22 U.S. Code Chapter 39 - ARMS EXPORT CONTROL

SUBCHAPTER I—FOREIGN AND NATIONAL SECURITY POLICY OBJECTIVES AND RESTRAINTS Sec. 2751. Need for international defense cooperation and military export controls; Presidential waiver; report to Congress; arms sales policy. 2752. Coordination with foreign policy. 2753. Eligibility for defense services or defense articles. 2754. Purposes for which military sales or leases by the United States are authorized; report to Congress. 2755. Discrimination prohibited if based on race, religion, national origin, or sex. 2756. Foreign intimidation and harassment of individuals in United States. SUBCHAPTER II—FOREIGN MILITARY SALES AUTHORIZATIONS 2761. Sales from stocks. 2762. Procurement for cash sales. 2763. Credit sales. 2764. Guaranties. 2765. Annual estimate and justification for sales program. 2766. Security assistance surveys. 2767. Authority of President to enter into cooperative projects with friendly foreign countries. 2767a, 2768. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER II–A—FOREIGN MILITARY CONSTRUCTION SALES 2769. Foreign military construction sales. SUBCHAPTER II–B—SALES TO UNITED STATES COMPANIES FOR INCORPORATION INTO END ITEMS 2770. General authority. SUBCHAPTER II–C—EXCHANGE OF TRAINING AND RELATED SUPPORT 2770a. Exchange of training and related support. SUBCHAPTER III—MILITARY EXPORT CONTROLS 2771. Military sales authorizations and ceilings. 2772. Repealed. 2773. Restraint in arms sales to Sub-Saharan Africa. 2774. Foreign military sales credit standards. 2775. Foreign military sales to less developed countries. 2776. Reports and certifications to Congress on military exports. 2776a. Repealed. 2777. Fiscal provisions relating to foreign military sales credits. 2778. Control of arms exports and imports. 2778a. Exportation of uranium depleted in the isotope 235. 2779. Fees of military sales agents. 2779a. Prohibition on incentive payments. 2780. Transactions with countries supporting acts of international terrorism. 2781. Transactions with countries not fully cooperating with United States antiterrorism efforts. SUBCHAPTER III–A—END-USE MONITORING OF DEFENSE ARTICLES AND DEFENSE SERVICES 2785. End-use monitoring of defense articles and defense services. SUBCHAPTER IV—GENERAL, ADMINISTRATIVE, AND MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 2791. General provisions. 2792. Administrative expenses. 2793. Other provisions unaffected. 2794. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER V—SPECIAL DEFENSE ACQUISITION FUND 2795. Fund. 2795a. Use and transfer of items procured by Fund. 2795b. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VI—LEASES OF DEFENSE ARTICLES AND LOAN AUTHORITY FOR COOPERATIVE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PURPOSES 2796. Leasing authority. 2796a. Reports to Congress. 2796b. Legislative review procedures. 2796c. Applicability of other statutory provisions. 2796d. Loan of materials, supplies, and equipment for research and development purposes. SUBCHAPTER VII—CONTROL OF MISSILES AND MISSILE EQUIPMENT OR TECHNOLOGY 2797. Licensing. 2797a. Denial of transfer of missile equipment or technology by United States persons. 2797b. Transfers of missile equipment or technology by foreign persons. 2797b–1. Notification of admittance of MTCR adherents. 2797b–2. Authority relating to MTCR adherents. 2797c. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER VIII—CHEMICAL OR BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS PROLIFERATION 2798. Sanctions against certain foreign persons. SUBCHAPTER IX—TRANSFER OF CERTAIN CFE TREATY-LIMITED EQUIPMENT TO NATO MEMBERS 2799. Purpose. 2799a. CFE Treaty obligations. 2799b. Authorities. 2799c. Notifications and reports to Congress. 2799d. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER X—NUCLEAR NONPROLIFERATION CONTROLS 2799aa. Nuclear enrichment transfers. 2799aa–1. Nuclear reprocessing transfers, illegal exports for nuclear explosive devices, transfers of nuclear explosive devices, and nuclear detonations. 2799aa–2. “Nuclear explosive device” defined.


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