SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 1431. Congressional declaration of objectives. 1432. Information on United States participation in United Nations. 1433. Definitions. 1434. Repealed. 1435. Delegation of authority by Secretary. 1436. Restriction on disclosure of information. 1437. Utilization of private agencies. 1438. Veterans’ preference. 1439 to 1441. Repealed or Omitted. 1442. Informational media guaranties. 1442a. National security measures. SUBCHAPTER II—INTERCHANGE OF PERSONS, KNOWLEDGE, AND SKILLS BETWEEN UNITED STATES AND FOREIGN COUNTRIES 1446. Repealed. 1447. Books and materials. 1448. Assistance to certain institutions abroad founded or sponsored by United States citizens. SUBCHAPTER III—ASSIGNMENT OF SPECIALISTS 1451. Assignment of Government employees to requesting countries; governing regulations. 1452. Status and allowances of assigned personnel. 1453. Acceptance of office under foreign governments of assigned personnel; oath of allegiance. SUBCHAPTER IV—PARTICIPATION BY GOVERNMENT AGENCIES 1456. Utilization of facilities and personnel of other Government agencies; reimbursement to agencies; report to Congress. 1457. Rendition of technical and other services to foreign governments; limitations. 1458. Policy governing rendition of services. SUBCHAPTER V—DISSEMINATION ABROAD OF INFORMATION ABOUT THE UNITED STATES 1461. General authorization. 1461–1. Mission of United States Information Agency. 1461–1a. Clarification on domestic distribution of program material. 1461a. Omitted. 1461b. Indemnification of owners of short-wave radio facilities against loss or damage. 1461c. Omitted. 1462. Policies governing information activities. 1463. Repealed. 1464. Voice of America/Europe. 1464a. Broadcasting Board of Governors satellite and television. 1464b. Voice of America hiring practices. SUBCHAPTER V–A—RADIO BROADCASTING TO CUBA 1465. Congressional findings and declaration of purposes. 1465a. Additional functions of Broadcasting Board of Governors. 1465b. Cuba Service. 1465c. Advisory Board for Cuba Broadcasting. 1465d. Assistance from other government agencies. 1465e. Compensation for Cuban interference with broadcasting in United States. 1465f. Authorization of appropriations. 1465g. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER V–B—TELEVISION BROADCASTING TO CUBA 1465aa. Findings and purposes. 1465bb. Television broadcasting to Cuba. 1465cc. Television Marti Service. 1465dd. Assistance from other Government agencies. 1465ee. Authorization of appropriations. 1465ff. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER VI—ADVISORY COMMISSIONS TO FORMULATE POLICIES 1466 to 1468. Omitted. 1469. United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy. SUBCHAPTER VII—ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE 1471. Authority of Secretary of State. 1472. Department of State and other Government agencies. 1473. Use of existing Government property and facilities. 1474. Additional authority of Secretary of State or other Government agency authorized to administer provisions. 1475. Travel expenses. 1475a. Replacement of passenger motor vehicles. 1475b, 1475c. Repealed. 1475d. Compensation for disability or death. 1475e. Use of English-teaching program fees. 1475f. Repealed. 1475g. Overseas public diplomacy posts and personnel overseas. 1475h. Overseas public diplomacy grants. SUBCHAPTER VIII—APPROPRIATIONS AND OTHER FUNDS 1476. Repealed. 1477. Transfer of funds. 1477a, 1477b. Omitted or Repealed. 1477c. Notification and award of grants. 1478. Reimbursement of program expenses from sources other than appropriations; disposition of receipts. 1479. Advancement of funds, property, or services by foreign governments; disposition; availability; return of unexpended balances or property. 1480. Repealed.


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