2 U.S. Code Chapter 29 - CAPITOL POLICE

Part A—General

Sec. 1901. Establishment; officer appointments. 1902. Compensation of Chief. 1903. Chief Administrative Officer. 1904. Certifying officers. 1905. Deposit and use of reimbursements for law enforcement assistance. 1905a. Reimbursement for salaries paid for service at Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. 1906. Disposal of surplus property. 1907. Transfer of disbursing function. 1908. Legal representation authority. 1909. Inspector General for the United States Capitol Police. 1910. Report of disbursements. 1911. General Counsel to the Chief of Police and the United States Capitol Police.
Part B—Compensation and Other Personnel Matters

1921. Repealed. 1921a. Sole and exclusive authority of Board and Chief to determine rates of pay. 1922. Unified payroll administration. 1923. Unified schedules of rates of basic pay and leave system. 1924, 1925. Repealed. 1926. Educational assistance program for employees. 1927. Bonuses, retention allowances, and additional compensation. 1928, 1929. Repealed. 1930. Applicable pay rate upon appointment. 1931. Additional compensation for employees with specialty assignments and proficiencies. 1932. Application of premium pay limits on annualized basis. 1933. Clarification of authorities regarding certain personnel benefits. 1934. Waiver by Chief of Capitol Police of claims arising out of erroneous payments to officers and employees.
Part C—Uniform and Arms

1941. Uniform. 1942. Uniform to display United States flag or colors. 1943. Repealed. 1944. Wearing uniform on duty.
Part D—United States Capitol Police Memorial Fund

1951. Establishment of United States Capitol Police Memorial Fund. 1952. Payments from Fund for families of Detective Gibson and Private First Class Chestnut. 1953. Tax treatment of Fund. 1954. Administration by Capitol Police Board. SUBCHAPTER II—POWERS AND DUTIES 1961. Policing of Capitol Buildings and Grounds. 1962. Detail of police. 1963. Protection of grounds. 1964. Security systems for Capitol buildings and grounds. 1965. Maintenance of security systems for Capitol buildings and grounds. 1966. Protection of Members of Congress, officers of Congress, and members of their families. 1967. Law enforcement authority. 1968. Citation release. 1969. Regulation of traffic by Capitol Police Board. 1970. Assistance by Executive departments and agencies. 1971. Contributions of meals and refreshments during emergency duty. 1972. Contributions of comfort and other incidental items and services during emergency duty. 1973. Support and maintenance expenditures during emergency duty. 1974. Capitol Police special officers. 1975. Overseas travel. 1976. Acceptance of donations of animals. 1977. Settlement and payment of tort claims. 1978. Deployment outside of jurisdiction. 1979. Release of security information. 1980. Mounted horse unit. 1981. Advance payments.


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