Sec. 741, 742. Repealed or Omitted. 742a. Declaration of policy. 742b. United States Fish and Wildlife Service. 742b–1. Assistant Director for Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs. 742c. Loans for financing or refinancing of cost of purchasing, constructing, equipping, maintaining, repairing, or operating commercial fishing vessels or gear. 742c–1. Investment in obligations of the United States; proceeds to be used for fisheries. 742d. Investigations; preparation and dissemination of information; reports. 742d–1. Studies of effects in use of chemicals. 742e. Transfer of functions to Secretary. 742f. Powers of Secretaries of the Interior and Commerce. 742f–1. National Volunteer Coordination Program. 742g. Cooperation with State Department. 742h. Reports on fishery products. 742i. Effect on rights of States and international commissions. 742j. Authorization of appropriations. 742j–1. Airborne hunting. 742j–2. Uniform allowance. 742k. Management and disposition of vessels and other property acquired and arising out of fishery loans or related type of activities. 742l. Enforcement authority for the protection of fish and wildlife resources. 742l–1. Authority to use available law enforcement funds. 742m. Relinquishment of exclusive legislative jurisdiction. 743. Repealed. 743a. Detail of personnel and loan of equipment to Director of Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife. 744. Investigations; fish propagation; investigations of damages by predacious fishes; executive assistance. 745. Powers of Secretary. 746. Vessels of Fish and Wildlife Service. 746a. Operation and maintenance fees for the M/V Tiglax and other vessels. 747. Omitted. 748. Expenditure of appropriations for propagation of food fishes. 749. Omitted. 750. Station on Mississippi River for rescue of fishes and propagation of mussels. 751. Personnel. 752. Omitted. 753. Cooperative work. 753a. Cooperative research and training programs for fish and wildlife resources. 753b. Authorization of appropriations. 754. Commutation of rations for officers and crews of vessels of Service. 754a. Appropriations for United States Fish and Wildlife Service; purchases from. 754b. Funds from private entities credited to Resource Management account. 754c. Work under reimbursable agreements; recording obligations and crediting amounts received. 754d. Fee schedule for forensic laboratory services. 754e. Funds for contaminant sample analyses.


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