22 U.S. Code § 8712 - Diplomatic efforts to expand multilateral sanctions regime

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(a) Multilateral negotiations
Congress urges the President to intensify diplomatic efforts, both in appropriate international fora such as the United Nations and bilaterally with allies of the United States, for the purpose of—
(1) expanding the United Nations Security Council sanctions regime to include—
(A) a prohibition on the issuance of visas to any official of the Government of Iran who is involved in—
(i) human rights violations in or outside of Iran;
(ii) the development of a nuclear weapons program and a ballistic missile capability in Iran; or
(iii) support by the Government of Iran for terrorist organizations, including Hamas and Hezbollah; and
(B) a requirement that each member country of the United Nations—
(i) prohibit the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines from landing at seaports, and cargo flights of Iran Air from landing at airports, in that country because of the role of those organizations in proliferation and illegal arms sales; and
(ii) apply the prohibitions described in clause (i) to other Iranian entities designated for the imposition of sanctions on or after August 10, 2012;
(2) expanding the range of sanctions imposed with respect to Iran by allies of the United States;
(3) expanding efforts to limit the development of petroleum resources and the importation of refined petroleum products by Iran;
(4) developing additional initiatives to—
(A) increase the production of crude oil in countries other than Iran; and
(B) assist countries that purchase or otherwise obtain crude oil or petroleum products from Iran to eliminate their dependence on crude oil and petroleum products from Iran; and
(5) eliminating the revenue generated by the Government of Iran from the sale of petrochemical products produced in Iran to other countries.
(b) Reports to Congress
Not later than 180 days after August 10, 2012, and every 180 days thereafter, the President shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees a report on the extent to which diplomatic efforts described in subsection (a) have been successful that includes—
(1) an identification of the countries that have agreed to impose sanctions or take other measures to further the policy set forth in subsection (a);
(2) the extent of the implementation and enforcement of those sanctions or other measures by those countries;
(3) the criteria the President uses to determine whether a country has significantly reduced its crude oil purchases from Iran pursuant to section 8513a (d)(4)(D) of this title, as amended by section 504, including considerations of reductions both in terms of volume and price;
(4) an identification of the countries that have not agreed to impose such sanctions or measures, including such countries granted exceptions for significant reductions in crude oil purchases pursuant to such section 8513a (d)(4)(D);
(5) recommendations for additional measures that the United States could take to further diplomatic efforts described in subsection (a); and
(6) the disposition of any decision with respect to sanctions imposed with respect to Iran by the World Trade Organization or its predecessor organization.


(Pub. L. 112–158, title I, § 102,Aug. 10, 2012, 126 Stat. 1218.)
Termination of Section

For termination of section, see section 8785(a) of this title.
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Section 8513a (d)(4)(D) of this title, as amended by section 504, referred to in subsec. (b)(3), means section 8513a (d)(4)(D) of this title, as amended by section 504 ofPub. L. 112–158.


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