22 U.S. Code § 5953 - Demilitarization Enterprise Fund

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(a) Designation of Fund
The President is authorized to designate a Demilitarization Enterprise Fund for the purposes of this section. The President may designate as the Demilitarization Enterprise Fund any organization that satisfies the requirements of subsection (e).
(b) Purpose of Fund
The purpose of the Demilitarization Enterprise Fund is to receive grants pursuant to this section and to use the grant proceeds to provide financial support under programs described in subsection (b)(5) for demilitarization of industries and conversion of military technologies and capabilities into civilian activities.
(c) Grant authority
The President may make one or more grants to the Demilitarization Enterprise Fund.
(d) Risk capital funding of demilitarization
The Demilitarization Enterprise Fund shall use the proceeds of grants received under this section to provide financial support in accordance with subsection (b) through transactions as follows:
(1)Making loans.
(2)Making grants.
(3)Providing collateral for loan guaranties by the Export-Import Bank of the United States.
(4)Taking equity positions.
(5)Providing venture capital in joint ventures with United States industry.
(6)Providing risk capital through any other form of transaction that the President considers appropriate for supporting programs described in subsection (b)(5).
(e) Eligible organization
An organization is eligible for designation as the Demilitarization Enterprise Fund if the organization—
(1)is a private, nonprofit organization;
(2)is governed by a board of directors consisting of private citizens of the United States; and
(3)provides assurances acceptable to the President that it will use grants received under this section to provide financial support in accordance with this section.
(f) Operational provisions
The following provisions of section 5421 of this title shall apply with respect to the Demilitarization Enterprise Fund in the same manner as such provisions apply to Enterprise Funds designated pursuant to subsection (d) of such section:
(1)Subsection (d)(5), relating to the private character of Enterprise Funds.
(2)Subsection (h), relating to retention of interest earned in interest bearing accounts.
(3)Subsection (i), relating to use of United States private venture capital.
(4)Subsection (k), relating to support from Executive agencies.
(5)Subsection (l), relating to limitation on payments to Fund personnel.
(6)Subsections (m) and (n), relating to audits.
(7)Subsection (o), relating to record keeping requirements.
(8)Subsection (p), relating to annual reports.
In addition, returns on investments of the Demilitarization Enterprise Fund and other payments to the Fund may be reinvested in projects of the Fund.
(g) Experience of other Enterprise Funds
To the maximum extent practicable, the Board of Directors of the Demilitarization Enterprise Fund should adopt for that Fund practices and procedures that have been developed by Enterprise Funds for which funding has been made available pursuant to section 5421 of this title.
(h) Consultation requirement
In the implementation of this section, the Secretary of State and the Administrator of the Agency for International Development shall be consulted to ensure that the Articles of Incorporation of the Fund (including provisions specifying the responsibilities of the Board of Directors of the Fund), the terms of United States Government grant agreements with the Fund, and United States Government oversight of the Fund are, to the maximum extent practicable, consistent with the Articles of Incorporation of, the terms of grant agreements with, and the oversight of the Enterprise Funds established pursuant to section 5421 of this title and comparable provisions of law.
(i) Initial implementation
The Board of Directors of the Demilitarization Enterprise Fund shall publish the first annual report of the Fund not later than January 31, 1995.
(j) Termination of designation
A designation of an organization as the Demilitarization Enterprise Fund under subsection (a) shall be temporary. When making the designation, the President shall provide for the eventual termination of the designation.


(Pub. L. 103–160, div. A, title XII, § 1204,Nov. 30, 1993, 107 Stat. 1779.)
Delegation of Functions

For delegation of certain authorities and duties of the President under this section to Secretary of Defense, see Memorandum of President of the United States, Jan. 29, 1994, 59 F.R. 5929, set out as a note under section 5952 of this title.


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