SUBCHAPTER I—HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Sec. 2001. House Office Building; control, supervision, and care. 2002. Acquisition of buildings and facilities for use in emergency situation. 2003. Speaker as member of House Office Building commission. 2004. Assignment of rooms in House Office Building. 2005. Vacant rooms; assignment to Representatives. 2006. Withdrawal by Representative of request for vacant rooms. 2007. Exchange of rooms. 2008. Record of assignment of rooms. 2009. Assignment of rooms to Commissioner from Puerto Rico. 2010. Assignment of rooms; control of by House. 2011. Assignment of unoccupied space. 2012. Furniture for House of Representatives. SUBCHAPTER II—SENATE 2021. Additional Senate office building. 2022. Acquisition of buildings and facilities for use in emergency situation. 2023. Control, care, and supervision of Senate Office Building. 2024. Assignment of space in Senate Office Building. 2025. Senate Garage. SUBCHAPTER III—RESTAURANTS 2041. House of Representatives restaurant, cafeteria, and food services. 2042. Senate Restaurants; management by Architect of the Capitol. 2043. Authorization and direction to effectuate purposes of sections 2042 to 2047 of this title. 2044. Special deposit account. 2045. Deposits and disbursements under special deposit account. 2046. Bond of Architect, Assistant Architect, and other employees. 2047. Supersedure of prior provisions for maintenance and operation of Senate Restaurants. 2048. Repealed. 2049. Loans for Senate Restaurants. 2050. Transfer of appropriations for management personnel and miscellaneous restaurant expenses to special deposit account. 2051. Continued benefits for certain Senate Restaurants employees. SUBCHAPTER IV—CHILD CARE 2061. Designation of play areas on Capitol grounds for children attending day care center. 2062. House of Representatives Child Care Center. 2063. Senate Employee Child Care Center. 2064. Senate Employee Child Care Center employee benefits. 2065. Reimbursement of Senate day care center employees. SUBCHAPTER V—HISTORICAL PRESERVATION AND FINE ARTS
Part A—United States Capitol Preservation Commission

2081. United States Capitol Preservation Commission. 2082. Authority of Commission to accept gifts and conduct other transactions relating to works of fine art and other property. 2083. Capitol Preservation Fund. 2084. Audits by the Comptroller General. 2085. Advisory boards. 2086. Definition.
Part B—Senate Commission on Art

2101. Senate Commission on Art. 2102. Duties of Commission. 2103. Supervision and maintenance of Old Senate Chamber. 2104. Publication of list of works of art, historical objects, and exhibits. 2105. Authorization of appropriations. 2106. Repealed. 2107. Conservation, restoration, replication, or replacement of items in United States Senate Collection. 2108. Provisions relating to Senate Commission on Art.
Part C—House of Representatives Fine Arts Board

2121. House of Representatives Fine Arts Board. 2122. Acceptance of gifts on behalf of the House of Representatives.
Part D—Miscellaneous

2131. National Statuary Hall. 2131a. Eligibility for placement of statues in National Statuary Hall. 2132. Replacement of statue in Statuary Hall. 2133. Acceptance and supervision of works of fine arts. 2134. Art exhibits. 2135. Private studios and works of art. SUBCHAPTER VI—BOTANIC GARDEN AND NATIONAL GARDEN 2141. Supervision of Botanic Garden. 2142. Superintendent of Botanic Garden and greenhouses. 2143. Utilization of personnel by Architect of the Capitol for maintenance and operation of Botanic Garden. 2144. Disbursement of appropriations for Botanic Garden. 2145. Restriction on use of appropriation for Botanic Garden. 2146. National Garden. 2147. Plant material exchanges. SUBCHAPTER VII—OTHER ENTITIES AND SERVICES 2161. John W. McCormack Residential Page School. 2162. Capitol Power Plant. 2162a. Promoting maximum efficiency in operation of Capitol Power Plant. 2163. Capitol Grounds shuttle service. 2164. Transportation of House Pages by Capitol Grounds shuttle service. 2165, 2166. Repealed. 2167. Congressional Award Youth Park. 2168. Memorandum of understanding for provision of services of the United States Capitol telephone exchange for the House. 2169. Capitol complex E–85 refueling station. 2170. Battery recharging stations for privately owned vehicles in parking areas under the jurisdiction of the Senate at no net cost to the Federal Government. 2171. Battery recharging stations for privately owned vehicles in parking areas under the jurisdiction of the House of Representatives at no net cost to the Federal Government. SUBCHAPTER VIII—MISCELLANEOUS 2181. Assignment of space for meetings of joint committees, conference committees, etc. 2182. Use of space formerly occupied by Library of Congress. 2183. Protection of buildings and property. 2184. Purchase of furniture or carpets for House or Senate. 2185. Estimates for improvements in grounds.


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