SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL Sec. 1801. Appointment. 1802. Compensation. 1803. Delegation of authority. 1804. Deputy Architect of the Capitol to act in case of absence, disability, or vacancy. 1805. Deputy Architect of the Capitol/Chief Operating Officer. 1806, 1807. Repealed. 1808. Inspector General of the Architect of the Capitol. SUBCHAPTER II—GENERAL POWERS AND DUTIES 1811. Powers and duties. 1812. Care and superintendence of Capitol. 1813. Exterior of Capitol. 1814. Repairs of Capitol. 1815. Repealed. 1816. Construction contracts. 1816a. Design-build contracts. 1817. Transfer of discontinued apparatus to other branches. 1817a. Disposition of surplus or obsolete personal property. 1818. Rental or lease of storage space. 1819. Computer backup facilities for legislative offices. 1820. Acquisition of real property for Capitol Police. 1821. Small purchase contracting authority. 1822. Leasing of space. 1823. Acquisition of real property for Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper of the Senate. 1823a. Acquisition of real property for Library of Congress. 1824. Energy and environmental measures in Capitol Complex Master Plan. 1825. Repealed. 1826. Easements for rights-of-way. 1827. Support and maintenance during emergencies. SUBCHAPTER III—PERSONNEL
Part A—General

1831. Human resources program. 1832. Assignment and reassignment of personnel. 1833. Lighting, heating, and ventilating House of Representatives. 1834. Heating and ventilating Senate wing.
Part B—Compensation

1841. Single per annum gross rates of pay. 1842. Conversion of existing pay rates. 1843. Obsolete references. 1844. Savings provisions. 1845. Effect on existing law. 1846. Exemptions. 1847. Authorization to fix basic rate of compensation for certain positions. 1848. Compensation of certain positions in Office of Architect of the Capitol. 1849. Compensation of certain positions under jurisdiction of Architect of the Capitol. 1850. Compensation of registered nurses. 1851. Gratuities for survivors of deceased employees. 1852. Withholding and remittance of State income tax. SUBCHAPTER IV—APPROPRIATIONS AND EXPENDITURES 1861. Appropriations under control of Architect of the Capitol. 1862. Transfer of funds. 1862a. Use of construction project funds to reimburse Capitol Police for related overtime costs. 1863. Funds out of Contingent Expenses, Architect of the Capitol Appropriation. 1864. Funds out of Capitol Buildings, Architect of the Capitol Appropriation. 1865. Capitol Police Buildings and Grounds Account. 1866. Certification of vouchers. 1867. Advancement and reimbursement of expenses for flying American flags and providing certification services therefor. 1868. Semiannual compilation and report of expenditures. 1869. Advance payments. 1870. House Historic Buildings Revitalization Trust Fund. 1871. Expired appropriations available for deposit into Employees’ Compensation Fund.


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