22 U.S. Code Chapter 32 - FOREIGN ASSISTANCE

Part I—Declaration of Policy; Development Assistance Authorizations

Sec. 2151. Congressional findings and declaration of policy. 2151–1. Development assistance policy. 2151a. Agricultural development in rural areas. 2151a–1. Agricultural research. 2151b. Population planning and health programs. 2151b–1. Assistance for malaria prevention, treatment, control, and elimination. 2151b–2. Assistance to combat HIV/AIDS. 2151b–3. Assistance to combat tuberculosis. 2151b–4. Assistance to combat malaria. 2151c. Education and human resources development. 2151d. Development of indigenous energy resources. 2151e. Appropriate technology. 2151f. Transferred. 2151g. Transfer of funds. 2151h. Cost-sharing. 2151i. Development and use of cooperatives. 2151j. Repealed. 2151k. Integrating women into national economies; report. 2151l, 2151m. Repealed. 2151n. Human rights and development assistance. 2151n–1. Repealed. 2151n–2. Human Rights and Democracy Fund. 2151o. Repealed. 2151p. Environmental and natural resources. 2151p–1. Tropical forests. 2151q. Endangered species. 2151r. Sahel development program; planning. 2151s. Repealed. 2151t. Development assistance authority. 2151t–1. Establishment of program. 2151u. Private and voluntary organizations and cooperatives in overseas development. 2151v. Aid to relatively least developed countries. 2151w. Project and program evaluations. 2151x. Development and illicit narcotics production. 2151x–1. Assistance for agricultural and industrial alternatives to narcotics production. 2151x–2. Assistance in furtherance of narcotics control objectives of United States. 2151y. Accelerated loan repayments; annual review of countries with bilateral concessional loan balances; priority of determinations respecting negotiations with countries having balances; criteria for determinations. 2151z. Targeted assistance. 2151aa. Program to provide technical assistance to foreign governments and foreign central banks of developing or transitional countries. 2152. Assistance for victims of torture. 2152a, 2152b. Repealed or Transferred. 2152c. Programs to encourage good governance. 2152d. Assistance to foreign countries to meet minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking. 2152e. Program to improve building construction and practices in Latin American countries. 2152f. Assistance for orphans and other vulnerable children. 2152g. Annual report. 2152h. Assistance to provide safe water and sanitation.
Part II—Other Programs

subpart i—multilateral and regional development programs

2161 to 2165. Repealed. 2166. Regional development in Africa. 2167, 2168. Repealed. 2169. Multilateral, regional, and bilateral programs.
subpart ii—american schools and hospitals abroad; prototype desalting plants

2171 to 2173. Repealed. 2174. American schools, libraries, and hospital centers abroad. 2175 to 2178. Repealed. 2179. Prototype desalting plant. 2180, 2180a. Repealed.
subpart iii—shelter and other credit guaranty programs

2181. Policy. 2182. Authorization for worldwide shelter guarantees. 2182a. Agricultural and productive credit and self-help community development programs. 2183. General provisions. 2184. Trade credit insurance program for Central America. 2185. Trade credit insurance program for Poland. 2186. Loan guarantees to Israel program.
subpart iv—overseas private investment corporation

2191. Congressional statement of purpose; creation and functions of Corporation. 2191a. Additional requirements. 2191b. Worker rights and human rights guidelines. 2192. Capital of the Corporation. 2193. Organization and management. 2194. Investment insurance and other programs. 2194a. Contract authority of Corporation; specific authorization in appropriation Acts required. 2194b. Enhancing private political risk insurance industry. 2195. Issuing authority, direct investment authority and reserves. 2196. Income and revenues. 2197. General provisions relating to insurance, guaranty, financing, and reinsurance programs. 2198. Definitions. 2199. General provisions and powers. 2200. Small business development in less developed friendly countries or areas; encouragement by other Federal departments, etc., of broadened participation by United States small business cooperatives and investors; project funding. 2200a. Report to Congress. 2200b. Prohibition on noncompetitive awarding of insurance contracts on OPIC supported exports.
subpart v—disadvantaged children in asia

