21 U.S. Code Chapter 12 - MEAT INSPECTION

SUBCHAPTER I—INSPECTION REQUIREMENTS; ADULTERATION AND MISBRANDING Sec. 601. Definitions. 602. Congressional statement of findings. 603. Examination of animals prior to slaughter; use of humane methods. 604. Post mortem examination of carcasses and marking or labeling; destruction of carcasses condemned; reinspection. 605. Examination of carcasses brought into slaughtering or packing establishments, and of meat food products issued from and returned thereto; conditions for entry. 606. Inspection and labeling of meat food products. 607. Labeling, marking, and container requirements. 608. Sanitary inspection and regulation of slaughtering and packing establishments; rejection of adulterated meat or meat food products. 609. Examination of animals and food products thereof, slaughtered and prepared during nighttime. 610. Prohibited acts. 611. Devices, marks, labels, and certificates; simulations. 612. Notification. 613. Plans and reassessments. 614. Repealed. 615. Inspection of carcasses, meat of which is intended for export. 616. Inspectors of carcasses, etc., meat of which is intended for export; certificates of condition. 617. Clearance prohibited to vessel carrying meat for export without inspector’s certificate. 618. Delivery of inspectors’ certificates, and of copies. 619. Marking, labeling, or other identification to show kinds of animals from which derived; separate establishments for preparation and slaughtering activities. 620. Imports. 621. Inspectors to make examinations provided for; appointment; duties; regulations. 622. Bribery of or gifts to inspectors or other officers and acceptance of gifts. 623. Exemptions from inspection requirements. 624. Storage and handling regulations; violations; exemption of establishments subject to non-Federal jurisdiction. 625. Inapplicability of certain requirements to catfish. SUBCHAPTER II—MEAT PROCESSORS AND RELATED INDUSTRIES 641. Prohibition of subchapter I inspection of articles not intended for use as human food; denaturation or other identification prior to distribution in commerce; inedible articles. 642. Recordkeeping requirements. 643. Registration of business, name of person, and trade names. 644. Regulation of transactions, transportation, or importation of 4–D animals to prevent use as human food. 645. Federal provisions applicable to State or Territorial business transactions of a local nature and not subject to local authority. SUBCHAPTER III—FEDERAL AND STATE COOPERATION 661. Federal and State cooperation. SUBCHAPTER IV—AUXILIARY PROVISIONS 671. Inspection services; refusal or withdrawal; hearing; business unfitness based upon certain convictions; other provisions for withdrawal of services unaffected; responsible connection with business; finality of Secretary’s actions; judicial review; record. 672. Administrative detention; duration; pending judicial proceedings; notification of governmental authorities; release. 673. Seizure and condemnation. 674. Federal court jurisdiction of enforcement and injunction proceedings and other kinds of cases; limitations of section 607 (e) of this title. 675. Assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain persons; murder; protection of such persons. 676. Violations. 677. Other Federal laws applicable for administration and enforcement of chapter; location of inquiries; jurisdiction of Federal courts. 678. Non-Federal jurisdiction of federally regulated matters; prohibition of additional or different requirements for establishments with inspection services and as to marking, labeling, packaging, and ingredients; recordkeeping and related requirements; concurrent jurisdiction over distribution for human food purposes of adulterated or misbranded and imported articles; other matters. 679. Application of Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. 679a. Safe Meat and Poultry Inspection Panel. 679b. Pasteurization of meat and poultry. 679c. Expansion of Food Safety Inspection Service activities. 680. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER IV–A—INSPECTIONS BY FEDERAL AND STATE AGENCIES 683. Interstate shipment of meat inspected by Federal and State agencies for certain small establishments. SUBCHAPTER V—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 691. Omitted. 692. Inspection extended to reindeer. 693. Inspection of dairy products for export. 694. Authorization of appropriations. 695. Payment of cost of meat-inspection service; exception.


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