Part A—General Provisions

Sec. 1701. Congressional findings and declaration of policy. 1702. Definitions. 1703. Rhode Island Indian Claims Settlement Fund; establishment. 1704. Option agreements to purchase private settlement lands. 1705. Publication of findings. 1706. Findings by Secretary. 1707. Purchase and transfer of private settlement lands. 1708. Applicability of State law; treatment of settlement lands under Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. 1709. Preservation of Federal benefits. 1710. Authorization of appropriations. 1711. Limitation of actions; jurisdiction. 1712. Approval of prior transfers and extinguishment of claims and aboriginal title outside town of Charlestown, Rhode Island and involving other Indians in Rhode Island.
Part B—Tax Treatment

1715. Exemption from taxation. 1716. Deferral of capital gains. SUBCHAPTER II—MAINE INDIAN CLAIMS SETTLEMENT 1721. Congressional findings and declaration of policy. 1722. Definitions. 1723. Approval of prior transfers and extinguishment of Indian title and claims of Indians within State of Maine. 1724. Maine Indian Claims Settlement and Land Acquisition Funds in the United States Treasury. 1725. State laws applicable. 1726. Tribal organization. 1727. Implementation of Indian Child Welfare Act. 1728. Federal financial aid programs unaffected by payments under subchapter. 1729. Deferral of capital gains. 1730. Transfer of tribal trust funds held by the State of Maine. 1731. Other claims discharged by this subchapter. 1732. Limitation of actions. 1733. Authorization of appropriations. 1734. Inseparability of provisions. 1735. Construction. SUBCHAPTER III—FLORIDA INDIAN (MICCOSUKEE) LAND CLAIMS SETTLEMENT
Part A—Florida Indian Land Claims Settlement Act of 1982

1741. Congressional findings and declaration of policy. 1742. Definitions. 1743. Findings by the Secretary. 1744. Approval of prior transfers and extinguishment of claims and aboriginal title involving Florida Indians. 1745. Special provisions for Miccosukee Tribe. 1746. Scope of rights or interests granted to Miccosukee Tribe; scope of civil and criminal jurisdiction of State of Florida. 1747. Transfer of lands to United States. 1748. Limitations of actions. 1749. Revocation of settlement.
Part B—Miccosukee Settlement

