Sec. 621. Congressional declaration of purpose. 622. Definitions. 623. Continuing study of additional budget reform proposals. SUBCHAPTER I—CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET PROCESS 631. Timetable. 632. Annual adoption of concurrent resolution on the budget. 633. Committee allocations. 634. Concurrent resolution on the budget must be adopted before budget-related legislation is considered. 635. Permissible revisions of concurrent resolutions on the budget. 636. Provisions relating to consideration of concurrent resolutions on the budget. 637. Legislation dealing with Congressional budget must be handled by Budget Committees. 638. House Committee action on all appropriation bills to be completed by June 10. 639. Reports, summaries, and projections of Congressional budget actions. 640. House approval of regular appropriation bills. 641. Reconciliation. 642. Budget-related legislation must be within appropriate levels. 643. Determinations and points of order. 644. Extraneous matter in reconciliation legislation. 645. Adjustments. 645a. Effect of adoption of special order of business in House of Representatives. SUBCHAPTER II—FISCAL PROCEDURES
Part A—General Provisions

651. Budget-related legislation not subject to appropriations. 652. Repealed. 653. Analysis by Congressional Budget Office. 654. Study by Government Accountability Office of forms of Federal financial commitment not reviewed annually by Congress. 655. Off-budget agencies, programs, and activities. 656. Member User Group.
Part B—Federal Mandates

658. Definitions. 658a. Exclusions. 658b. Duties of Congressional committees. 658c. Duties of Director; statements on bills and joint resolutions other than appropriations bills and joint resolutions. 658d. Legislation subject to point of order. 658e. Provisions relating to House of Representatives. 658f. Requests to Congressional Budget Office from Senators. 658g. Clarification of application. SUBCHAPTER III—CREDIT REFORM 661. Purposes. 661a. Definitions. 661b. OMB and CBO analysis, coordination, and review. 661c. Budgetary treatment. 661d. Authorizations. 661e. Treatment of deposit insurance and agencies and other insurance programs. 661f. Effect on other laws. SUBCHAPTER IV—BUDGET AGREEMENT ENFORCEMENT PROVISIONS 665 to 665e. Repealed.


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