Sec. 1221. Short title; applicability; definitions. 1221–1. National policy with respect to equal educational opportunity. 1221–2. National policy with respect to museums as educational institutions. 1221–3. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER I—FUNCTIONS OF DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 1221a to 1221e–1c. Repealed. 1221e–1d. Use of Council staff and facilities. 1221e–2. Repealed. 1221e–3. General authority of Secretary. 1221e–4. Educational impact statement. 1221f to 1221i. Repealed. 1221j. Television program assistance. SUBCHAPTER II—APPROPRIATIONS AND EVALUATIONS
Part 1—Appropriations

1222. Repealed. 1223. Forward funding. 1224. Repealed. 1225. Availability of appropriations on academic or school-year basis; additional period for obligation of funds. 1226. Repealed. 1226a. Contingent extension of programs. 1226a–1. Payments; installments, advances or reimbursement, and adjustments.
Part 2—Planning and Evaluation of Federal Education Activities

1226b. Responsibility of States to furnish information. 1226c. Biennial evaluation report. 1226c–1. Availability of education reports, etc., to Congressional committees. 1226d, 1227. Repealed. 1228. Prohibition against use of appropriated funds for busing. 1228a. Equity for students, teachers, and other program beneficiaries. 1228b. Coordination. 1228c. Disclosure requirements. SUBCHAPTER III—GENERAL REQUIREMENTS AND CONDITIONS CONCERNING OPERATION AND ADMINISTRATION OF EDUCATION PROGRAMS: GENERAL AUTHORITY OF SECRETARY 1230. Repealed.
Part 1—General Authority

1231. Joint funding of programs. 1231a. Collection and dissemination of information. 1231b, 1231b–1. Repealed. 1231b–2. Review of applications. 1231c. Advice, counsel, and technical assistance. 1231c–1. Repealed. 1231d. Parental involvement and dissemination. 1231e. Use of funds withheld. 1231f. Repealed.
Part 2—Administration: Requirements and Limitations

1231g. Applications. 1232. Regulations. 1232–1. Repealed. 1232a. Prohibition against Federal control of education. 1232b. Labor standards.
Part 3—Administration of Education Programs and Projects by States and Local Educational Agencies

1232c. State agency monitoring and enforcement. 1232d. Single State application. 1232e. Single local educational agency application.
Part 4—Records; Privacy; Limitation on Withholding Federal Funds

1232f. Records. 1232g. Family educational and privacy rights. 1232h. Protection of pupil rights. 1232i. Limitations on withholding of Federal assistance. 1232j. Prohibition on federally sponsored testing. SUBCHAPTER IV—ENFORCEMENT 1234. Office of Administrative Law Judges. 1234a. Recovery of funds. 1234b. Measure of recovery. 1234c. Remedies for existing violations. 1234d. Withholding. 1234e. Cease and desist orders. 1234f. Compliance agreements. 1234g. Judicial review. 1234h. Use of recovered funds. 1234i. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER V—READY TO LEARN TELEVISION 1235 to 1235g. Repealed.

1970—Pub. L. 91–230, title IV, § 401(a)(1),Apr. 13, 1970, 84 Stat. 164, substituted as chapter heading “GENERAL PROVISIONS CONCERNING EDUCATION” for “LEADTIME AND PLANNING AND EVALUATION IN ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION PROGRAMS”.


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