Sec. 755. Salmon-cultural stations; establishment; expenditure of funds. 756. Investigations, surveys, and experiments; construction and installation of conservation devices, etc. 757. Utilization of State services; expenditure of funds. 757a. Anadromous, Great Lakes, and Lake Champlain fisheries. 757b. Authority of the Secretary with regards to Anadromous and Great Lakes fisheries; development and management. 757c. Approval for activities on land administered by other Federal departments or agencies. 757d. Authorization of appropriations. 757e. Application to Columbia River basin. 757f. Studies on pollution; recommendations to Secretary of Health and Human Services. 757g. Repealed. 758. Exploration, investigation, development, and maintenance of fishing resources and industry of Pacific Ocean. 758a. Conduct of explorations and related work in Pacific Ocean. 758b. Cooperation with agencies, organizations, and others. 758c. Authorization of appropriations for research laboratory, experiment stations, dock and storehouse facilities, vessels, etc., for activities in the Pacific Ocean; transfer of surplus vessels. 758d. Pacific Ocean activities; future appropriations. 758e. Central, Western, and South Pacific Ocean fisheries development program. 758e–1. Consultation and cooperation between certain Federal officers, affected States, etc., in carrying out program. 758e–1a. Cooperative program for development of tuna and other latent fishery resources in area; establishment; availability of project information. 758e–2. Repealed. 758e–3. Regulations; contract terms and conditions. 758e–4. “Central, Western, and South Pacific Ocean area” defined. 758e–5. Authorization of appropriations. 759. Omitted. 760. Establishment of rearing ponds and fish hatchery in Kentucky. 760–1. Kentucky fish hatchery; authorization of appropriations. 760–2. Establishment of fish hatchery in Montana. 760–3. Establishment of trout hatchery in Pisgah National Forest. 760–4. Establishment of trout hatchery at Pittsford, Vermont. 760–5. Establishment of fish hatchery at Paint Bank, Virginia. 760–6. Virginia fish hatchery; authorization of appropriations. 760–7. Establishment of fish hatchery in West Virginia. 760–8. West Virginia fish hatchery; authorization of appropriations. 760–9. Establishment of fish hatchery in Pennsylvania. 760–10. Pennsylvania fish hatchery; authorization of appropriations. 760–11. Acceptance and development of fish hatchery in South Carolina. 760–12. South Carolina fish hatchery; authorization of appropriations. 760a. Atlantic Coast fish study for development and protection of fish resources. 760b. Equipment for studies; cooperation of Federal departments and agencies. 760c. Studies; authorization of appropriations. 760d. Grants for education and training of personnel in the field of commercial fishing. 760e. Study of migratory game fish; waters; research; purpose. 760f. Migratory game fish study; authorization to acquire facilities, employ officers and employees, cooperate with State and other agencies, and to publish results. 760g. Authorization of appropriations for migratory game fish study. 760h to 760l. Omitted.


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