19 U.S. Code Chapter 4 - TARIFF ACT OF 1930

Part I—Miscellaneous

1301 to 1303. Repealed or Omitted. 1304. Marking of imported articles and containers. 1305. Immoral articles; importation prohibited. 1306. Repealed. 1307. Convict-made goods; importation prohibited. 1308. Prohibition on importation of dog and cat fur products. 1309. Supplies for certain vessels and aircraft. 1310. Free importation of merchandise recovered from sunken and abandoned vessels. 1311. Bonded manufacturing warehouses. 1312. Bonded smelting and refining warehouses. 1313. Drawback and refunds. 1313a. Appropriations for refunds, drawbacks, bounties, etc. 1314. Repealed. 1315. Effective date of rates of duty. 1316. Omitted. 1317. Tobacco products; supplies for certain vessels and aircraft. 1318. Emergencies. 1319. Duty on coffee imported into Puerto Rico. 1319a. Duty on coffee; ratification of duties imposed by Legislature of Puerto Rico. 1320. Repealed. 1321. Administrative exemptions. 1322. International traffic and rescue work; United States-Mexico Boundary Treaty of 1970. 1323. Conservation of fishery resources.
Part II—United States International Trade Commission

1330. Organization of Commission. 1331. General powers. 1332. Investigations. 1332a. Importation of red cedar shingles. 1333. Testimony and production of papers. 1334. Cooperation with other agencies. 1335. Rules and regulations. 1336. Equalization of costs of production. 1337. Unfair practices in import trade. 1337a. Repealed. 1338. Discrimination by foreign countries. 1339. Trade Remedy Assistance Office. 1340. Omitted. 1341. Interference with functions of Commission.
Part III—Promotion of Foreign Trade

1351. Foreign trade agreements. 1352. Equalization of costs of production. 1352a. Repealed. 1353. Indebtedness of foreign countries, effect on. 1354. Notice of intention to negotiate agreement; opportunity to be heard; President to seek information and advice. 1355 to 1356j. Repealed or Omitted. 1356k. Importation of coffee under International Coffee Agreement, 1983; Presidential powers and duties. 1356l. “Coffee” defined. 1356m to 1359. Repealed. 1360. Investigation before trade negotiations. 1361. Action by President; reports to Congress. 1362 to 1365. Repealed. 1366. General Agreement on Tariff and Trade unaffected. 1367. Repealed. SUBTITLE III—ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS
Part I—Definitions and National Customs Automation Program

subpart a—definitions

1401. Miscellaneous. 1401a. Value. 1402. Repealed.
subpart b—national customs automation program

1411. National Customs Automation Program. 1412. Program goals. 1413. Implementation and evaluation of Program. 1414. Remote location filing.
Part II—Report, Entry, and Unlading of Vessels and Vehicles

1431. Manifests. 1431a. Documentation of waterborne cargo. 1432, 1432a. Repealed. 1433. Report of arrival of vessels, vehicles, and aircraft. 1434. Entry; vessels. 1435 to 1435b. Repealed or Transferred. 1436. Penalties for violations of arrival, reporting, entry, and clearance requirements. 1437. Repealed. 1438. Unlawful return of foreign vessel’s papers. 1439, 1440. Repealed. 1441. Exceptions to vessel entry and clearance requirements. 1442. Residue cargo. 1443 to 1445. Repealed. 1446. Supplies and stores retained on board. 1447. Place of entry and unlading. 1448. Unlading. 1449. Unlading at port of entry. 1450. Unlading on Sundays, holidays, or during overtime hours. 1451. Extra compensation. 1451a. Repealed. 1452. Lading on Sundays, holidays, or at night. 1453. Lading and unlading of merchandise or baggage; penalties. 1454. Unlading of passengers; penalty. 1455. Boarding and discharging inspectors. 1456. Compensation and expenses of inspectors between ports; reimbursement. 1457. Time for unlading. 1458. Bulk cargo, time for unlading. 1459. Reporting requirements for individuals. 1460. Repealed. 1461. Inspection of merchandise and baggage. 1462. Forfeiture. 1463. Sealed vessels and vehicles. 1464. Penalties in connection with sealed vessels and vehicles. 1465. Repealed. 1466. Equipment and repairs of vessels. 1467. Special inspection, examination, and search.
Part III—Ascertainment, Collection, and Recovery of Duties

