29 U.S. Code § 2888 - Program activities

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(a) Activities provided by Job Corps centers
(1) In general
Each Job Corps center shall provide enrollees with an intensive, well organized, and fully supervised program of education, vocational training, work experience, recreational activities, physical rehabilitation and development, and counseling. Each Job Corps center shall provide enrollees assigned to the center with access to core services described in section 2864 (d)(2) of this title and the intensive services described in section 2864 (d)(3) of this title.
(2) Relationship to opportunities
(A) In general
The activities provided under this subsection shall provide work-based learning throughout the enrollment of the enrollees and assist the enrollees in obtaining meaningful unsubsidized employment, participating in secondary education or postsecondary education programs, enrolling in other suitable vocational training programs, or satisfying Armed Forces requirements, on completion of their enrollment.
(B) Link to employment opportunities
The vocational training provided shall be linked to the employment opportunities in the local area in which the enrollee intends to seek employment after graduation.
(b) Education and vocational training
The Secretary may arrange for education and vocational training of enrollees through local public or private educational agencies, vocational educational institutions, or technical institutes, whenever such entities provide education and training substantially equivalent in cost and quality to that which the Secretary could provide through other means.
(c) Advanced career training programs
(1) In general
The Secretary may arrange for programs of advanced career training for selected enrollees in which the enrollees may continue to participate for a period of not to exceed 1 year in addition to the period of participation to which the enrollees would otherwise be limited. The advanced career training may be provided through the eligible providers of training services identified under section 2842 of this title.
(2) Benefits
(A) In general
During the period of participation in an advanced career training program, an enrollee shall be eligible for full Job Corps benefits, or a monthly stipend equal to the average value of the residential support, food, allowances, and other benefits provided to enrollees assigned to residential Job Corps centers.
(B) Calculation
The total amount for which an enrollee shall be eligible under subparagraph (A) shall be reduced by the amount of any scholarship or other educational grant assistance received by such enrollee for advanced career training.
(3) Demonstration
Each year, any operator seeking to enroll additional enrollees in an advanced career training program shall demonstrate that participants in such program have achieved a satisfactory rate of completion and placement in training-related jobs before the operator may carry out such additional enrollment.
(d) Continued services
The Secretary shall also provide continued services to graduates, including providing counseling regarding the workplace for 12 months after the date of graduation of the graduates. In selecting a provider for such services, the Secretary shall give priority to one-stop partners.
(e) Child care
The Secretary shall, to the extent practicable, provide child care at or near Job Corps centers, for individuals who require child care for their children in order to participate in the Job Corps.


(Pub. L. 105–220, title I, § 148,Aug. 7, 1998, 112 Stat. 1011.)
Prior Provisions

Provisions similar to this section were contained in section 1698 of this title prior to repeal by Pub. L. 105–220.


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