2. Establishment and administration. 3839aa–3. Evaluation of applications. 3839aa–4. Duties of producers. 3839aa–5. Environmental quality incentives program plan. 3839aa–6. Duties of the Secretary. 3839aa–7. Limitation on payments. 3839aa–8. Conservation innovation grants and payments. 3839aa–9. Agricultural water enhancement program.
Part V—Other Conservation Programs

3839bb. Conservation of private grazing land. 3839bb–1. Wildlife habitat incentive program. 3839bb–2. Grassroots source water protection program. 3839bb–3. Great Lakes basin program for soil erosion and sediment control. 3839bb–4. Chesapeake Bay watershed. 3839bb–5. Voluntary public access and habitat incentive program. SUBCHAPTER V—FUNDING AND ADMINISTRATION 3841. Commodity Credit Corporation. 3842. Delivery of technical assistance. 3843. Cooperative conservation partnership initiative. 3844. Administrative requirements for conservation programs. 3845. Environmental services markets. SUBCHAPTER V-A—OTHER CONSERVATION PROGRAMS 3851. Agriculture conservation experienced services program. SUBCHAPTER VI—STATE TECHNICAL COMMITTEES 3861. Establishment of State technical committees. 3862. Responsibilities.


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