Part A—Definitions

Sec. 1001. General definition of institution of higher education. 1002. Definition of institution of higher education for purposes of student assistance programs. 1003. Additional definitions.
Part B—Additional General Provisions

1011. Antidiscrimination. 1011a. Protection of student speech and association rights. 1011b. Territorial waiver authority. 1011c. National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity. 1011d. Student representation. 1011e. Financial responsibility of foreign students. 1011f. Disclosures of foreign gifts. 1011g. Application of peer review process. 1011h. Binge drinking on college campuses. 1011i. Drug and alcohol abuse prevention. 1011j. Prior rights and obligations. 1011k. Recovery of payments. 1011l. Diploma mills. 1011m. Certification regarding the use of certain Federal funds.
Part C—Cost of Higher Education

1015. Improvements in market information and public accountability in higher education. 1015a. Transparency in college tuition for consumers. 1015b. Textbook information. 1015c. Database of student information prohibited. 1015d. In-State tuition rates for members of the armed forces on active duty, spouses, and dependent children. 1015e. State higher education information system pilot program. 1015f. State commitment to affordable college education.
Part D—Administrative Provisions for Delivery of Student Financial Assistance

1018. Performance-Based Organization for delivery of Federal student financial assistance. 1018a. Procurement flexibility. 1018b. Administrative simplification of student aid delivery.
Part E—Lender and Institution Requirements Relating to Education Loans

1019. Definitions. 1019a. Responsibilities of covered institutions, institution-affiliated organizations, and lenders. 1019b. Loan information to be disclosed and model disclosure form for covered institutions, institution-affiliated organizations, and lenders participating in preferred lender arrangements. 1019c. Loan information to be disclosed and model disclosure form for institutions participating in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. 1019d. Self-certification form for private education loans. SUBCHAPTER II—TEACHER QUALITY ENHANCEMENT 1021. Definitions.
Part A—Teacher Quality Partnership Grants

1022. Purposes. 1022a. Partnership grants. 1022b. Administrative provisions. 1022c. Accountability and evaluation. 1022d. Accountability for programs that prepare teachers. 1022e. Teacher development. 1022f. State functions. 1022g. General provisions. 1022h. Authorization of appropriations.
Part B—Enhancing Teacher Education

1031. Authorization of appropriations.
subpart 1—preparing teachers for digital age learners

1032. Program authorized. 1032a. Uses of funds. 1032b. Application requirements. 1032c. Evaluation.
subpart 2—honorable augustus f. hawkins centers of excellence

1033. Definitions. 1033a. Augustus F. Hawkins centers of excellence.
subpart 3—preparing general education teachers to more effectively educate students with disabilities

1034. Teach to reach grants.
subpart 4—adjunct teacher corps

1035. Adjunct teacher corps.
subpart 5—graduate fellowships to prepare faculty in high-need areas at colleges of education

1036. Graduate fellowships to prepare faculty in high-need areas at colleges of education.
Part C—General Provisions

1041. Limitations. SUBCHAPTER III—INSTITUTIONAL AID 1051. Findings and purpose.
Part A—Strengthening Institutions

1057. Program purpose. 1058. Definitions; eligibility. 1059. Duration of grant. 1059a. Applications. 1059b. Goals for financial management and academic program. 1059c. American Indian tribally controlled colleges and universities. 1059d. Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian-serving institutions. 1059e. Predominantly Black Institutions. 1059f. Native American-serving, nontribal institutions. 1059g. Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-serving institutions.
Part B—Strengthening Historically Black Colleges and Universities

1060. Findings and purposes. 1061. Definitions. 1062. Grants to institutions. 1063. Allotments to institutions. 1063a. Applications. 1063b. Professional or graduate institutions. 1063c. Reporting and audit requirements.
Part C—Endowment Challenge Grants for Institutions Eligible for Assistance Under Part A or Part B

1064. Repealed. 1065. Endowment challenge grants.
Part D—Historically Black College and University Capital Financing

1066. Findings. 1066a. Definitions. 1066b. Federal insurance for bonds. 1066c. Limitations on Federal insurance for bonds issued by designated bonding authority. 1066d. Authority of Secretary. 1066e. Repealed. 1066f. HBCU Capital Financing Advisory Board. 1066g. Minority business enterprise utilization.
Part E—Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program

subpart 1—minority science and engineering improvement program

1067. Findings. 1067a. Purpose; authority. 1067b. Grant recipient selection. 1067c. Use of funds. 1067d. Repealed.
subpart 2—programs in stem fields

