SUBCHAPTER I—GENERALLY Sec. 701. Game and wild birds; preservation. 702. Importation of eggs of game birds for propagation. SUBCHAPTER II—MIGRATORY BIRD TREATY 703. Taking, killing, or possessing migratory birds unlawful. 704. Determination as to when and how migratory birds may be taken, killed, or possessed. 705. Transportation or importation of migratory birds; when unlawful. 706. Arrests; search warrants. 707. Violations and penalties; forfeitures. 708. State or Territorial laws or regulations. 709. Omitted. 709a. Authorization of appropriations. 710. Partial invalidity; short title. 711. Breeding and sale for food supply. 712. Treaty and convention implementing regulations; seasonal taking of migratory birds for essential needs of indigenous Alaskans to preserve and maintain stocks of the birds; protection and conservation of the birds. SUBCHAPTER III—MIGRATORY BIRD CONSERVATION 715. Short title. 715a. Migratory Bird Conservation Commission; creation; composition; duties; approval of areas of land and water recommended for purchase or rental. 715b. Omitted. 715c. Areas recommended for approval; character. 715d. Purchase or rental of approved areas or interests therein; gifts and devises; United States lands. 715–1 to 715d–3. Repealed or Omitted. 715e. Examination of title; easements and reservations. 715e–1. Omitted. 715f. Consent of State to conveyance in fee. 715g. Jurisdiction of State over areas acquired. 715h. Operation of State game laws. 715i. Administration. 715j. “Migratory birds” defined. 715k. Authorization of appropriations for purposes of subchapter; disposal; reservation protectors. 715k–1. Expenditures for personal services. 715k–2. Omitted. 715k–3. Authorization of appropriations for the preservation of wetlands and other waterfowl habitat. 715k–4. Accounting and use of appropriations. 715k–5. Acquisition of lands. 715l, 715m. Repealed. 715n. “Take” defined. 715o. National forest and power sites; use for migratory bird reservations. 715p. Cooperation of State in enforcement of provisions. 715q. Expenses of commission; authorization of appropriations. 715r. Partial invalidity; validity of remainder. 715s. Participation of local governments in revenue from areas administered by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. SUBCHAPTER IV—HUNTING AND CONSERVATION STAMP TAX 718. Repealed. 718a. Prohibition on taking. 718b. Sales; fund disposition; unsold stamps. 718b–1. Disposition of unsold stamps. 718c. Authorization and exemption. 718d. Expenditure of funds. 718e. Loans and transfers, alteration, and reproduction of stamps. 718f. Enforcement. 718g. Violations. 718h. Cooperation. 718i. Use of contest fees. 718j. Definitions. 718k. Use of fees collected for Federal migratory bird permits. SUBCHAPTER V—JUNIOR DUCK STAMP CONSERVATION AND DESIGN PROGRAM 719. Establishment of Program. 719a. Junior Duck Stamp. 719b. Acceptance of gifts, devises, and bequests. 719b–1. Definition of State. 719c. Authorization of appropriations.


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