19 U.S. Code Chapter 12 - TRADE ACT OF 1974

Sec. 2101. Short title. 2102. Congressional statement of purpose. SUBCHAPTER I—NEGOTIATING AND OTHER AUTHORITY
Part 1—Rates of Duty and Other Trade Barriers

2111. Basic authority for trade agreements. 2112. Barriers to and other distortions of trade. 2113. Overall negotiating objective. 2114. Sector negotiating objectives. 2114a. Negotiating objectives with respect to trade in services, foreign direct investment, and high technology products. 2114b. Provisions relating to international trade in services. 2114c. Trade in services: development, coordination, and implementation of Federal policies; staff support and other assistance; specific service sector authorities unaffected; executive functions. 2114d. Foreign export requirements; consultations and negotiations for reduction and elimination; restrictions on and exclusion from entry of products or services; savings provision; compensation authority applicable. 2114e. Negotiation of agreements concerning high technology industries. 2115. Bilateral trade agreements. 2116. Agreements with developing countries. 2117. International safeguard procedures. 2118. Access to supplies. 2119. Staging requirements and rounding authority.
Part 2—Other Authority

2131. Authorization of appropriation for GATT revision. 2132. Balance-of-payments authority. 2133. Compensation authority. 2134. Two-year residual authority to negotiate duties. 2135. Termination and withdrawal authority. 2136. Reciprocal nondiscriminatory treatment. 2137. Reservation of articles for national security or other reasons. 2138. Omitted.
Part 3—Hearings and Advice Concerning Negotiations

2151. Advice from International Trade Commission. 2152. Advice from executive departments and other sources. 2153. Public hearings. 2154. Prerequisites for offers. 2155. Information and advice from private and public sectors.
Part 4—Office of the United States Trade Representative

2171. Structure, functions, powers, and personnel.
Part 5—Congressional Procedures With Respect to Presidential Actions

2191. Bills implementing trade agreements on nontariff barriers and resolutions approving commercial agreements with Communist countries. 2192. Resolutions disapproving certain actions. 2193. Resolutions relating to extension of waiver authority under section 402 of the Trade Act of 1974. 2194. Special rules relating to Congressional procedures.
Part 6—Congressional Liaison and Reports

2211. Congressional advisers for trade policy and negotiations. 2212. Transmission of agreements to Congress. 2213. Reports.
Part 7—United States International Trade Commission

2231. Change of name. 2232. Independent budget and authorization of appropriations.
Part 8—Identification of Market Barriers and Certain Unfair Trade Actions

2241. Estimates of barriers to market access. 2242. Identification of countries that deny adequate protection, or market access, for intellectual property rights. SUBCHAPTER II—RELIEF FROM INJURY CAUSED BY IMPORT COMPETITION
Part 1—Positive Adjustment by Industries Injured by Imports

2251. Action to facilitate positive adjustment to import competition. 2252. Investigations, determinations, and recommendations by Commission. 2253. Action by President after determination of import injury. 2254. Monitoring, modification, and termination of action.
Part 2—Adjustment Assistance for Workers

subpart a—petitions and determinations

2271. Petitions. 2272. Group eligibility requirements; agricultural workers; oil and natural gas industry. 2273. Determinations by Secretary of Labor. 2274. Study and notifications regarding certain affirmative determinations; industry notification of assistance. 2275. Benefit information for workers.
subpart b—program benefits

Division I—Trade Readjustment Allowances 2291. Qualifying requirements for workers. 2292. Weekly amounts of readjustment allowance. 2293. Limitations on trade readjustment allowances. 2294. Application of State laws. Division II—Training, Other Employment Services, and Allowances 2295. Employment and case management services. 2295a. Limitations on administrative expenses and employment and case management services. 2296. Training. 2297. Job search allowances. 2298. Relocation allowances.
subpart c—general provisions

2311. Agreements with States. 2312. Administration absent State agreement. 2313. Payments to States. 2314. Liabilities of certifying and disbursing officers. 2315. Fraud and recovery of overpayments. 2316. Penalties. 2317. Authorization of appropriations. 2318. Reemployment trade adjustment assistance program. 2319. Definitions. 2320. Regulations. 2321. Subpoena power. 2322. Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance. 2323. Collection and publication of data and reports; information to workers.
subpart d—nafta transitional adjustment assistance program