1067e. YES partnerships grant program. 1067e–1. Promotion of entry into STEM fields. 1067e–2. Evaluation and accountability plan.
subpart 3—administrative and general provisions

1067g. Eligibility for grants. 1067h. Grant application. 1067i. Cross program and cross agency cooperation. 1067j. Administrative provisions. 1067k. Definitions. 1067l. Repealed.
Part F—Strengthening Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Other Minority-Serving Institutions

1067q. Investment in historically Black colleges and universities and other minority-serving institutions.
Part G—General Provisions

1068. Applications for assistance. 1068a. Waiver authority and reporting requirement. 1068b. Application review process. 1068c. Cooperative arrangements. 1068d. Assistance to institutions under other programs. 1068e. Limitations. 1068f. Penalties. 1068g. Continuation awards. 1068h. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER IV—STUDENT ASSISTANCE
Part A—Grants to Students in Attendance at Institutions of Higher Education

1070. Statement of purpose; program authorization.
subpart 1—federal pell grants

1070a. Federal Pell Grants: amount and determinations; applications. 1070a–1. Academic competitiveness grants. 1070a–2 to 1070a–6. Repealed.
subpart 2—federal early outreach and student services programs

Division 1—Federal TRIO Programs 1070a–11. Program authority; authorization of appropriations. 1070a–12. Talent search. 1070a–13. Upward bound. 1070a–14. Student support services. 1070a–15. Postbaccalaureate achievement program authority. 1070a–16. Educational opportunity centers. 1070a–17. Staff development activities. 1070a–18. Reports, evaluations, and grants for project improvement and dissemination. Division 2—Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs 1070a–21. Early intervention and college awareness program authorized. 1070a–22. Requirements. 1070a–23. Applications. 1070a–24. Activities. 1070a–25. Scholarship component. 1070a–26. 21st Century Scholar Certificates. 1070a–27. Evaluation and report. 1070a–28. Authorization of appropriations. Division 3—Academic Achievement Incentive Scholarships 1070a–31 to 1070a–35. Repealed. Division 4—Model Program Community Partnership and Counseling Grants 1070a–41 to 1070a–43. Repealed. Division 5—Public Information 1070a–51 to 1070a–53. Repealed. Division 6—National Student Savings Demonstration Program 1070a–61. Repealed. Division 7—Preeligibility Form 1070a–71. Repealed. Division 8—Technical Assistance for Teachers and Counselors 1070a–81. Repealed.
subpart 3—federal supplemental educational opportunity grants

1070b. Purpose; appropriations authorized. 1070b–1. Amount and duration of grants. 1070b–2. Agreements with institutions; selection of recipients. 1070b–3. Allocation of funds. 1070b–4. Carryover and carryback authority.
subpart 4—leveraging educational assistance partnership program

1070c. Purpose; appropriations authorized. 1070c–1. Allotment among States. 1070c–2. Applications for leveraging educational assistance partnership programs. 1070c–3. Administration of State programs; judicial review. 1070c–3a. Grants for access and persistence. 1070c–4. “Community service” defined. 1070d to 1070d–1d. Repealed.
subpart 5—special programs for students whose families are engaged in migrant and seasonal farmwork

1070d–2. Maintenance and expansion of existing programs.
subpart 6—robert c. byrd honors scholarship program

1070d–31. Statement of purpose. 1070d–32. Repealed. 1070d–33. Scholarships authorized. 1070d–34. Allocation among States. 1070d–35. Agreements. 1070d–36. Eligibility of scholars. 1070d–37. Selection of scholars. 1070d–38. Stipends and scholarship conditions. 1070d–39. Repealed. 1070d–40. Construction of needs provisions. 1070d–41. Authorization of appropriations.
subpart 7—child care access means parents in school

1070e. Child care access means parents in school.
subpart 8—learning anytime anywhere partnerships

1070f to 1070f–6. Repealed.
subpart 9—teach grants

1070g. Definitions. 1070g–1. Program established. 1070g–2. Applications; eligibility. 1070g–3. Program period and funding. 1070g–4. Program report.
subpart 10—scholarships for veteran’s dependents

1070h. Scholarships for veteran’s dependents.
Part B—Federal Family Education Loan Program

