22 U.S. Code Chapter 51 - PANAMA CANAL

Sec. 3601. Congressional statement of purpose. 3602. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER I—ADMINISTRATION AND REGULATIONS
Part 1—Panama Canal Commission

3611. Establishment, purposes, offices, and residence of Commission. 3612. Supervisory Board. 3612a. General powers of Commission. 3612b. Specific powers of Commission. 3613. Administrator. 3614. Deputy Administrator. 3615. Consultative Committee. 3616. Joint Commission on the Environment. 3617. Travel expenses. 3618. Defense of Panama Canal. 3619. Joint sea level canal study. 3620. Authority of Ambassador; independence of Commission regarding its Panama Canal responsibilities. 3621. Security legislation. 3622. Code of conduct for Commission personnel. 3623. Office of Ombudsman.
Part 2—Employees

subpart i—panama canal commission personnel

3641. Definitions. 3642. Appointment and compensation; duties. 3643. Transfer of Federal employees. 3644. Compensation of individuals in uniformed services. 3645. Deduction from basic pay of amounts due for supplies or services. 3646, 3647. Repealed. 3648. Privileges and immunities of certain employees. 3649. Applicability of certain benefits. 3650. Air transportation.
subpart ii—wage and employment practices

3651. Definitions. 3652. Panama Canal Employment System; merit and other employment requirements. 3653. Employment standards. 3654, 3655. Repealed. 3656. Uniform application of standards and rates. 3657. Recruitment and retention remuneration. 3657a. Quarters allowances. 3658. Benefits based on basic pay. 3659. Repealed. 3660. Review and adjustment of classifications, grades, and pay level. 3661. Panama Canal Board of Appeals; duties. 3662. Appeals to Board; procedures. 3663. Repealed. 3664. Applicability of title 5. 3665. Repealed.
subpart iii—conditions of employment and placement

3671. Transferred or reemployed employees. 3672. Placement. 3673. Transition separation incentive payments.
subpart iv—retirement

3681. Retirement under special treaty provisions. 3682. Administration of certain disability benefits. 3683. Repealed.
subpart v—application to related personnel

3691. Individuals considered employees.
subpart vi—labor-management relations

3701. Labor-management relations.
Part 3—Funds and Accounts

subpart i—funds

3711. Repealed. 3712. Panama Canal Revolving Fund. 3712a. Authority to lease office space. 3713. Panama Canal emergency authority. 3714. Borrowing authority. 3714a. Dissolution of Commission. 3714b. Printing. 3715. Establishment of Compensation Fund. 3715a. Operation of Fund. 3715b. Transfers from Fund for compensation benefits. 3715c. Final evaluation of Fund; deficiency or surplus in Fund. 3715d. Continuation of benefits.
subpart ii—accounting policies and audits

3721. Accounting policies. 3722. Repealed. 3723. Audits.
subpart iii—interagency accounts

3731. Reimbursements.
subpart iv—postal matters

3741. Postal service.
subpart v—accounts with republic of panama

3751. Payments to Republic of Panama. 3752. Transactions with Republic of Panama. 3753. Disaster relief. 3754. Congressional restraints on property transfers and tax expenditures; formal apprisal of Panama.
Part 4—Claims for Injuries to Persons or Property

subpart i—general provisions

3761. Settlement of claims generally.
subpart ii—vessel damage

3771. Injuries in locks of canal; adjustment and payment of claims. 3772. Injuries outside locks. 3773. Measure of damages generally. 3774. Delays for which no responsibility is assumed. 3775. Settlement of claims. 3776. Actions on claims. 3777. Investigation of accident or injury giving rise to claim. 3778. Board of local inspectors. 3779. Insurance.
Part 5—Public Property

3781. Assets and liabilities of Panama Canal Company. 3782. Transfers and cross-servicing between agencies. 3783. Disposition of property of United States. 3784. Transfer of property to Republic of Panama.
Part 6—Tolls for Use of Panama Canal

3791. Prescription of measurement rules and rates of tolls. 3792. Bases of tolls. 3793. Interest on investments. 3794. Procedures. 3795. Repealed.
Part 7—General Regulations

3801, 3802. Repealed.
Part 8—Shipping and Navigation

subpart i—operation of canal

3811. Operating regulations.
subpart ii—inspection of vessels

3821. Vessels subject to inspection. 3822. Foreign vessels. 3823. Regulations governing inspection. SUBCHAPTER II—TREATY TRANSITION PERIOD
Part 1—Laws Continued in Force

3831. Repealed.
Part 2—Courts

3841 to 3844. Repealed.
Part 3—Transition Authority

Part 1—Procurement

3861. Procurement system. 3862. Panama Canal Board of Contract Appeals.
Part 2—Administration

3871. Annual report. 3872. Notification requirements. 3873. Exemption from Metric Conversion Act of 1975.


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