SUBCHAPTER I—PURCHASE OF SUPPLIES Sec. 91 to 96. Omitted or Repealed. 97. Proposals or bids for contracts to be preserved. 98. Purchase of supplies without authority. 99. Contracts for supplies in advance of appropriations. 100. Repealed. 101. Payment for wagon transportation. 102. Payment of costs for furnishing coal for Indian Service. 103. Repealed. 104. Purchase of articles manufactured at schools. SUBCHAPTER II—DISBURSEMENT OF MONEYS AND SUPPLIES 111. Payment of moneys and distribution of goods. 112. Persons present at delivery of goods and money. 113. Mode of disbursements. 114. Payment of annuities in coin. 115. Payment of annuities in goods. 116. Indians 18 years of age to have right to receipt for annuity. 117. Repealed. 117a. Per capita distribution of funds to tribe members. 117b. Distribution of funds. 117c. Standards for approval of tribal payments; United States not liable for distribution of funds; continuing responsibility under other provisions. 118. Payments in satisfaction of judgments. 119. Allotment of tribal funds to individual Indians. 120. Per capita payments to enrolled members of Choctaw and Chickasaw Tribes. 121. Payment of share of tribal funds to helpless Indians. 122. Limitation on application of tribal funds. 123. Expenditure from tribal funds without specific appropriations. 123a. Tribal funds; use to purchase insurance for protection of tribal property. 123b. Tribal funds for traveling and other expenses. 123c. Advancement of tribal funds to Indian tribes; miscellaneous authorized purposes. 123d. Additional appropriations from tribal funds. 124. Expenditures from tribal funds of Five Civilized Tribes without specific appropriations. 125. Expenditure of moneys of tribes of Quapaw Agency. 126. Omitted. 127. Moneys or annuities of hostile Indians. 128. Appropriations not paid to Indians at war with United States. 129. Moneys due Indians holding captives other than Indians withheld. 130. Withholding of moneys or goods on account of intoxicating liquors. 131. Advances to disbursing officers. 132. Mode of distribution of goods. 133. Rolls of Indians entitled to supplies. 134. Appropriations for supplies available immediately; time for distribution. 135. Supplies distributed so as to prevent deficiencies. 136. Commutation of rations and other supplies; payment per capita. 137. Supplies distributed to able-bodied males on condition. 138. Goods withheld from chiefs violating treaty stipulations. 139. Appropriations for subsistence. 140. Diversion of appropriations for employees and supplies. 141 to 144. Omitted or Repealed. 145. Accounts between United States and tribes under reimbursable appropriations. 146. Report of Indians present and receiving food. 147. Appropriations for specified buildings; use for transportation of materials. 148. Appropriations for supplies; transfer to Indian Service supply fund; expenditure. SUBCHAPTER III—DEPOSIT, CARE, AND INVESTMENT OF INDIAN MONEYS 151. Deposits in bank by disbursing agents. 152. Proceeds of sales of Indian lands. 153. Appropriation to carry out treaties. 154. Proceeds of sales of lands not subject to certain deductions. 155. Disposal of miscellaneous revenues from Indian reservations, etc. 155a. Transferred. 155b. Proceeds of labor accounts; deposits limited to funds held in trust for Indian tribes or individuals. 156. Deposit of funds from sales of lands and property of Five Civilized Tribes. 157. Investments of stock required by treaties. 158. Investment of proceeds of lands. 159. Moneys due incompetents or orphans. 160. Custody of stocks or bonds held in trust for tribes. 161. Deposit in Treasury of trust funds. 161a. Tribal funds in trust in Treasury Department; investment by Secretary of the Treasury; maturities; interest; funds held in trust for individual Indians. 161b. “Indian Money, Proceeds of Labor” fund; separate accounts for respective tribes; rate of interest. 161c. Surplus above requirements of fund; transfer to surplus fund of Treasury; retransfer. 161d. Disposition of accrued interest. 162. Repealed. 162a. Deposit of tribal funds in banks; bond or collateral security; investments; collections from irrigation projects; affirmative action required. 163. Roll of membership of Indian tribes. 164. Restoration to tribal ownership of unclaimed per capita and other individual payments of tribal trust funds; deposit in general fund of the Treasury. 165. Notice to Congressional committees. 166. Applicability of Federal Advisory Committee Act.


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