1071. Statement of purpose; nondiscrimination; and appropriations authorized. 1072. Advances for reserve funds of State and nonprofit private loan insurance programs. 1072a. Federal Student Loan Reserve Fund. 1072b. Agency Operating Fund. 1073. Effects of adequate non-Federal programs. 1074. Scope and duration of Federal loan insurance program. 1075. Limitations on individual federally insured loans and on Federal loan insurance. 1076. Sources of funds. 1077. Eligibility of student borrowers and terms of federally insured student loans. 1077a. Applicable interest rates. 1078. Federal payments to reduce student interest costs. 1078–1. Voluntary flexible agreements with guaranty agencies. 1078–2. Federal PLUS loans. 1078–3. Federal consolidation loans. 1078–4. Commingling of funds. 1078–5. Repealed. 1078–6. Default reduction program. 1078–7. Requirements for disbursement of student loans. 1078–8. Unsubsidized Stafford loans for middle-income borrowers. 1078–9. Repealed. 1078–10. Loan forgiveness for teachers. 1078–11. Loan forgiveness for service in areas of national need. 1078–12. Loan repayment for civil legal assistance attorneys. 1079. Certificate of Federal loan insurance—effective date of insurance. 1080. Default of student under Federal loan insurance program. 1080a. Reports to consumer reporting agencies and institutions of higher education. 1081. Insurance fund. 1082. Legal powers and responsibilities. 1083. Student loan information by eligible lenders. 1083a. Consumer education information. 1084. Participation by Federal credit unions in Federal, State, and private student loan insurance programs. 1085. Definitions for student loan insurance program. 1086. Delegation of functions. 1087. Repayment by Secretary of loans of bankrupt, deceased, or disabled borrowers; treatment of borrowers attending schools that fail to provide a refund, attending closed schools, or falsely certified as eligible to borrow. 1087–0. Repealed. 1087–1. Special allowances. 1087–2. Student Loan Marketing Association. 1087–3. Reorganization of Student Loan Marketing Association through formation of Holding Company. 1087–4. Discrimination in secondary markets prohibited.
Part C—William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program

1087a. Program authority. 1087b. Funds for origination of direct student loans. 1087c. Selection of institutions for participation and origination. 1087d. Agreements with institutions. 1087e. Terms and conditions of loans. 1087f. Contracts. 1087g. Repealed. 1087h. Funds for administrative expenses. 1087i. Authority to sell loans. 1087i–1. Temporary authority to purchase student loans. 1087i–2. Temporary loan consolidation authority. 1087j. Loan cancellation for teachers.
Part D—Federal Perkins Loans

1087aa. Appropriations authorized. 1087bb. Allocation of funds. 1087cc. Agreements with institutions of higher education. 1087cc–1. Student loan information by eligible institutions. 1087dd. Terms of loans. 1087ee. Cancellation of loans for certain public service. 1087ff. Distribution of assets from student loan funds. 1087gg. Collection of defaulted loans: Perkins Loan Revolving Fund. 1087hh. General authority of Secretary. 1087ii. Definitions.
Part E—Need Analysis

1087kk. Amount of need. 1087ll. Cost of attendance. 1087mm. Family contribution. 1087nn. Determination of expected family contribution; data elements. 1087oo. Family contribution for dependent students. 1087pp. Family contribution for independent students without dependents other than a spouse. 1087qq. Family contribution for independent students with dependents other than a spouse. 1087rr. Regulations; updated tables. 1087ss. Simplified needs test. 1087tt. Discretion of student financial aid administrators. 1087uu. Disregard of student aid in other Federal programs. 1087uu–1. Native American students. 1087vv. Definitions.
Part F—General Provisions Relating to Student Assistance Programs

1088. Definitions. 1088a. Clock and credit hour treatment of diploma nursing schools. 1089. Master calendar. 1090. Forms and regulations. 1091. Student eligibility. 1091a. Statute of limitations, and State court judgments. 1091b. Institutional refunds. 1091c. Readmission requirements for servicemembers. 1092. Institutional and financial assistance information for students. 1092a. Combined payment plan. 1092b. National Student Loan Data System. 1092c. Simplification of lending process for borrowers. 1092d. Scholarship fraud assessment and awareness activities. 1092e. College access initiative. 1092f. Early awareness of financial aid eligibility. 1093. Distance education demonstration programs. 1093a. Articulation agreements. 1094. Program participation agreements. 1094a. Regulatory relief and improvement. 1094b. Assignment of identification numbers. 1095. Transfer of allotments. 1095a. Wage garnishment requirement. 1096. Administrative expenses. 1096a. Repealed. 1097. Criminal penalties. 1097a. Administrative subpoenas. 1098. Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance. 1098a. Regional meetings and negotiated rulemaking. 1098b. Authorization of appropriations for administrative expenses. 1098c. Repealed. 1098d. Procedures for cancellations and deferments for eligible disabled veterans. 1098e. Income-based repayment. 1098f. Deferral of loan repayment following active duty. 1098g. Exemption from State disclosure requirements.
Part F–1—Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students