2201. Assistance to disadvantaged children in Asia.
subpart vi—microenterprise development assistance

Division A—Grant Assistance 2211. Findings and policy. 2211a. Authorization; implementation; targeted assistance. 2211b. Monitoring system. 2211c. Development and certification of poverty measurement methods; application of methods. 2211d. Additional authorities. Division B—Credit Assistance 2212. Microenterprise development credits. Division C—United States Microfinance Loan Facility 2213. United States Microfinance Loan Facility. Division D—Miscellaneous Provisions 2214. Report. 2214a. Definitions.
subpart vii—evaluation of programs

2216. Repealed.
subpart viii—southeast asia multilateral and regional programs

2217 to 2217b. Repealed.
subpart ix—utilization of democratic institutions in development

2218. Utilization of democratic institutions in development.
subpart x—programs relating to population growth and family planning

2219, 2219a. Repealed.
subpart xi—food production targets and reports

2220. Repealed.
subpart xii—famine prevention and freedom from hunger

2220a. General provisions. 2220b. General authority. 2220c. Board for International Food and Agricultural Development. 2220d. Funds for programs and activities. 2220e. Presidential report to Congress.
Part III—International Organizations and Programs

2221. General authority. 2222. Authorization of appropriations. 2223. Indus Basin development. 2224. Repealed. 2225. Integration of women. 2226. Reports on international organizations. 2227. Withholding of United States proportionate share for certain programs of international organizations. 2228. International Muslim Youth Opportunity Fund.
Part IV—Supporting Assistance

2241 to 2243. Repealed.
Part V—Contingencies

2261. Authorization of appropriations. 2262. Transferred.
Part VI—Central America Democracy, Peace, and Development Initiative.

2271. Statement of policy. 2272. Conditions on furnishing assistance. 2273. Peace process in Central America. 2274. Economic assistance coordination. 2275. Authorization of appropriations. 2276. “Central American countries” defined.
Part VII—Debt-for-Nature Exchanges

2281. “Debt-for-nature exchange” defined. 2282. Assistance for commercial debt exchanges. 2283. Eligible projects. 2284. Eligible countries. 2285. Terms and conditions. 2286. Pilot program for sub-Saharan Africa.
Part VIII—International Narcotics Control

2291. Policy, general authorities, coordination, foreign police actions, definitions, and other provisions. 2291–1 to 2291–3. Repealed. 2291–4. Official immunity for authorized employees and agents of United States and foreign countries engaged in interdiction of aircraft used in illicit drug trafficking. 2291–5. Provision of nonlethal equipment to foreign law enforcement organizations for cooperative illicit narcotics control activities. 2291a. Authorization of appropriations. 2291b. Prohibition on use of foreign assistance for reimbursements for drug crop eradications. 2291c. Requirements relating to aircraft and other equipment. 2291d. Records of aircraft use. 2291e. Reallocation of funds withheld from countries which fail to take adequate steps to halt illicit drug production or trafficking. 2291f. Prohibition on assistance to drug traffickers. 2291g. Limitations on acquisition of real property and construction of facilities. 2291h. Reporting requirements. 2291i. Repealed. 2291j. Annual certification procedures. 2291j–1. International drug control certification procedures. 2291k. Repealed.
Part IX—International Disaster Assistance

2292. General provisions. 2292a. Authorization of appropriations. 2292a–1. Appropriated funds; Presidential reports to Committees on Appropriations of the Senate and the House. 2292b. Disaster assistance coordination through a Special Coordinator for International Disaster Assistance; Presidential appointment and duties. 2292c to 2292q. Repealed or Transferred.
Part X—Development Fund for Africa

2293. Long-term development assistance for sub-Saharan Africa. 2294. Authorizations of appropriations for Development Fund for Africa.
Part XI—Support for Economic and Democratic Development of the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union

2295. Assistance for the independent states. 2295a. Criteria for assistance to governments of the independent states. 2295b. Authorities relating to assistance and other provisions. 2295c. Authorization of appropriations.
Part XII—Support for the Economic and Political Independence of the Countries of the South Caucasus and Central Asia

2296. United States assistance to promote reconciliation and recovery from regional conflicts. 2296a. Economic assistance. 2296b. Development of infrastructure. 2296c. Border control assistance. 2296d. Strengthening democracy, tolerance, and the development of civil society. 2296e. Administrative authorities. 2296f. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER II—MILITARY ASSISTANCE AND SALES
Part I—Declaration of Policy

