GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 1451. Congressional declaration of policy. 1452. Definitions. 1453. Assistance or activities of other Federal agencies unaffected. SUBCHAPTER I—INDIAN REVOLVING LOAN FUND 1461. Administration as single Indian Revolving Loan Fund sums from diverse sources; availability of fund for loans to Indians and for administrative expenses. 1462. Economic development; educational loans; limitation of loans to or investments in non-Indian organizations. 1463. Repayment of loan; financing from other sources. 1464. Maturity of loans; interest rate; interest deferral on educational loans. 1465. Modification of amount of loan and document securing loan in collection of loan or in best interests of the United States. 1466. Land and personal property title. 1467. Security for loan; assignment of securities; reasonable assurance of repayment. 1468. Authorization of appropriations. 1469. Rules and regulations. SUBCHAPTER II—LOAN GUARANTY AND INSURANCE 1481. Loan guaranties and insurance. 1482. Premium charges; deposits in Indian Loan Guaranty and Insurance Fund. 1483. Interest rate. 1484. Application for loan; approval by Secretary; issuance of certificate; limitations on amount of loans to individual Indians or economic enterprises; review by Secretary. 1485. Sale or assignment of loans and underlying security. 1486. Loans ineligible for guaranty or insurance. 1487. Loans eligible for insurance. 1488. Lenders authorized to make loans; decrease or increase of liability under the guaranty. 1489. Loans made by certain financial institutions without regard to limitations and restrictions of other Federal statutes with respect to certain particulars. 1490. Maturity of loans. 1491. Defaults; written notification; pro rata payments; subrogation and assignment rights of Secretary; cancellation of uncollectable portion of obligations; forbearance for benefit of borrower; interest or charges cessation date. 1492. Claims for losses; submission to Secretary; reimbursement: single and aggregate loss limitations, conditions; assignment of note or judgment; collection or cancellation by Secretary; interest or charges cessation date. 1493. Loan refusal; conditions; prohibition against acquisition of additional loans; payment of claims on loans made in good faith. 1494. Evidence of eligibility of loan for and amount of guaranty or insurance; defenses and partial defenses against original lender. 1495. Land and personal property titles. 1496. Powers of Secretary; finality of financial transactions and property acquisitions, management, and dispositions. 1497. Indian Loan Guaranty and Insurance Fund. 1497a. Supplemental surety bond guarantee. 1498. Rules and regulations. 1499. Limitation on guarantee of debt issues; approval of bond issue sale. SUBCHAPTER III—INTEREST SUBSIDIES AND ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES 1511. Interest subsidies; rules and regulations. 1512. Authorization of appropriations for interest payments. SUBCHAPTER IV—INDIAN BUSINESS GRANTS 1521. Indian Business Development Program; establishment; statement of purpose. 1522. Conditions. 1523. Authorization of appropriations. 1524. Rules and regulations. SUBCHAPTER V—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 1541. Competent management and technical assistance for economic enterprises. 1542. Agency cooperation; private contracts for management services and technical assistance. 1543. Funds limitation for private contracts. 1544. Additional compensation to contractors of Federal agency.


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