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(As added April 30, 2007, effective December 1, 2007.) (See Rule 84.)
Excerpts from the Report of the Judicial Conference—Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure—September 2006

The Illustrative Forms
The advisory committee submitted proposed revisions to Illustrative Forms 1 through 35 (to become Forms 1 through 82) contained in the Appendix of Forms to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure with a recommendation that they be approved and transmitted to the Judicial Conference. * * *
The Illustrative Forms have not been revised or updated in many years. The advisory committee applied the same style conventions and principles to the forms as was used with the restyled rules. It declined to make changes to the substance of the forms, consistent with its style-project policy, even though some of the forms represent approaches to pleading and other submissions that may not be consistent with current practices. For example, the “complaint” forms call for allegations that are far briefer than are commonly found in cases filed in the district courts. Similarly, the advisory committee did not change the choice of examples in the forms; the “negligence complaint” form continues to use the example of an automobile striking a pedestrian.
The forms have been reorganized and grouped by subject area. The revised forms place “special” forms as Forms 1–9; “complaint” forms as Forms 10–21,[;] “answer” forms as Forms 31–31 [sic]; “motions” forms as Forms 40–42; “discovery” forms as Forms 50–52; “condemnation” forms as Forms 60–61; “judgment” forms as Forms 70–71; and forms for “assignment to magistrate judges” as Forms 80–82.
The pleading dates in the forms were eliminated and a uniform blank date was substituted. Explanatory Notes were also eliminated, because the forms are intended to stand on their own as simple and brief illustrations.
Form 1 28Af1.eps Form 2 28Af2.eps Form 3 28Af3.eps (As amended Mar. 26, 2009, eff. Dec. 1, 2009.) Form 4 28Af4.eps (As amended Mar. 26, 2009, eff. Dec. 1, 2009.) Form 5 28Af5.eps Form 6 28Af6.eps Form 7 28Af7.eps Form 8 28Af8.eps Form 9 28Af9.eps Form 10 28Af10.eps Form 11 28Af11.eps Form 12 28Af12.eps Form 13 28Af13.eps Form 14 28Af14.eps Form 15 28Af15.eps Form 16 28Af16.eps Form 17 28Af17.eps Form 18 28Af18.eps Form 19 28Af19.eps Form 20 28Af20.eps Form 21 28Af21.eps Form 30 28Af30.eps Form 31 28Af31.eps Form 40 28Af40.eps Form 41 28Af41.eps Form 42 28Af42.eps Form 50 28Af50.eps Form 51 28Af51.eps Form 52 28Af52.eps (As amended Apr. 28, 2010, eff. Dec. 1, 2010.) Form 60 28Af60.eps (As amended Mar. 26, 2009, eff. Dec. 1, 2009.) Form 61 28Af61.eps Form 70 28Af70.eps Form 71 28Af71.eps Form 80 28Af80.eps Form 81 28Af81.eps Form 82 28Af82.eps


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