2301. Congressional statement of policy. 2302. Utilization of defense articles and defense services. 2303. Repealed. 2304. Human rights and security assistance. 2305. National Security Assistance Strategy.
Part II—Military Assistance

2311. General authority. 2312. Authorization of appropriations. 2313. Transferred. 2314. Furnishing of defense articles or related training or other defense service on grant basis. 2314a to 2317. Repealed or Transferred. 2318. Special authority. 2319 to 2321a. Repealed. 2321b. Excess defense article. 2321c. Definitions. 2321d. Considerations in furnishing military assistance. 2321e to 2321g. Repealed. 2321h. Stockpiling of defense articles for foreign countries. 2321i. Overseas management of assistance and sales programs. 2321j. Authority to transfer excess defense articles. 2321k. Designation of major non-NATO allies. 2321l to 2322. Repealed or Transferred.
Part III—Foreign Military Sales

2341 to 2343. Repealed. 2344. Reimbursements. 2345. Repealed.
Part IV—Economic Support Fund

2346. Authority. 2346a. Authorizations of appropriations. 2346b. Emergency assistance. 2346c. Administration of justice. 2346d to 2346i. Repealed.
Part V—International Military Education and Training

2347. General authority. 2347a. Authorization of appropriations. 2347b. Congressional declaration of purpose. 2347c. Exchange training; reciprocity agreement. 2347d. Training in maritime skills. 2347e. Prohibition on grant assistance for certain high income foreign countries. 2347f. Consultation requirement. 2347g. Records regarding foreign participants. 2347h. Human rights report.
Part VI—Peacekeeping Operations

2348. General authorization. 2348a. Authorization of appropriations. 2348b. Repealed. 2348c. Administrative authorities. 2348d. Data on costs incurred in support of United Nations peacekeeping operations.
Part VII—Air Base Construction in Israel

2349. General authority. 2349a. Authorization and utilization of funds. 2349b. Waiver authorities.
Part VIII—Antiterrorism Assistance

2349aa. General authority. 2349aa–1. Purposes. 2349aa–2. Limitations. 2349aa–3. Repealed. 2349aa–4. Authorization of appropriations. 2349aa–5. Administrative authorities. 2349aa–6. Repealed. 2349aa–7. Coordination of all United States terrorism-related assistance to foreign countries. 2349aa–8. Prohibition on imports from and exports to Libya. 2349aa–9. Ban on importing goods and services from countries supporting terrorism. 2349aa–10. Antiterrorism assistance.
Part IX—Nonproliferation and Export Control Assistance

2349bb. Purposes. 2349bb–1. Authorization of assistance. 2349bb–2. Transit interdiction. 2349bb–2a. International nonproliferation export control training. 2349bb–3. Limitations. 2349bb–4. Authorization of appropriations. 2349bb–5. Proliferation interdiction assistance. 2349bb–6. Safeguarding and elimination of conventional arms. SUBCHAPTER III—GENERAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS
Part I—General Provisions

2351. Encouragement of free enterprise and private participation. 2352. Small business. 2353. Shipping on United States vessels. 2354. Procurement. 2355. Retention and use of certain items and funds. 2356. Patents and technical information. 2357. Furnishing of services and commodities. 2358. Foreign and domestic excess property. 2359. Repealed. 2360. Transfer of funds between accounts. 2361. Completion of plans and cost estimates. 2362. Use of foreign currencies. 2363. Accounting, valuation, reporting, and administration of foreign currencies. 2364. Special authorities. 2365. Contract authority. 2366. Availability of funds. 2367. Termination expenses. 2368. Assistance for a reconstruction and stabilization crisis. 2369. Repealed. 2370. Prohibitions against furnishing assistance. 2370a. Expropriation of United States property. 2370b. Humanitarian assistance code of conduct. 2370c. Definitions. 2370c–1. Prohibition. 2370c–2. Reports. 2371. Prohibition on assistance to governments supporting international terrorism. 2372. Repealed. 2372a. Renewal, reissuance, etc., of export licenses to or for Argentina. 2373. Eastern Mediterranean policy requirements. 2374. Repealed. 2375. Assistance to Pakistan. 2376. Nuclear non-proliferation policy in South Asia. 2377. Prohibition on assistance to countries that aid terrorist states. 2378. Prohibition on assistance to countries that provide military equipment to terrorist states. 2378–1. Prohibition on assistance to countries that restrict United States humanitarian assistance. 2378a. Depleted uranium ammunition. 2378d. Limitation on assistance to security forces.
Part II—Administrative Provisions

