Sec. 5401. Support for East European Democracy (SEED) Program. 5402. Scope of authority. SUBCHAPTER I—STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT 5411. Multilateral support for structural adjustment in Poland and Hungary. 5412. Stabilization assistance for Poland. 5413. Agricultural assistance. 5414. Debt-for-equity swaps and other special techniques. SUBCHAPTER II—PRIVATE SECTOR DEVELOPMENT 5421. Enterprise Funds for Poland and Hungary. 5422. Labor market transition in Poland and Hungary. 5423. Technical training for private sector development in Poland and Hungary. 5424. Peace Corps programs in Poland and Hungary. 5425. Use of Polish currency generated by agricultural assistance. 5426. United States policy of private financial support for Polish and Hungarian credit unions. SUBCHAPTER III—EDUCATIONAL, CULTURAL, AND SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES 5441. Educational and cultural exchanges and sister institutions programs with Poland and Hungary. 5442. Poland-Hungary scholarship partnership. 5443. Science and technology exchange with Poland and Hungary. SUBCHAPTER IV—OTHER ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS 5451. Assistance in support of democratic institutions in Poland and Hungary. 5452. Environmental initiatives for Poland and Hungary. 5453. Medical supplies, hospital equipment, and medical training for Poland. SUBCHAPTER V—ADDITIONAL SEED PROGRAM ACTIONS 5461. Policy coordination of SEED Program. 5462. SEED Information Center System. 5463. Encouraging voluntary assistance for Poland and Hungary. 5464. Economic and commercial officers at United States embassies and missions in Poland and Hungary. SUBCHAPTER VI—REPORTS TO CONGRESS 5471. Report on initial steps taken by United States and on Poland’s requirement for agricultural assistance. 5472. Report on confidence building measures by Poland and Hungary. 5473. Report on environmental problems in Poland and Hungary. 5474. Annual SEED Program report. 5475. Omitted. 5476. Notifications to Congress regarding assistance. SUBCHAPTER VII—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 5491. Suspension of SEED assistance. 5492. Declaration of the Republic of Hungary. 5493. Administrative expenses of Agency for International Development. 5494. Relation of provisions of this chapter to certain provisions of appropriations acts. 5495. Certain uses of excess foreign currencies.


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