1481. Invoice; contents. 1482, 1483. Repealed. 1484. Entry of merchandise. 1484a. Articles returned from space not to be construed as importation. 1484b. Deferral of duty on large yachts imported for sale at United States boat shows. 1485. Declaration. 1486. Administration of oaths. 1487. Value in entry; amendment. 1488, 1489. Repealed. 1490. General orders. 1491. Unclaimed merchandise; disposition of forfeited distilled spirits, wines and malt liquor. 1492. Destruction of abandoned or forfeited merchandise. 1493. Proceeds of sale. 1494. Expense of weighing and measuring. 1495. Partnership bond. 1496. Examination of baggage. 1496a. Clearance restrictions of individuals returning from abroad; special circumstances; “baggage and effects” defined. 1497. Penalties for failure to declare. 1498. Entry under regulations. 1499. Examination of merchandise. 1500. Appraisement, classification, and liquidation procedure. 1501. Voluntary reliquidations by Customs Service. 1502. Regulations for appraisement and classification. 1503. Dutiable value. 1503a. Repealed. 1504. Limitation on liquidation. 1505. Payment of duties and fees. 1506. Allowance for abandonment and damage. 1507. Tare and draft. 1508. Recordkeeping. 1509. Examination of books and witnesses. 1510. Judicial enforcement. 1511. Repealed. 1512. Deposit of duty receipts. 1513. Customs officer’s immunity. 1514. Protest against decisions of Customs Service. 1515. Review of protests. 1516. Petitions by domestic interested parties. 1516a. Judicial review in countervailing duty and antidumping duty proceedings. 1517 to 1519. Repealed. 1520. Refunds and errors. 1521, 1522. Repealed or Omitted. 1523. Examination of accounts. 1524. Deposit of reimbursable charges. 1525. Repealed. 1526. Merchandise bearing American trade-mark. 1527. Importation of wild mammals and birds in violation of foreign law. 1528. Taxes not to be construed as duties. 1529. Collection of fees on behalf of other agencies.
Part IV—Transportation in Bond and Warehousing of Merchandise

1551. Designation as carrier of bonded merchandise. 1551a. Bonded cartmen or lightermen. 1552. Entry for immediate transportation. 1553. Entry for transportation and exportation; lottery material from Canada. 1553–1. Report on in-bond cargo. 1553a. Recordkeeping for merchandise transported by pipeline. 1554. Transportation through contiguous countries. 1555. Bonded warehouses. 1556. Bonded warehouses; regulations for establishing. 1557. Entry for warehouse. 1558. No remission or refund after release of merchandise. 1559. Warehouse goods deemed abandoned after 5 years. 1560. Leasing of warehouses. 1561. Public stores. 1562. Manipulation in warehouse. 1563. Allowance for loss, abandonment of warehouse goods. 1564. Liens. 1565. Cartage.
Part V—Enforcement Provisions

1581. Boarding vessels. 1582. Search of persons and baggage; regulations. 1583. Examination of outbound mail. 1584. Falsity or lack of manifest; penalties. 1585. Repealed. 1586. Unlawful unlading or transshipment. 1587. Examination of hovering vessels. 1588. Transportation between American ports via foreign ports. 1589. Repealed. 1589a. Enforcement authority of customs officers. 1590. Aviation smuggling. 1591. Repealed. 1592. Penalties for fraud, gross negligence, and negligence. 1592a. Special provisions regarding certain violations. 1593. Repealed. 1593a. Penalties for false drawback claims. 1594. Seizure of conveyances. 1595. Searches and seizures. 1595a. Forfeitures and other penalties. 1596 to 1598. Repealed. 1599. Officers not to be interested in vessels or cargo. 1600. Application of the customs laws to other seizures by customs officers. 1601, 1601a. Repealed. 1602. Seizure; report to customs officer. 1603. Seizure; warrants and reports. 1604. Seizure; prosecution. 1605. Seizure; custody; storage. 1606. Seizure; appraisement. 1607. Seizure; value $500,000 or less, prohibited articles, transporting conveyances. 1608. Seizure; claims; judicial condemnation. 1609. Seizure; summary forfeiture and sale. 1610. Seizure; judicial forfeiture proceedings. 1611. Seizure; sale unlawful. 1612. Seizure; summary sale. 1613. Disposition of proceeds of forfeited property. 1613a. Repealed. 1613b. Customs Forfeiture Fund. 1614. Release of seized property. 1615. Burden of proof in forfeiture proceedings. 1616. Repealed. 1616a. Disposition of forfeited property. 1617. Compromise of Government claims by Secretary of the Treasury. 1618. Remission or mitigation of penalties. 1619. Award of compensation to informers. 1620. Acceptance of money by United States officers. 1621. Limitation of actions. 1622. Foreign landing certificates. 1623. Bonds and other security. 1624. General regulations. 1625. Interpretive rulings and decisions; public information. 1626. Steel products trade enforcement. 1627. Repealed. 1627a. Unlawful importation or exportation of certain vehicles; inspections. 1628. Exchange of information. 1629. Inspections and preclearance in foreign countries. 1630. Authority to settle claims. 1631. Use of private collection agencies.
Part VI—Miscellaneous Provisions