1098aa. Short title; findings; reference. 1098bb. Waiver authority for response to military contingencies and national emergencies. 1098cc. Tuition refunds or credits for members of armed forces. 1098dd. Use of professional judgment. 1098ee. Definitions. 1099. Transferred.
Part G—Program Integrity

subpart 1—state role

1099a. State responsibilities.
subpart 2—accrediting agency recognition

1099b. Recognition of accrediting agency or association.
subpart 3—eligibility and certification procedures

1099c. Eligibility and certification procedures. 1099c–1. Program review and data. 1099c–2. Review of regulations.
Part H—Competitive Loan Auction Pilot Program

1099d. Competitive loan auction pilot program.
Part I—Transferred

Part A—Hispanic-Serving Institutions

1101. Findings; purpose; and program authority. 1101a. Definitions; eligibility. 1101b. Authorized activities. 1101c. Duration of grant. 1101d. Special rule.
Part B—Promoting Postbaccalaureate Opportunities for Hispanic Americans

1102. Purposes. 1102a. Program authority and eligibility. 1102b. Authorized activities. 1102c. Application and duration.
Part C—General Provisions

1103. Eligibility; applications. 1103a. Waiver authority and reporting requirement. 1103b. Application review process. 1103c. Cooperative arrangements. 1103d. Assistance to institutions under other programs. 1103e. Limitations. 1103f. Penalties. 1103g. Authorizations of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER VI—INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS
Part A—International and Foreign Language Studies

1121. Findings; purposes; consultation; survey. 1122. Graduate and undergraduate language and area centers and programs. 1123. Language resource centers. 1124. Undergraduate international studies and foreign language programs. 1125. Research; studies; annual report. 1126. Technological innovation and cooperation for foreign information access. 1127. Selection of certain grant recipients. 1128. Equitable distribution of certain funds. 1128a. American overseas research centers. 1128b. Authorization of appropriations.
Part B—Business and International Education Programs

1130. Findings and purposes. 1130–1. Centers for international business education. 1130a. Education and training programs. 1130b. Authorization of appropriations.
Part C—Institute for International Public Policy

1131. Minority foreign service professional development program. 1131–1. Institutional development. 1131a. Study abroad program. 1131b. Advanced degree in international relations. 1131c. Internships. 1131c–1. Financial assistance. 1131d. Report. 1131e. Gifts and donations. 1131f. Authorization of appropriations.
Part D—General Provisions

1132. Definitions. 1132–1. Special rule. 1132–2. Rule of construction. 1132–3. Assessment. 1132–4. Evaluation, outreach, and information. 1132–5. Report. 1132–6. Science and technology advanced foreign language education grant program. 1132–7. Reporting by institutions. SUBCHAPTER VII—GRADUATE AND POSTSECONDARY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMS 1133. Purpose.
Part A—Graduate Education Programs

subpart 1—jacob k. javits fellowship program

1134. Award of Jacob K. Javits fellowships. 1134a. Allocation of fellowships. 1134b. Stipends. 1134c. Fellowship conditions. 1134d. Authorization of appropriations.
subpart 2—graduate assistance in areas of national need

1135. Grants to academic departments and programs of institutions. 1135a. Institutional eligibility. 1135b. Criteria for applications. 1135c. Awards to graduate students. 1135d. Additional assistance for cost of education. 1135e. Authorization of appropriations.
subpart 3—thurgood marshall legal educational opportunity program

1136. Legal educational opportunity program.
subpart 4—masters degree programs at historically black colleges and universities and predominantly black institutions

1136a. Masters degree programs at historically Black colleges and universities. 1136b. Masters degree programs at predominantly Black institutions. 1136c. Authorization of appropriations.
subpart 5—general provisions

1137. Administrative provisions for subparts 1 through 4.
Part B—Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education

1138. Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education. 1138a. National Board of the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education. 1138b. Administrative provisions. 1138c. Special projects. 1138d. Authorization of appropriations.
Part C—Urban Community Service

1139 to 1139h. Repealed.
Part D—Programs To Provide Students With Disabilities With a Quality Higher Education

1140. Definitions.
subpart 1—demonstration projects to support postsecondary faculty, staff, and administrators in educating students with disabilities

1140a. Purpose. 1140b. Grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements authorized. 1140c. Applications. 1140d. Rule of construction. 1140e. Authorization of appropriations.
subpart 2—transition programs for students with intellectual disabilities into higher education

