Sec. 6021. Findings. 6022. Purposes. 6023. Definitions. 6024. Severability. SUBCHAPTER I—STRENGTHENING INTERNATIONAL SANCTIONS AGAINST THE CASTRO GOVERNMENT 6031. Statement of policy. 6032. Enforcement of economic embargo of Cuba. 6033. Prohibition against indirect financing of Cuba. 6034. United States opposition to Cuban membership in international financial institutions. 6035. United States opposition to termination of suspension of Cuban Government from participation in Organization of American States. 6036. Assistance by independent states of former Soviet Union for Cuban Government. 6037. Television broadcasting to Cuba. 6038. Reports on commerce with, and assistance to, Cuba from other foreign countries. 6039. Authorization of support for democratic and human rights groups and international observers. 6040. Importation safeguard against certain Cuban products. 6041. Withholding of foreign assistance from countries supporting Juragua nuclear plant in Cuba. 6042. Reinstitution of family remittances and travel to Cuba. 6043. Expulsion of criminals from Cuba. 6044. News bureaus in Cuba. 6045. Effect of chapter on lawful United States Government activities. 6046. Condemnation of Cuban attack on American aircraft. SUBCHAPTER II—ASSISTANCE TO FREE AND INDEPENDENT CUBA 6061. Policy toward transition government and democratically elected government in Cuba. 6062. Assistance for Cuban people. 6063. Coordination of assistance program; implementation and reports to Congress; reprogramming. 6064. Termination of economic embargo of Cuba. 6065. Requirements and factors for determining transition government. 6066. Requirements for determining democratically elected government. 6067. Settlement of outstanding United States claims to confiscated property in Cuba. SUBCHAPTER III—PROTECTION OF PROPERTY RIGHTS OF UNITED STATES NATIONALS 6081. Findings. 6082. Liability for trafficking in confiscated property claimed by United States nationals. 6083. Proof of ownership of claims to confiscated property. 6084. Limitation of actions. 6085. Effective date. SUBCHAPTER IV—EXCLUSION OF CERTAIN ALIENS 6091. Exclusion from United States of aliens who have confiscated property of United States nationals or who traffic in such property.


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