Cuba and Canal Zone

123 to 125. Repealed, Transferred, or Omitted. 126. Imports from Canal Zone.
Countervailing and Discriminating Duty

127, 128. Repealed. 129. Discriminating duties.
Country of Origin

130 to 133. Repealed.
Medicinal Preparations

134. Repealed.
Importations Prohibited

135 to 143. Repealed.
Special Provisions for Admission or Withdrawal From Bonded Warehouse Without Payment of Duty

144. Repealed. 144a. Entry under bond of exhibits of arts, sciences, and industries, and products of soil, mine, and sea. 145 to 147. Repealed.
Bonded Warehouses

148 to 150. Repealed. 151. Bonded warehouses for storage and cleansing of imported garbanzo; withdrawals.

152 to 152b. Repealed.
Reimporting Exported Articles

153. Repealed.
Equalizing Production Costs

154 to 159. Repealed.

160 to 171. Repealed.
Additional Definitions

172. Omitted.
Rules and Regulations

173. Omitted.
Unfair Methods of Competition and Importation Unlawful

174 to 180. Repealed.
Imports From Countries Making Discriminations

181. Exclusion of imports from countries making discriminations. 182 to 190. Repealed.
Special Provisions

191 to 196a. Repealed.
Payment of Duty

197. Duties, how payable. 198. Certified checks; receivable for all public dues; lien for payment of. 199. Judgments, how payable. SUBTITLE IV—CUSTOMS ADMINISTRATION
Administrative Provisions

part 1—definitions

231. Repealed. 232. “Port” defined. 233. Departure from prescribed forms. 234 to 239. Repealed. 240. Value at date of shipment.
part 2—report, entry, and unlading of vessels and vehicles

241 to 266. Repealed or Omitted. 267. Overtime and premium pay for customs officers. 267a. Foreign language proficiency awards. 268 to 282. Repealed. 283. Duty on saloon stores. 284 to 287. Repealed. 288. Documented vessels. 289 to 292. Repealed. 293. Documented vessels touching at foreign ports. 294. No duty by reason of documented vessel touching at foreign port.
part 3—ascertainment, collection, and recovery of duties

331 to 337. Repealed. 338. Indorsement upon invoice; port of entry. 339. Restriction on consular certificates. 340. Consuls to exact proof of invoice. 341. Fraudulent practices; consul’s report. 342 to 390. Repealed. 391. Ascertainment of duties on grain. 392 to 420. Repealed or Omitted.
part 4—transportation in bond and warehousing of merchandise

451 to 459. Repealed. 460. Retention of distilled spirits, wines, etc., in warehouse during prohibitory period. 461 to 466. Repealed. 467. Imported distilled spirits, wines, or malt liquors; regulations for marks, brands, and stamps or devices on bulk containers; forfeitures. 468. Stamps and brands effaced on emptying packages of imported liquors. 469. Dealing in or using empty stamped imported liquor containers. 471 to 475. Repealed.
part 5—enforcement provisions

481. Repealed. 482. Search of vehicles and persons. 483 to 506. Repealed. 507. Officers to make character known; assistance for officers. 508. Persons making seizures pleading general issue and proving special matter. 509 to 526. Repealed. 527. Sums received from fines and other receipts covered into Treasury. 528. Appropriate customs officer to receive amount recovered. 529 to 534. Repealed or Omitted. 535. Compulsory production of books, invoices, or papers. 536. Repealed. 537. Officers, informers, and defendants as witnesses. 538, 539. Repealed. 540. President may use suitable vessels for enforcing customs laws. 541, 542. Repealed.
part 6—general provisions

571 to 573. Repealed. 574. Exemption from taking other oaths. 575 to 579. Repealed. 580. Interest in suits on bonds for recovery of duties.


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