1140f. Purpose. 1140g. Model comprehensive transition and postsecondary programs for students with intellectual disabilities. 1140h. Rule of construction. 1140i. Authorization of appropriations and reservation.
subpart 3—commission on accessible materials; programs to support improved access to materials

1140k. Definition of student with a print disability. 1140l. Establishment of Advisory Commission on Accessible Instructional Materials in Postsecondary Education for Students with Disabilities. 1140m. Model demonstration programs to support improved access to postsecondary instructional materials for students with print disabilities. 1140n. Rule of construction. 1140o. Authorization of appropriations.
subpart 4—national technical assistance center; coordinating center

1140p. Purpose. 1140q. National technical assistance center; coordinating center. 1140r. Authorization of appropriations.
Part E—College Access Challenge Grant Program

1141. College access challenge grant program. SUBCHAPTER VIII—MISCELLANEOUS 1151. Grants to States for workplace and community transition training for incarcerated individuals. 1152. Repealed. 1153. Underground Railroad educational and cultural program. 1154. Contract authority. 1155. Connie Lee privatization. SUBCHAPTER IX—ADDITIONAL PROGRAMS
Part A—Project GRAD

1161a. Project GRAD.
Part B—Mathematics and Science Scholars Program

1161b. Mathematics and science scholars program.
Part C—Business Workforce Partnerships for Job Skill Training in High-Growth Occupations or Industries

1161c. Business workforce partnerships for job skill training in high-growth occupations or industries.
Part D—Capacity for Nursing Students and Faculty

1161d. Capacity for nursing students and faculty.
Part E—American History for Freedom

1161e. American history for freedom.
Part F—Teach For America

1161f. Teach For America.
Part G—Patsy T. Mink Fellowship Program

1161g. Patsy T. Mink fellowship program.
Part H—Improving College Enrollment By Secondary Schools

1161h. Improving college enrollment by secondary schools.
Part I—Early Childhood Education Professional Development and Career Task Force

1161i. Purpose. 1161i–1. Definition of early childhood education program. 1161i–2. Grants authorized. 1161i–3. State Task Force establishment. 1161i–4. State Task Force activities. 1161i–5. State application and report. 1161i–6. Evaluations. 1161i–7. Authorization of appropriations.
Part J—Improving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education With a Focus on Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Students

1161j. Improving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education with a focus on Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian students.
Part K—Pilot Programs To Increase College Persistence and Success

1161k. Pilot programs to increase college persistence and success.
Part L—Student Safety and Campus Emergency Management

1161l. Student safety and campus emergency management. 1161l–1. Model emergency response policies, procedures, and practices. 1161l–2. Preparation for future disasters plan by the Secretary. 1161l–3. Education Disaster and Emergency Relief Loan Program. 1161l–4. Guidance on mental health disclosures for student safety. 1161l–5. Rule of construction.
Part M—Low Tuition

1161m. Incentives and rewards for low tuition.
Part N—Cooperative Education

1161n. Statement of purpose; definition. 1161n–1. Reservations. 1161n–2. Grants for cooperative education. 1161n–3. Demonstration and innovation projects; training and resource centers; and research. 1161n–4. Authorization of appropriations.
Part O—College Partnership Grants

1161o. College partnership grants authorized.
Part P—Jobs to Careers

1161p. Grants to create bridges from jobs to careers.
Part Q—Rural Development Grants for Rural-Serving Colleges and Universities

1161q. Grants to rural-serving institutions of higher education.
Part R—Campus-Based Digital Theft Prevention

1161r. Campus-based digital theft prevention.
Part S—Training for Realtime Writers

1161s. Program to promote training and job placement of realtime writers.
Part T—Centers of Excellence for Veteran Student Success

1161t. Model programs for Centers of Excellence for Veteran Student Success.
Part U—University Sustainability Programs

1161u. Sustainability planning grants authorized.
Part V—Modeling and Simulation Programs

1161v. Modeling and simulation.
Part W—Path to Success

1161w. Path to success.
Part X—School of Veterinary Medicine Competitive Grant Program

1161x. School of veterinary medicine competitive grant program.
Part Y—Early Federal Pell Grant Commitment Demonstration Program

1161y. Early Federal Pell Grant Commitment Demonstration Program.
Part Z—Henry Kuualoha Giugni Kupuna Memorial Archives

1161z. Henry Kuualoha Giugni Kupuna Memorial Archives.
Part AA—Masters and Postbaccalaureate Program

1161aa. Masters degree programs. 1161aa–1. Postbaccalaureate programs.


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