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Sec. 391. Continuance of restrictions on alienation in patent. 391a. Sale for town site; removal of restriction. 392. Consent to or approval of alienation of allotments by Secretary of the Interior. 393. Leases of restricted allotments. 393a. Lands of Five Civilized Tribes. 394. Leases of arid allotted lands. 395. Leases of allotted lands where allottee is incapacitated. 396. Leases of allotted lands for mining purposes. 396a. Leases of unallotted lands for mining purposes; duration of leases. 396b. Public auction of oil and gas leases; requirements. 396c. Lessees of restricted lands to furnish bonds for performance. 396d. Rules and regulations governing operations; limitations on oil or gas leases. 396e. Officials authorized to approve leases. 396f. Lands excepted from leasing provisions. 396g. Subsurface storage of oil or gas. 397. Leases of lands for grazing or mining. 398. Leases of unallotted lands for oil and gas mining purposes. 398a. Leases of unallotted lands for oil and gas mining purposes within Executive order Indian reservations. 398b. Proceeds from rentals, royalties, and bonuses; disposition. 398c. Taxes. 398d. Changes in boundaries of Executive order reservations. 398e. Applications for permits to prospect for oil and gas filed under other statutes; disposition. 399. Leases of unallotted mineral lands withdrawn from entry under mining laws. 400. Leases for mining purposes of reserved and unallotted lands in Fort Peck and Blackfeet Indian Reservations. 400a. Lease for mining purposes of land reserved for agency or school; disposition of proceeds; royalty. 401. Leases for mining purposes of unallotted lands in Kaw Reservation. 402. Leases of surplus lands. 402a. Lease of unallotted irrigable lands for farming purposes. 403. Leases of lands held in trust. 403a. Lease of lands on Port Madison and Snohomish or Tulalip Indian Reservations in Washington. 403a–1. Sale or partition by owners of interests in allotted lands in the Tulalip Reservation; termination of Federal title, trust, and restrictions. 403a–2. Acquisition, management, and disposal of lands by Tulalip Tribe. 403b. Lease of restricted lands in State of Washington. 403c. Identity of lessor; period of lease. 404. Sale on petition of allottee or heirs. 405. Sale of allotment of noncompetent Indian. 406. Sale of timber on lands held under trust. 407. Sale of timber on unallotted lands. 407a to 407c. Omitted. 407d. Charges for special services to purchasers of timber. 408. Surrender of allotments by relinquishment for benefit of children. 409. Sale of lands within reclamation projects. 409a. Sale of restricted lands; reinvestment in other restricted lands. 410. Moneys from lease or sale of trust lands not liable for certain debts. 411. Interest on moneys from proceeds of sale. 412. Payment of taxes from share of allottee in tribal funds. 412a. Exemption from taxation of lands subject to restrictions against alienation; determination of homestead. 413. Fees to cover cost of work performed for Indians. 414. Reservation of minerals in sale of Choctaw-Chickasaw lands. 415. Leases of restricted lands. 415a. Lease of lands of deceased Indians for benefit of heirs or devisees. 415b. Advance payment of rent or other consideration. 415c. Approval of leases. 415d. Lease of restricted lands under other laws unaffected. 416. Leases of trust or restricted lands on San Xavier and Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Reservations for public, religious, educational, recreational, residential, business, farming or grazing purposes. 416a. Lease provisions. 416b. Development pursuant to lease. 416c. Lease of lands of deceased Indians for benefit of heirs or devisees. 416d. Advance payment of rent or other consideration. 416e. Approval of leases. 416f. Dedication of land for public purposes. 416g. Contract for water, sewerage, law enforcement, or other public services. 416h. Zoning, building, and sanitary regulations. 416i. Restrictions. 416j. Mission San Xavier del Bac.


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