2331. Repealed.
Part 3—Adjustment Assistance for Firms

2341. Petitions and determinations. 2342. Approval of adjustment proposals. 2343. Technical assistance. 2344. Oversight and administration. 2345. Authorization of appropriations. 2345a. Annual report on trade adjustment assistance for firms. 2346, 2347. Repealed. 2348. Protective provisions. 2349. Penalties. 2350. Civil actions. 2351. “Firm” defined. 2352. Regulations. 2353. Repealed. 2354. Study by Secretary of Commerce when International Trade Commission begins investigation. 2355. Assistance to industry; authorization of appropriations. 2356. Repealed.
Part 4—Trade Adjustment Assistance for Communities

2371. Community College and Career Training Grant Program. 2371a to 2371f. Repealed. 2372. Authorization of appropriations. 2372a. Transferred. 2373 to 2374. Repealed.
Part 5—Miscellaneous Provisions

2391. GAO study and report. 2392. Adjustment Assistance Coordinating Committee. 2393. Trade monitoring and data collection. 2394. Firms relocating in foreign countries. 2395. Judicial review. 2396, 2397. Omitted. 2397a. Sense of Congress.
Part 6—Adjustment Assistance for Farmers

2401. Definitions. 2401a. Petitions; group eligibility. 2401b. Determinations by Secretary of Agriculture. 2401c. Study by Secretary of Agriculture when International Trade Commission begins investigation. 2401d. Benefit information to agricultural commodity producers. 2401e. Qualifying requirements and benefits for agricultural commodity producers. 2401f. Fraud and recovery of overpayments. 2401g. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER III—ENFORCEMENT OF UNITED STATES RIGHTS UNDER TRADE AGREEMENTS AND RESPONSE TO CERTAIN FOREIGN TRADE PRACTICES 2411. Actions by United States Trade Representative. 2412. Initiation of investigations. 2413. Consultation upon initiation of investigation. 2414. Determinations by Trade Representative. 2415. Implementation of actions. 2416. Monitoring of foreign compliance. 2417. Modification and termination of actions. 2418. Request for information. 2419. Administration. 2420. Identification of trade expansion priorities. SUBCHAPTER IV—TRADE RELATIONS WITH COUNTRIES NOT RECEIVING NONDISCRIMINATORY TREATMENT
Part 1—Trade Relations With Certain Countries

2431. Exception of products of certain countries or areas. 2432. Freedom of emigration in East-West trade. 2433. United States personnel missing in action in Southeast Asia. 2434. Extension of nondiscriminatory treatment. 2435. Commercial agreements. 2436. Market disruption. 2437. Procedure for Congressional approval or disapproval of extension of nondiscriminatory treatment and Presidential reports. 2438. Payment by Czechoslovakia of amounts owed United States citizens and nationals. 2439. Freedom to emigrate to join a very close relative in United States. 2440, 2441. Repealed.
Part 2—Relief From Market Disruption to Industries and Diversion of Trade to the United States Market

2451. Action to address market disruption. 2451a. Action in response to trade diversion. 2451b. Regulations; termination of provision. SUBCHAPTER V—GENERALIZED SYSTEM OF PREFERENCES 2461. Authority to extend preferences. 2462. Designation of beneficiary developing countries. 2463. Designation of eligible articles. 2464. Review and report to Congress. 2465. Date of termination. 2466. Agricultural exports of beneficiary developing countries. 2466a. Designation of sub-Saharan African countries for certain benefits. 2466b. Termination of benefits for sub-Saharan African countries. 2467. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER VI—GENERAL PROVISIONS 2481. Definitions. 2482. Exercise of functions of International Trade Commission. 2483. Consequential changes in Tariff Schedules of the United States. 2484. International drug control. 2485. Voluntary limitations on exports of steel to United States. 2486. Trade relations with North American countries. 2487. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VII—TARIFF TREATMENT OF PRODUCTS OF, AND OTHER SANCTIONS AGAINST, UNCOOPERATIVE MAJOR DRUG PRODUCING OR DRUG-TRANSIT COUNTRIES 2491. Short title. 2492. Tariff treatment of products of uncooperative major drug producing or drug-transit countries. 2493. Sugar quota. 2494. Progress reports. 2495. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER VIII—SUPPLEMENTAL AGRICULTURAL DISASTER ASSISTANCE 2497. Supplemental agricultural disaster assistance. 2497a. Agricultural Disaster Relief Trust Fund. 2497b. Jurisdiction.


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