2381. Exercise of functions. 2381a. Strengthened management practices. 2382. Coordination with foreign policy. 2383. Responsibilities of the Secretary of Defense; priorities in procurement, delivery, and allocation of military equipment. 2384. Statutory officers. 2385. Employment of personnel. 2385a. Unified personnel system. 2386. Experts, consultants, and retired officers. 2387. Detail of personnel to foreign governments. 2388. Detail of personnel to international organizations. 2389. Status and benefits of personnel assigned or detailed to foreign governments or international organizations. 2390. Terms of detail or assignment of personnel. 2391. Missions and staffs abroad. 2392. Government agencies. 2393. Waiver of certain laws. 2393a. Requests by Government Accountability Office and Congressional committees for documents and materials. 2394. Reports and information; definitions. 2394–1. Notification of program changes. 2394–1a. Classification of reports. 2394a. Extortion and illegal payments to officials of foreign countries receiving international security assistance. 2394b. HELP Commission. 2395. General authorities. 2395a. International agreements concerning debt relief; transmittal to congressional committees. 2396. Availability of funds. 2396a. Property Management Fund. 2397. Administrative expenses. 2398. Assistance to countries pursuant to other statutes. 2399 to 2399a. Repealed or Transferred. 2399b. False claims and ineligible commodities. 2399c. Coordination of policies and programs. 2399d. Shipping differential.
Part III—Miscellaneous Provisions

2401. Effective date; identification of programs. 2402. Saving provisions. 2403. Definitions. 2404. Unexpended balances. 2405. Separability. 2406. Development programs for dependable fuel supplies. 2407. Special authorization for use of foreign currencies. 2408. Repealed. 2409. Use of United States Armed Forces. 2410, 2410a. Repealed. 2411. Limitation upon exercise of special authorities. 2412. Limitation on foreign assistance appropriations. 2413. Changes in allocation of foreign assistance. 2414. Presidential findings and determinations. 2414a. Annual report to Congress on voting practices at United Nations. 2415. Annual military assistance report. 2416. Annual foreign military training report. 2417 to 2419. Repealed. 2420. Police training prohibition. 2421. Trade and Development Agency. 2421a. Capital projects office within Agency for International Development. 2421b. Capital projects for poverty alleviation and environmental safety and sustainability. 2421c. Coordination. 2421d. Funding for capital projects. 2421e. Definitions. 2421f. Sustainability requirements for certain capital projects in connection with overseas contingency operations. 2422. Repealed. 2423. Exchanges of certain materials. 2424, 2425. Repealed. 2426. Discrimination against United States personnel. 2427. Operating expenses. 2428. Repealed. 2428a. Congressional declaration of policy toward Korea; transmittal of report to Speaker of the House and Congressional committees. 2428b. Special security assistance for modernization of Armed Forces of Korea. 2429, 2429a. Repealed. 2429a–1. Annual report on nuclear transfer activities. 2429a–2. Enforcement of nonproliferation treaties. 2429b. Transferred. SUBCHAPTER III–A—ENTERPRISE FOR THE AMERICAS INITIATIVE 2430. Purpose. 2430a. Definitions. 2430b. Eligibility for benefits. 2430c. Reduction of certain debt. 2430d. Repayment of principal. 2430e. Interest on new obligations. 2430f. Enterprise for the Americas Funds. 2430g. Americas Framework Agreements. 2430h. Enterprise for the Americas Board. 2430i. Annual reports to Congress. SUBCHAPTER IV—DEBT REDUCTION FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES WITH TROPICAL FORESTS 2431. Findings and purposes. 2431a. Definitions. 2431b. Establishment of Facility. 2431c. Eligibility for benefits. 2431d. Reduction of debt owed to United States as result of concessional loans under this chapter. 2431e. Reduction of debt owed to United States as result of credits extended under title I of Food for Peace Act. 2431f. Authority to engage in debt-for-nature swaps and debt buybacks. 2431g. Tropical Forest Agreement. 2431h. Tropical Forest Fund. 2431i. Board. 2431j. Consultations with Congress. 2431k. Annual reports to Congress. SUBCHAPTER V—MIDDLE EAST ASSISTANCE 2441 to 2443. Repealed.


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