Sec. 4101. Congressional findings. 4102. Administration through Office of Native American Programs. 4103. Definitions. 4104. Waiver of matching funds requirements in Indian housing programs. SUBCHAPTER I—BLOCK GRANTS AND GRANT REQUIREMENTS 4111. Block grants. 4112. Indian housing plans. 4113. Review of plans. 4114. Treatment of program income and labor standards. 4115. Environmental review. 4116. Regulations. 4117. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER II—AFFORDABLE HOUSING ACTIVITIES
Part A—General Block Grant Program

4131. National objectives and eligible families. 4132. Eligible affordable housing activities. 4133. Program requirements. 4134. Types of investments. 4135. Low-income requirement and income targeting. 4136. Repealed. 4137. Lease requirements and tenant selection. 4138. Availability of records. 4139. Noncompliance with affordable housing requirement. 4140. Continued use of amounts for affordable housing.
Part B—Self-Determined Housing Activities for Tribal Communities

4145. Purpose. 4145a. Program authority. 4145b. Use of amounts for housing activities. 4145c. Inapplicability of other provisions. 4145d. Review and report. SUBCHAPTER III—ALLOCATION OF GRANT AMOUNTS 4151. Annual allocation. 4152. Allocation formula. SUBCHAPTER IV—COMPLIANCE, AUDITS, AND REPORTS 4161. Remedies for noncompliance. 4162. Replacement of recipient. 4163. Monitoring of compliance. 4164. Performance reports. 4165. Review and audit by Secretary. 4166. GAO audits. 4167. Reports to Congress. 4168. Public availability of information. SUBCHAPTER V—TERMINATION OF ASSISTANCE FOR INDIAN TRIBES UNDER INCORPORATED PROGRAMS 4181. Termination of Indian housing assistance under United States Housing Act of 1937. 4182. Termination of new commitments for rental assistance. 4183. Savings provision. 4184. Effect on HOME Investment Partnerships Act. SUBCHAPTER VI—FEDERAL GUARANTEES FOR FINANCING FOR TRIBAL HOUSING ACTIVITIES 4191. Authority and requirements. 4192. Security and repayment. 4193. Payment of interest. 4194. Training and information. 4195. Limitations on amount of guarantees. 4196. Demonstration program for guaranteed loans to finance tribal community and economic development activities. SUBCHAPTER VII—OTHER HOUSING ASSISTANCE FOR NATIVE AMERICANS 4211. 50-year leasehold interest in trust or restricted lands for housing purposes. 4212. Training and technical assistance. SUBCHAPTER VIII—HOUSING ASSISTANCE FOR NATIVE HAWAIIANS 4221. Definitions. 4222. Block grants for affordable housing activities. 4223. Housing plan. 4224. Review of plans. 4225. Treatment of program income and labor standards. 4226. Environmental review. 4227. Regulations. 4228. Affordable housing activities. 4229. Eligible affordable housing activities. 4230. Program requirements. 4231. Types of investments. 4232. Low-income requirement and income targeting. 4233. Lease requirements and tenant selection. 4234. Repayment. 4235. Annual allocation. 4236. Allocation formula. 4237. Remedies for noncompliance. 4238. Monitoring of compliance. 4239. Performance reports. 4240. Review and audit by Secretary. 4241. Government Accountability Office audits. 4242. Reports to Congress. 4243. Authorization of appropriations.


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