1750. Congressional findings. 1750a. Definitions. 1750b. Ratification. 1750c. Authority of Secretary. 1750d. Miccosukee Indian Reservation lands. 1750e. Miscellaneous. SUBCHAPTER IV—CONNECTICUT INDIAN LAND CLAIMS SETTLEMENT 1751. Congressional findings. 1752. Definitions. 1753. Extinguishment of aboriginal titles and Indian claims. 1754. Mashantucket Pequot Settlement Fund. 1755. State jurisdiction over reservation. 1756. Practice and procedure. 1757. Restriction against alienation. 1757a. Extensions of leases of certain land by Mashantucket Pequot (Western) Tribe. 1758. Extension of Federal recognition and privileges. 1759. General discharge and release of State of Connecticut. 1760. Separability. SUBCHAPTER V—MASSACHUSETTS INDIAN LAND CLAIMS SETTLEMENT 1771. Congressional findings and declaration of policy. 1771a. Gay Head Indian claims settlement fund. 1771b. Approval of prior transfers and extinguishment of aboriginal title and claims of Gay Head Indians. 1771c. Conditions precedent to Federal purchase of settlement lands. 1771d. Purchase and transfer of settlement lands. 1771e. Jurisdiction over settlement lands; restraint on alienation. 1771f. Definitions. 1771g. Applicability of State law. 1771h. Limitations of action; jurisdiction. 1771i. Eligibility. SUBCHAPTER VI—FLORIDA INDIAN (SEMINOLE) LAND CLAIMS SETTLEMENT 1772. Findings and policy. 1772a. Definitions. 1772b. Findings by Secretary. 1772c. Approval of prior transfers and extinguishment of claims and aboriginal title involving Florida Indians. 1772d. Special provisions for Seminole Tribe. 1772e. Water rights compact. 1772f. Judicial review. 1772g. Revocation of settlement. SUBCHAPTER VII—WASHINGTON INDIAN (PUYALLUP) LAND CLAIMS SETTLEMENT 1773. Congressional findings and purpose. 1773a. Resolution of Puyallup tribal land claims. 1773b. Settlement lands. 1773c. Future trust lands. 1773d. Funds to members of Puyallup Tribe. 1773e. Fisheries. 1773f. Economic development and land acquisition. 1773g. Jurisdiction. 1773h. Miscellaneous provisions. 1773i. Actions by Secretary. 1773j. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER VIII—SENECA NATION (NEW YORK) LAND CLAIMS SETTLEMENT 1774. Findings and purposes. 1774a. Definitions. 1774b. New leases and extinguishment of claims. 1774c. Responsibilities and restrictions. 1774d. Settlement funds. 1774e. Conditions precedent to payment of United States and State funds. 1774f. Miscellaneous provisions. 1774g. Limitation of action. 1774h. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER IX—MOHEGAN NATION (CONNECTICUT) LAND CLAIMS SETTLEMENT 1775. Findings and purposes. 1775a. Definitions. 1775b. Action by Secretary. 1775c. Conveyance of lands to United States to be held in trust for Mohegan Tribe. 1775d. Consent of United States to State assumption of criminal jurisdiction. 1775e. Ratification of Town Agreement. 1775f. General discharge and release of obligations of State of Connecticut. 1775g. Effect of revocation of State Agreement. 1775h. Judicial review. SUBCHAPTER X—CROW LAND CLAIMS SETTLEMENT 1776. Findings and purpose. 1776a. Definitions. 1776b. Settlement Agreement. 1776c. Settlement terms and conditions and extinguishment of claims. 1776d. Establishment and administration of Crow Tribal Trust Fund. 1776e. Eligibility for other Federal services. 1776f. Exchanges of land or minerals. 1776g. Applicability. 1776h. Escrow funds. 1776i. Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868. 1776j. Satisfaction of claims. 1776k. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XI—SANTO DOMINGO PUEBLO LAND CLAIMS SETTLEMENT 1777. Findings and purposes. 1777a. Definitions. 1777b. Ratification of Settlement Agreement. 1777c. Resolution of disputes and claims. 1777d. Affirmation of accurate boundaries of Santo Domingo Pueblo Grant. 1777e. Miscellaneous provisions. SUBCHAPTER XII—TORRES-MARTINEZ DESERT CAHUILLA INDIANS CLAIMS SETTLEMENT 1778. Congressional findings and purpose. 1778a. Definitions. 1778b. Ratification of Settlement Agreement. 1778c. Settlement funds. 1778d. Trust land acquisition and status. 1778e. Permanent flowage easements. 1778f. Satisfaction of claims, waivers, and releases. 1778g. Miscellaneous provisions. 1778h. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XIII—CHEROKEE, CHOCTAW, AND CHICKASAW NATIONS CLAIMS SETTLEMENT 1779. Findings. 1779a. Purposes. 1779b. Definitions. 1779c. Settlement and claims; appropriations; allocation of funds. 1779d. Tribal trust funds. 1779e. Attorney fees. 1779f. Release of other tribal claims and filing of claims. 1779g. Effect on claims. SUBCHAPTER XIV—PUEBLO DE SAN ILDEFONSO CLAIMS SETTLEMENT 1780. Definitions and purposes. 1780a. Ratification of agreements. 1780b. Judgment and dismissal of litigation. 1780c. Resolution of claims. 1780d. Settlement Fund. 1780e. Land ownership adjustments. 1780f. Conveyances. 1780g. Trust status and National Forest boundaries. 1780h. Interim management. 1780i. Withdrawal. 1780j. Conveyance of the Northern Tier Land. 1780k. Inter-Pueblo cooperation. 1780l. Distribution of funds plan. 1780m. Rule of construction and judicial review. 1780n. Effective date. 1780o. Timing of actions. 1780p. Authorization of appropriations.


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