1641. Customs brokers. 1642. Omitted. 1643. Application of customs reorganization act. 1644. Application of section 1644a (b)(1) of this title and section 1518 (d) of title 33. 1644a. Ports of entry. 1645. Transportation and interment of remains of deceased employees in foreign countries; travel or shipping expenses incurred on foreign ships. 1646. Repealed. 1646a. Supervision by customs officers. 1646b. Random customs inspections for stolen automobiles being exported. 1646c. Export reporting requirement. 1647. Repealed. 1648. Uncertified checks, United States notes, and national bank notes receivable for customs duties. 1649. Change in designation of customs attaches. 1650. Transferred. 1651. Repeals. 1652. Separability. 1653. Effective date of chapter. 1653a. Transferred. 1654. Short title. SUBTITLE IV—COUNTERVAILING AND ANTIDUMPING DUTIES
Part I—Imposition of Countervailing Duties

1671. Countervailing duties imposed. 1671a. Procedures for initiating a countervailing duty investigation. 1671b. Preliminary determinations. 1671c. Termination or suspension of investigation. 1671d. Final determinations. 1671e. Assessment of duty. 1671f. Treatment of difference between deposit of estimated countervailing duty and final assessed duty under countervailing duty orders. 1671g. Effect of derogation of Export-Import Bank financing. 1671h. Conditional payment of countervailing duties.
Part II—Imposition of Antidumping Duties

1673. Imposition of antidumping duties. 1673a. Procedures for initiating an antidumping duty investigation. 1673b. Preliminary determinations. 1673c. Termination or suspension of investigation. 1673d. Final determinations. 1673e. Assessment of duty. 1673f. Treatment of difference between deposit of estimated antidumping duty and final assessed duty under antidumping duty order. 1673g. Conditional payment of antidumping duty. 1673h. Establishment of product categories for short life cycle merchandise. 1673i. Repealed.
Part III—Reviews; Other Actions Regarding Agreements

subpart a—review of amount of duty and agreements other than quantitative restriction agreements

1675. Administrative review of determinations. 1675a. Special rules for section 1675 (b) and 1675 (c) reviews. 1675b. Special rules for injury investigations for certain section 1303 orsection 1671 (c) countervailing duty orders and investigations. 1675c. Repealed.
subpart b—consultations and determinations regarding quantitative restriction agreements

1676. Required consultations. 1676a. Required determinations.
Part IV—General Provisions

1677. Definitions; special rules. 1677–1. Upstream subsidies. 1677–2. Calculation of countervailable subsidies on certain processed agricultural products. 1677a. Export price and constructed export price. 1677b. Normal value. 1677b–1. Currency conversion. 1677c. Hearings. 1677d. Countervailable subsidy practices discovered during a proceeding. 1677e. Determinations on basis of facts available. 1677f. Access to information. 1677f–1. Sampling and averaging; determination of weighted average dumping margin and countervailable subsidy rate. 1677g. Interest on certain overpayments and underpayments. 1677h. Drawback treatment. 1677i. Downstream product monitoring. 1677j. Prevention of circumvention of antidumping and countervailing duty orders. 1677k. Third-country dumping. 1677l. Antidumping and countervailing duty collections. 1677m. Conduct of investigations and administrative reviews. 1677n. Antidumping petitions by third countries. SUBTITLE V—REQUIREMENTS APPLICABLE TO IMPORTS OF CERTAIN CIGARETTES AND SMOKELESS TOBACCO PRODUCTS 1681. Definitions. 1681a. Requirements for entry of certain cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products. 1681b. Enforcement. SUBTITLE VI—SOFTWOOD LUMBER 1683. Definitions. 1683a. Establishment of softwood lumber importer declaration program. 1683b. Scope of softwood lumber importer declaration program. 1683c. Export charge determination and publication. 1683d. Reconciliation. 1683e. Verification. 1683f. Penalties. 1683g. Reports.


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