2 U.S. Code Chapter 5 - LIBRARY OF CONGRESS

Sec. 131. Collections composing Library; location. 132. Departments of Library. 132a. Appropriations for increase of general library. 132a–1. Obligations for reimbursable and revolving fund activities; limitation. 132a–2. Furniture, furnishings, and office and library equipment; transfer of funds. 132b. Joint Committee on the Library. 133. Joint Committee during recess of Congress. 134. Incidental expenses of law library. 135. Purchase of books for law library. 135a. Books and sound-reproduction records for blind and other physically handicapped residents; annual appropriations; purchases. 135a–1. Library of musical scores, instructional texts, and other specialized materials for use of blind persons or other physically handicapped residents; authorization of appropriations. 135b. Local and regional centers; preference to blind and other physically handicapped veterans; rules and regulations; authorization of appropriations. 136. Librarian of Congress; appointment; rules and regulations. 136a, 136a–1. Omitted. 136a–2. Librarian of Congress and Deputy Librarian of Congress; compensation. 136b. Omitted. 136c. Authorized additional expenses and services for which Library of Congress salary appropriations are available. 137. Use and regulation of law library. 137a, 137b. Omitted. 137c. Withdrawal of books from Library of Congress. 138. Law library; hours kept open. 139. Omitted. 140. Employees; fitness. 141. Allocation of responsibilities for Library buildings and grounds. 141a. Design, installation, and maintenance of security systems; transfer of responsibility. 141b. Collections, physical security, control, and preservation of order and decorum within the library. 142. Omitted. 142a. Office of administrative assistant and disbursing officer in Library of Congress abolished; transfer of duties to appointee of Librarian. 142b. Certifying officers of the Library of Congress; accountability; relief by Comptroller General. 142c. Enforcement of liability of certifying officers of Library of Congress. 142d. Disbursing officer of the Library of Congress; disbursements in accordance with voucher; examination of vouchers; liability. 142e. Disbursing Officer of the Library of Congress; disbursements for Congressional Budget Office, accountability; financial management support to Congressional Budget Office under agreement of Librarian of Congress and Director of Congressional Budget Office; Congressional Budget Office certifying officers: voucher certifications, accountability, relief by Comptroller General. 142f. Office of Technology Assessment; disbursement of funds, computation and disbursement of basic pay, and provision of financial management support by Library of Congress. 142g. Copyright Royalty Tribunal; computation and disbursement of pay of Tribunal personnel by Library of Congress. 142h. Biomedical Ethics Board; disbursement of funds, computation and disbursement of basic pay, and provision of financial management services and support by Library of Congress. 142i. United States Capitol Preservation Commission; provision of financial management services and support by Library of Congress. 142j. John C. Stennis Center for Public Service Training and Development; disbursement of funds, computation and disbursement of basic pay, and provision of financial management services and support by Library of Congress; payment for services. 142k. Library of Congress disbursing office; payroll processing functions. 142l. Disbursing Officer of Library of Congress; disbursements for Office of Compliance; voucher certifications, accountability and relief by Comptroller General. 143. Appropriations for Library Building and Grounds. 143a. Disbursement of funds. 143b. Payments in advance for subscriptions or other charges. 143c. Use of other library funds to make payments. 143d. Funds available for workers compensation payments. 144. Copies of Statutes at Large. 145. Copies of journals and documents. 145a. Periodical binding of printed hearings of committee testimony. 146. Deposit of Journals of Senate and House. 147, 148. Repealed. 149. Transfer of books to other libraries. 149a. Permitting use of proceeds from disposition of surplus or obsolete personal property. 150. Sale of copies of card indexes and other publications. 151. Smithsonian Library. 152. Care and use of Smithsonian Library. 153. Control of library of House of Representatives. 154. Library of Congress Trust Fund Board; members; quorum; seal; rules and regulations. 155. Compensation and expenses of Library of Congress Trust Fund Board. 156. Gifts, etc., to Library of Congress Trust Fund Board. 157. Funds of Library of Congress Trust Fund Board; management of. 158. Deposits by Library of Congress Trust Fund Board with Treasurer of United States. 158a. Temporary possession of gifts of money or securities to Library of Congress; investment. 159. Perpetual succession and suits by or against Library of Congress Trust Fund Board. 160. Disbursement of gifts, etc., to Library. 161. Tax exemption of gifts, etc., to Library of Congress. 162. Compensation of Library of Congress employees. 162a. Gross salary of Library of Congress employees. 162b. Little Scholars Child Development Center; employee compensation and personnel matters. 163. Omitted. 164. Index and digest of State legislation; preparation. 164a. Official distribution of State legislation index and digest. 165. Authorization for appropriation for biennial index. 166. Congressional Research Service. 167 to 167h. Repealed. 167i. Suspension of prohibitions against use of Library buildings and grounds. 167j. Area comprising Library of Congress grounds; “buildings and grounds” defined. 168. Constitution of the United States; preparation and publication of revised edition; annotations; supplements; decennial editions and supplements. 168a. Printing of Constitution Annotated as Senate documents. 168b. Printing and distribution of additional copies of Constitution Annotated. 168c. Printing and distribution of decennial editions and supplements to Constitution Annotated. 168d. Authorization of appropriations for Constitution Annotated. 169. Positions in Library of Congress exempt from citizenship requirement. 170. American Television and Radio Archives. 171. Congressional declaration of findings and purpose as to Center for the Book. 172. Definitions. 173. Establishment of Center for the Book. 174. Function of Center for the Book. 175. Administrative provisions. 176. Mass Book Deacidification Facility; operation by Librarian of Congress. 177. Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry. 178 to 179k. Repealed. 179l. National Film Registry of Library of Congress. 179m. Duties of Librarian of Congress. 179n. National Film Preservation Board. 179o. Responsibilities and powers of Board. 179p. National Film Registry Collection of Library of Congress. 179q. Seal of National Film Registry. 179r. Remedies. 179s. Limitations of remedies. 179t. Staff of Board; experts and consultants. 179u. Definitions. 179v. Authorization of appropriations. 179w. Effective date. 180. Legislative information retrieval system. 181. Program for exchange of information among legislative branch agencies. 182. Cooperative Acquisitions Program Revolving Fund. 182a. Revolving fund for duplication services associated with audiovisual conservation center. 182b. Revolving fund for gift shop, decimal classification, photo duplication, and related services. 182c. Revolving fund for FEDLINK program and Federal Research program. 182d. Audits by Comptroller General. 183. Written history of the House of Representatives. 183a. Oral history of the House of Representatives. 184. Incorporation of digital collections into educational curricula. 185. Inspector General of the Library of Congress.


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